When Willa woke she had no idea where she was. She'd never been in this part of the Tardis before, but the bed was soft and there was a blanket tucked tightly about her. The room was entirely dark but for a door at the other end of room where some light was trickling in. She rose and crept to the doorway.

The room beyond was fairly small, but the bathtub within was quite large. Sitting on the lip of it was a tray with several delicious looking pastries with a vase and a flower she'd never seen before. It hadn't occurred to her until then, but she was ravenously hungry. She was halfway through the first of the pastries before she saw that the tub was already full and teeming with bubbles. She quickly slid down into it and stretched out, fully intending to stay in until she had literally turned into a prune.

She'd nearly drifted back to sleep when there was a soft knock at the door. Willa hid behind the bubbles, "Hello?"

The Doctor pushed the door open, "Hey kid." He sat on the lip of the tub and brushed a few strands of wet hair from her face, "Did you sleep well?"

"I did. But how did I get in there?"

"I carried you," he shrugged, "You know I think you'd sleep through a black hole."

"Are they loud?"

"No, but the silence is deafening."

Willa laughed, "These are delicious." She dipped her forefinger in some of filling and held it up to him. He obligingly leaned forward, and when his tongue was on her skin she grabbed the front of his jacket and pulled him in with her. Water sloshed all over the floor, and Willa was already pulling his jacket off before the bubbles had settled.

The soaked white linen peeled off of him like a second skin and the sound of it made him laugh, "Has anyone ever told you that you're dangerously impetuous?"

"Yes, actually."

"You know," he smoothed the bubbles out of her hair, "wars have been started over women like you."

"You mean impetuous loose-moraled women?"

"Quite," he managed to wiggle out of his trousers – a more difficult task than it sounds when one is in a bathtub. Willa was trying to stay balanced on top of him, but she kept slipping to the other end of the tub and the slick skin on skin was driving him mad. "You remind me a bit of Helen, you know."

"Helen? Helen of Troy?"

He started to answer but lost his train of thought half way through, "Good lord, are humans even supposed to have muscles there?"

"Not human remember?"

"Oh right," he pulled her closer to him, probably bruising her hips a little.

"You didn't answer the question, love. Was Helen of Troy an impetuous loose-moraled woman?"

She cried out softly and he held her to his chest for a moment before answering. "Helen," the Doctor gasped his face buried in her hair, "was a lady apart."

Willa moaned against his lips, "And how would you know?"

He pulled two handfuls of her hair merely to see her back arch, "It was kind of like this actually."