Genre: S-M-U-T. Dirrty, not nice smut, but smut all the less. YE BE WARNED.
Universe: X-Men, Comic-verse
Word Count: about 2700
Characters: Rogue, Gambit.

**Warnings**: Rogue gets a little Domme-y here. Remy gets tied down to the bed and gagged with a knee-high sock. If that squicks you, then don't read it.

If it is illegal for you to read this type of material in your area, please do not do so and go elsewhere immediately.

He was supposed to be her knight in shining armor. The man who would come along and love her for her and not care about her powers. And he did, at first. But then fissures started to show in his armor. A lie here, late night out with a girl there, small things really. Then the Massacre happened and all those little cracks had been obliterated by that one event. She couldn't see how Remy could have gotten anything in return that would have made betraying his kind worth it. It took a heartless, calculating, and incredibly selfish individual to do those things. Oh sure, he plead ignorance. But really, he would have had to been both blind and deaf in order to not see what was coming.

And yet, despite the terrible things he had done, the less-than-nice ways he had treated her and her current intense dislike for him, it had been Remy that her mind had fixed on the other night. It had been like her brain had been replaced with that of an OCD sex-maniac. Every time her eyes closed? Sweaty, sexy Remy was there with his bedroom eyes shooting straight through her. Every time her mind wandered away from her slightly? His dulcet moans rang in her ears. And why had it seemed like every time she had looked out the window, he had been doing some form of manual labor that required no shirt?

She had tried everything to get rid of her lusty thoughts and the tingle they sent through her. 'Personal time' in the shower. 'Personal time' in her private bath. 'Personal time' with her romance novels. 'Personal time' with waterproof romance novels in her private bath along with her 'personal massager'. Hell, she had even gone to the Internet! No matter what she did, the desire was still there, only slightly appeased and still growing stronger.

So after yet another sleepless night, she had begrudgingly retrieved a power suppressant collar from one of the supply closets in the med-bay and even more begrudgingly made the trip out to the boathouse where Remy was staying.

It had worked to say the very least.

It had also re-opened some old wounds.

Ah broke his heart? Puh-lease. Rogue rolled her eyes are her reflection in the mirror as she finished brushing her hair before going to bed. Ah doubt the man has any heart left to break.

Like many women in the world, she had thought she could change him. It didn't matter to her that he had stolen enough things in his lifetime to land him five consecutive life sentences in jail. Or that at least 3 people were dead directly because of him. Or even that he had been a divorcee at 25. She'd done just as many horrible things in her youth and she had changed for the better. She thought that if someone as stubborn as her could do it, he could too.

He proved her wrong.

Rogue closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through her nose. She would not start down this path now. She would not go back and explore all the wounds he had inflicted upon her. She was tired after pulling 3 straight shifts in the Danger Room with the advanced students and starting down that path would do nothing but keep her up and make her mad. Not to mention it was very worn territory, especially so in the last few weeks since that night in the War Room.

Sore muscles ached in her legs as she crossed the room from her vanity to her bed. Indeed, her bed was calling her name, with its warm covers and soft mattress. She would get in, get cozy, and maybe read a chapter of her book if she could muster it before turning out the light.

As she pulled back the covers, an image flared to life in her mind, so vivid in its intensity it was like getting a vision from Emma while she was hopped up on steroids.

Remy, on his back, on her bed, gloriously naked. The taut, defined muscles of his abs, chest and arms glistened with sweat. She was straddling his hips, palms pressed flat against those delicious pectoral muscles of his as she gyrated on top of him. He reached up with one hand and tangled his hand in her hair, pulling her down to him for a searing hot kiss. The other wicked hand of his stole down along her body to where they were joined. She didn't need to see where his hand was because she knew exactly what it was touching by the way she broke off their kiss to moan long and loud.

"Jesus H. Chirst!" Rogue jumped back about three feet from her bed, hand pulling away from the sheets as if it had been burned. She stood there for a few seconds, catching her breath and stunned at what had just barreled through her mind. She searched her mind carefully, making sure that said telepath with a penchant for white wasn't messing with her. Emma wasn't there nor was any other telepath. Of course, there was the off chance Emma was just hiding herself extremely well, but it seemed unlikely that she would go through that kind of effort just to pull a prank. And if Charles was doing it…well, that would just be gross and very, very creepy.

Rogue turned her back on her bed, fisting her hands in her hair. No no no no no no no! She mentally moaned to herself. Please tell me this nonsense isn't starting up again! Ah swear if Ah have ta go back to that dirty, low-life—

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her door. A quick glance at her nightstand told her it was nearly one a.m. It shouldn't be any of the students as those who had the capacity to stay up this late were still out on the town, blowing off steam at the end of the week. And it shouldn't be any of the X-Men since they had to be up in just over four hours for a five a.m. Danger Room session (those of them who hadn't pulled back-to-back-to-back shifts in the Danger Room today, that was).

