Hi guys! It's been a while. Unfortunately this isn't a new chapter. No, I haven't abandoned all hope for this fanfic. I've decided that it is in need of improvements, especially the earlier chapters, but mostly I want to improve it format-wise. Instead of going back and reworking everything that has already been written, I've started a new story. This semi-reboot to Plowed is called Salvage and starts off a little before this fic leaves off (so about half of the first chapter is from Part 9 of Plowed with some minor tweaks). I'm aiming to eliminate huge time lapses in the story, write shorter chapters, write less narrative and more dialogue, and update more frequently than once a year! I'm hoping to bring in new readers as well! Thanks so much to everyone who is here and has kept interest in this fanfic!

To everyone who's favorite'd me as an author, favorite'd this fanfic, everyone who has left a review, or sent a message or comment my way... I love you all! Without further ado, if you'd like to see what comes next in the world of "Plowed" please go to my author's bio page and follow the new story! See you there! ;)