Title: Abominate/Dominate
Genre: S-M-U-T. Dirrty, durr-tee, not nice smut, but smut all the less. YE BE WARNED.
Universe: X-Men, Comic-verse
Word Count: about 2700
Characters: Rogue, Gambit.

**Warnings**: There are at least three instances of slapping, or something close to it. There is one instance of biting that is non-sensual and draws at tiny amount of blood. There is hair-pulling. There is name-calling. What else...Oh, and it's SMUT! Sex! Bumping uglies! Horizontal macarena! (Well, it's not really horizontal in this instance, but you get the idea.) If it is illegal for you to read this type of material in your area, please do not do so and go elsewhere immediately.

Musicial Suggestion: Metallica, Tool. Anything loud and kind of dark. Especially something about dominating relationships or just plain effed up relationships.

There was a noise that is brain was telling him was the sound of someone having stuck a fork into the garbage disposal again.

However, at the same time, something was telling him that the noise he was hearing was not the noise that a fork made when it was stuck in the garbage disposal. And why would he be able to hear what was going on in the kitchen if he was in his bed, in the boat house?

Slowly his eyes opened to see Rogue standing not far from his bed, sloshing a bucket of ice water around. The sound he had heard had been the myriad amount of ice cubes hitting the sides of the bucket.

"Get. Up."

Confusion was written all over his sleepy face. He roughly grabbed his clock radio next to his bed and turned it towards him. 3:12 am. "S'three in de mornin', Rogue. The fuck you want?"

"Meet me in the war room in 5 minutes. If Ah have ta come back out here, and you're still sleepin', ya gonna find this bucket of ice water all over you."

She set the bucket down next to where she was standing and then turned on her heel and left the room. He noticed before she walked out of his line of sight that she had a power inhibitor collar in her other hand. He didn't not notice the way the the hem of her oversized t-shirt barely covered her butt and left her thighs for all the world to be tantalized by.

Remy groaned audibly in annoyance. "S' too damn early fo' dis shit!," he whined, forcefully throwing the covers off of him and swinging his feet over the edge of his bed. His elbows rested on his knees as he rubbed at his face to try and wake himself up enough to make the trip down stairs, outside, and into the mansion. He just got back form a date that had ended very well not more than two hours ago. He had danced, he had drank and he had fucked that girl he found in the bar until her eyes rolled back into her head. He was a happy and sated Cajun and all he wanted to do was sleep and not be bothered. Now Rogue was threatening to make him and his bed a soggy, icy mess unless he met her in the war room for some stupid Secret Squirrel meeting or some shit.

With a grunt, Remy got out of bed and arched his back in a stretch. He really hoped he didn't have to get dressed for whatever this was going to be because he was going to show up in nothing but his gray sweatpants. World be damned, it was too early for it to be saved.


As his bare feet shuffled across the threshold to the war room, Remy saw that they were alone and that the power inhibitor collar was around her neck and on.

"S'matter? Feelin' guilty about yo' powers so ya put dat on so ya can slap me without drainin' me?"

"Just shut up and get your ass over here." Rogue replied, pointing down at the spot in front of her feet.

Remy did as he was told, curious to see where this was going. "Alright. I'm here. What de hell—"

He was silenced as Rogue crushed her lips to his and wrapped her arms around his neck in a tight embrace. Well, that was certainly one wake to wake a man up. Even though he kind of hated Rogue at the moment, he couldn't help but kiss back with the same ferocity, his own hands going to her hips and jerking her body closer to his. Their kissing was more of a battle for dominance, one stealing it from the other as soon as they had it.

But this didn't make any sense. Just before he went out for the night she made sure to remind him that she thought he was a good for nothing liar and that she hoped he caught some sort of venereal disease that rendered him sterile. Why was she suddenly kissing him like he was the last man on earth and they needed to start procreating at this very moment?

Curiosity got the better of him, as it often did, and he broke off the kiss. "What is goin' on here? Why are you doin' this?"