She opened the door. Speak of the devil…

"What do you want?" She sneered upon opening the door and seeing Remy leaning up against the doorjamb.


Rogue rolled her eyes. She would have snorted in laughter at his line had she not been so tired and now irritated on top of that. "Ah am not in the mood to deal with your drunken antics." She moved to shut the door on him.

His hand shot out and stopped it. "Do you smell alcohol on me?"

"No, but Ah know you functioning alcoholics have ways to get around that."

"Let me in, Rogue."

"No." She moved to close the door again, but it didn't budge.

"You know what I'm here about. Do you really want to have this conversation out in the hallway? 'Cause you know I'm game t' discuss this where everyone can hear."

They stared each other down for a long moment, tension building between them until Rogue backed away form the door with a huff. "Not that anyone is home or awake to hear anything anyway, but Ah at least have the common decency to discuss topics like this in private, unlike other people."

"Did you go on any missions to exotic locals lately?" Remy asked, pushing past her and into her room.

"No, why?"

"Haven't caught any bugs or anythin'? Psychic or otherwise?"

"No. Again, why?"

"Because whatever was up yo' ass two weeks ago is now up mine."

"Well, you're S.O.L. Remy because Ah am dead tired after pullin' a triple in the Danger Room today and, honestly, Ah just don't want to. Maybe you should try learnin' to control your urges."

Remy cocked an eyebrow "Got a lot of nerve tellin' me about controllin' urges."

"Ah went to you as a last resort!"

"You think you're my first choice?"

Rogue tilted her head to one side, intrigued. "So the ladies at the bar finally ain't doin' it for ya anymore?" she mocked.

"I never—" He stopped himself, biting his tongue against the long drawn-out argument that would happen if he finished that sentence. "Are we doin' this or no? Because I don't want to be around you any more than I have to."

She wanted to say no, she should have said no. However, she knew that if she did and she successfully managed to kick him out of her room, this would go on, and on, for who knows how long. She knew if she said no that he would give her that look that made her knees turn to jelly at the most inopportune times. Like in the middle of a Danger Room session. He would pick fights with her, stand too close to her and do a thousand other things that would grate on her nerves as much as it would turn her on (even though she would never admit to the latter). And then she would be in the exact same place as she had been two weeks ago. And he would know that this time, it was because of what he did and not some random, hard-to-get-rid-of sexual craving. She would be desperate and disgusted at herself for it while he would gloat and, most importantly, have control over the situation.

At this very moment though, he was the one who was desperate. He would be wiling to do whatever she wanted. She had control.

Rogue flipped her hair away from her face and sighed as if much put upon. "Alright."

"Great, I'll go get—"

"Ah-ah!" She called, putting a hand up. "No power collar this time."

Remy looked at her askance. "Then this is gonna be real short."

She stepped closer to him, almost invading his personal space. "Ah know your powers have changed since Ah left you in Anartica."

Remy's eyes narrowed, "you been spyin' on me?"

"Just battlefield notes."

"I don't see how splatterin' you all over these walls is really going to help our situation."

"Our?" Rogue scoffed. "No, yours. Ah am only agreein' to this so Ah don't have to hear you be a little bitch about this from now until eternity."

"You wouldn't have agreed to this if you didn't want it a little bit." He pulled his shirt off over his head. "And judgin' by the way your eyes just dilated, you're into this more than you're lettin' on."

Rogue rolled her eyes as Remy sat on her bed and began taking his shoes off. She, too, took off her shirt and stepped out of her pajama bottoms. Once nude, she stood in front of him, hands on her hips. "Admit it, you just want a repeat of two weeks ago. And while you're doin' that, wipe the drool off your chin."

Her pulled her down onto his lap, lips locking with hers. It was a strange sensation, kissing him while he kept up a barrier of charged particles between them. Kind of like the pins and needles sensation of a limb without circulation but not as painful. The tingling sensation crept down her back as his hands made their way down to her hips, grinding her against his rapidly hardening erection.

"Look at you," she gloated, pulling away from his lips. "Hornier than a schoolboy who's about to get laid by the teacher he's been fantasizin' about all year."

"Just shut up and fuck me," he panted into her ear.

She shoved him back so he was lying on the bed and pinned his hands down next to his shoulders. "You think you're callin' the shots here? Well you're mistaken, mister. Ah think your exact words were: You wanted me, specifically me, to take care of this for you. So we're gonna do it my way."

He glared up at her. "Fine."

"You can be mad at me all you want for keeping you at arm's length while we were together," she said, maneuvering herself so that she was more easily able to remove his pants. "But you should know that it's mostly your fault."


She shushed him. "No talking." She slowly undid the button to his jeans and then grabbed the pull-tab on his zipper. "Do you," she let the zipper slide down a notch, "have any," another notch, "idea," another notch, "how much…of a teaseyou are?"

She took great pleasure when his head flopped back to the mattress, an obvious sign of frustration on his part.

"Ah might be cruel to you, but goddamn it Remy, you started it."