Rogue licked her lips sensuously. "Because Ah'm horny and you're the hottest piece of ass Ah can find in this mansion, unfortunately. Frankly Ah'm disgusted that Ah had ta pick you, but nothin' else seems ta be workin' and Ah'm pretty sure Ah'm gonna need someone who knows what the hell their doin' ta get rid of this itch."

Remy stared at her hard for a moment, trying to figure out if she was running some kind of angle. "Just sex? Dis ain't no trap or nothin'?"

Rogue shook her head. "No trap, just sex."

"You ain't gonna come t' me in de mornin' wantin' t' talk about feelin's and mistakes and all dat other merde?"

"If you don't want ta do it, Ah can always go ask someone else. Maybe Piotr. Or Ah'm sure Logan wouldn't mind bein' woken up at this hour."

He narrowed his eyes at her. She was saying that to try and get a rise out of him. Without a word he gave her a hard shove towards the closest wall. She stumbled back into it and once she had regained proper footing, had enough time to set her face into angry lines before Remy was on her. He crushed her into the wall with his body, his hands on her face, lips ravaging her mouth. It quickly became apparent that their goal was not to show how much they loved each other, far from it. He had no idea what her specific intentions were, but Remy knew that he was going to show Rogue just what she had missed by being such a bitch to him. Judging him before she knew the whole story behind the Massacre, leaving him for dead, hooking up with that fucking idiot of a Magneto-clone, Joseph. Not to mention how much she was pissing him off at this very moment by coming to him and wearing that collar. How many times had he suggested, asked, pleaded, begged her to use that? How many times had he sworn to God and on Etienne's grave that he would never hurt her, never leave her? That he loved her with all his heart? That she was not just some conquest to him? And now here she was with apparently no reservations about using that collar just to rid herself of a particularly bad case of horniness.

He took her bottom lip between his and sucked hard. He then took it between his teeth and bit down. At Rogue's pleasurable moan, he opened his eyes, wanting to see the emotions play across her face as he bit harder and harder. Her eyes snapped open, green fire blazing in them as he crossed that line between pleasure and pain. It was a battle of wills to see who would flinch first and neither dared to look away. Finally, her face twisted into an expression of anger and pain and she slapped at his face. Remy held on for just a second longer before letting go. "What the hell was that for?" she exclaimed, shoving at his chest. She touched a finger to the inside of her bottom lip and it came back with a spot of red blood on it. "My lip is bleedin'."

Remy licked his lips, tasting the barest tang of copper. "Dat was fo' breakin' my heart."

"Oh, your heart?" She let out a bark of sarcastic laughter. "What about mine? You ain't no walk in the park to be with either. At least I have a reason for all my drama, what's—"

"Goddamn, shut de fuck up about yo' powers already. Dat is such a tired line of bullshit with you. You ain't de only one unable t' control deir powers 'round here, but ya do seem t' be de only one who refuses t' do anythin' about it. Damn sel—"

The slap was like a gunshot, forcing Remy's head to one side with it's force. He looked back at her just in time to see her rear her hand back for another one. He caught her wrist and held it still. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her raise her other hand and caught that one too. Rogue was absolutely livid, chest heaving with rage.

She railed against him, throwing her weight forward, trying to break free from his grip to attack him. Remy was backed into the table and with nowhere else to go, the two grappled with their hands. After a few moments of struggle, Remy was able to pin Rogue's hands down by her sides. With the threat of her hitting him neutralized, he twisted them so that she was laying on her back on the table and laid his lips soundly on hers. They kissed like lovers that hadn't seen each other in an age and a day and not like one of them had just tried to slap the shit out of the other. Remy let her hands go free and Rogue dug her fingernails into his shoulders before scoring them down his back. He broke their kiss long enough to hiss in a breath between gritted teeth and shiver. In response, he dipped his head to the curve of her neck and sunk his teeth into the skin there. He was rewarded with a loud moan from Rogue, her back arching off the table. His hands skimmed down her body as their lips met again, hands going under the hem of her t-shirt and finding that she, like him, wasn't wearing any kind of underwear.

Rogue had to sit up in order to get her t-shirt off. Their lips were separated only as long as it took for her shirt to go over her head and be lost somewhere else in the room. He delighted in holding her warm, naked curves close to him as he sucked hard enough on her neck to leave a mark. While he did that, Rogue worked his sweatpants down his legs, Remy stepping out of them when they got down to his ankles.

"Oh, God, please, now," she breathed into his ear.


Rogue let out a growl of frustration. "Asshole."

Remy pulled away from her neck, sliding her body off of the table. "Bitch." he replied. "Now turn around."

Before Rogue could do it herself, Remy grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, pushing her upper body down so that she was bent over the edge of the table.

"You want it?" he asked, millimeters away from entering her.

"Ugh, just shut your fool mouth Cajun and give it to me already."

He pushed into her roughly, fingers gripping her hips hard. Both of them cried out at the sensation of being joined. There was no smooth build up to a steady pace; instead from the very beginning he set a hard and fast pace. His hands smoothed up over her body, up her back and to her wrists where he pulled them down so that they were next to her shoulders and pinned them there. From this position, part way bent over her body as he was, he had an excellent view to watch the sweat break out on her back and neck, to see just what he was doing to her.

Rogue apparently didn't like that because she began to struggle against his hold on her, even as she moaned with every stroke. She fought him so hard that he had to shift his primary focus of attention from screwing her to holding her where he wanted her to be.

"Now you knock dat merde off. You got me out of bed, you made me come down here t' do dis. You jumped me as soon as I walked into the room. You want t' do dis or not?"

"Yes," she panted.

"Den hold still and quit fightin' me or someone's important parts are gonna get hurt."

"Fine," Rogue said with a heavy tone of resentment to her voice. "We'll do it your way."

"Merci," he said, and picked up right where he had left off.

It was only a few moments of sighs and groans before Rogue clicked her tongue against her teeth in disapproval. "Lawd, can't even do this right, got ta do everythin' my self." Her hand started to move down to where they were joined, intending to stimulate herself while Remy thrusted into her. He tangled a hand into her hair and pulled enough to catch her attention. "Nuh-uh," he panted. "You wanted me, specifically me, t' take care of dis fo' you. So we gonna do it my way."

He did, however, snake one hand down her body and to her center, pressing a finger down against the firm spot of flesh before swirling his fingers around it. Rogue's eyes flew open wide, gasping in a breath before letting it out in a loud moan.

"See what you been missin' out on?"

"Oh God, shut up and do that again!"

He let her other hand free, smoothing it over her body to cup her left breast, pinching her nipple as he repeated his actions to her clitoris.

"Oh God, oh yes! Again, again! Keep doin' that!"

Remy did as he was told, playing her body as if it was an instrument and he was a professional musician. He was getting close to the end and knew that she must be too. "You gonna cum chere?"

"Oh, God yes. Ah'm so close." Her last word morphed into a long moan as she threw her head back, lost in ecstasy that was only growing.

"Say my name," he panted, leaning forward over her body. "Say my name," he repeated, a soft whisper into her ear before he gently laid his lips on the sensitive spot of skin behind her ear.

"Oh Remy! Oh God, Remy! Remy! Remy!" Her muscles clenched around him as she cried out wordlessly over and over again while completion wracked her body.

It was only a few more hard, quick thrusts before Remy's orgasm ripped through him, a deep guttural moan escaping him with every spasm into her. Spent, he collapsed on top of her, both of their bodies sweaty and panting.

They laid like that for a few moments, gathering the strength to move. Remy was the first to do so, moving off of Rogue and sitting heavily into a nearby chair. It was Scott's chair, so he didn't feel that bad about getting his naked, post-coitus self all over it.

"Knew you were the right man for the job." Rogue said, smiling back at him in a sated way as she lazily moved to stand upright.

Conveniently, Remy's sweatpants were next to his chair. He picked them up and put them on while Rogue found her nightshirt and pulled it over her head. "We done here?" he asked.

"What, no romantic pillow talk? Ah thought ya were supposed ta be some kind of charmer?"

"Why? You wanna cuddle?" he shot back in a mocking tone. "You said 'just sex', chere. Last I checked, talkin' wasn't sex." With that he turned and left the room, fully intending to go back to bed.

He didn't sleep for the rest of the night.