"Ah meant it when Ah said no talking!" She pulled his jeans and boxers down just enough to free his erection, which was already standing at full attention. "What do you think it did to me, to see you paradin' around in your naked skin, takin' your shirt off on hot days…you think that just because you can't touch me means that Ah don't want to touch you?"

"Present tense, chere?" He couldn't have sounded smugger if he tried.

Rogue made a noise of disgust and got up from the bed. Remy asked her where she was going, but she ignored him. She strode over to her dresser and pulled out three clean knee-high socks. She slammed the drawer shut and then once back on the bed, straddled his chest.

"Open your mouth."

"Just what do you think—"

"Open. Your. Mouth."

Remy did as he was told and Rogue laid the sock across it, tying it at the back of his head. He tried to talk, but when all that came out was muffled noises, he settled for glaring at her.

"Ah was serious about you not talkin'." She grabbed his wrist and used one of the remaining socks to tie him to the bedpost. She did the same with the other one. When she was finished, she sat back on his chest with a satisfied sigh. "Now, you're gonna get a taste of your own medicine."

She began sliding her hands over her body. "How Ah achedto touch you. How many nights I spent dreamin' of you…" one hand stole up to her breast and began kneading and rolling the mound of soft skin. Her other hand rose to massage her other breast and she moaned lightly at the sensation of fondling herself. Remy groaned in audible frustration and pulled at the socks that tied him to the bed.

"You beginnin' to get an idea of what it's like, sugah?" A smirk slanted her lips before she closed her eyes and began rocking her hips ever so slightly against him. "You kept tellin' me that you didn't care if we were physical, that loved me enough to wait, that you had other means of taking care of your urges…" her eyes snapped open and she stopped all movement. "Ah should have known 'other means' meant other girls."

Remy started to mount a muffled protest behind his sock but was cut short by Rogue giving him a sharp pinch to his ribs. "I don't even care if anything really happened at this point. The thing of it is, Remy, you came home one too many night smellin' like bourbon and cheap perfume. And that means you were way too close to them for way too long. Ah think it might even hurt more if you didn't sleep with them."

Her right hand crept down her body, drawing closer and closer to the waiting, wanting, ache between her legs. She took an almost perverse satisfaction in the way his eyes followed her hand with an unashamed amount of desperate lust in them.

"So now, you get to sit back and watch me have fun without any help from you."

She gasped slightly as her fingers finally brushed lightly over her clit, her hips bucking into her hand. The tingling where their skin met faltered for a second before she heard the distinct whine of particles becoming overexcited. She grabbed his face, curling her fingers in a bit so that her nails dug into his cheeks.

"You get out of those bonds in any way, and Ah will suck you dry. And not in the fun way. Do you hear me, Remy? You wanted me to do this, and now Ah'm doin' it. If you don't like it, there's the door."

The air almost crackled with tension between them as they stared each other down, faces inches apart. Remy finally relented and the whine died to nothingness.

"Good." She smiled sweetly and patted his cheek. "Ah'll get to you eventually…Ah'm just going to make you suffer a little for it, like you did with me."

She sat back and began caressing herself again. Small sighs and little moans escaped her as her hands roamed her body, taking well known paths that sent heat pooling low in her belly. By the time her hand started to make its way down between her thighs again, sweat had broken out on Remy's brow and he was breathing harshly in and out of his nose.

"Oh God," she moaned as her fingers created sweet friction that was at once both relived and increased her desire, "how badly do you wish these were your fingers, Remy?"

Remy moaned loudly, angrily in response, the muscles in his arms tightening as he pulled against his bonds in frustration.

She had to admit, he was quite the visual stimulation with the state he was in. His muscles were taught and tense and his body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat from his state of unquenched arousal and from the effort it took to keep up the barrier of charged particles between them to keep Rogue's powers from draining him dry.

"Ah'm so wet, and tight and hot. God, Ah'm so good to myself, Ah don't know why Ah even wanted you in the first place."

She began touching herself in earnest, pumping two fingers in and out of herself while her other hand circled around her clit. She felt a flush creep across her face and neck as she drove herself closer and closer to completion. She had to admit, it was a little bit of a power trip to tease Remy like this, to leave him wanting and needing and desperately longing for touch as she did. It served to only fuel her desire and soon her hips were bucking rapidly into her hands, chasing completion that seemed to be just out of reach.

Finally, she felt her body slip into that irrevocable part of the journey to completion, the part where she couldn't even stop if she wanted to. Dimly, she was aware of Remy's groans and muffled cursing but it was a far away thought as her body took over and she was lost in the build up to orgasm.

"Oh God, Oh…Yes! Yes!" She cried as she reached completion, heat and sensation suffusing throughout her body. The fingers working in and out of her were wet with cum as she rode out wave after wave of pleasure. She was left panting and spent when it was over; her body slouched slightly as she returned to her senses.

Rogue smiled as she looked at Remy with hazy eyes. She sighed contentedly. "Sometimes, I really do spoil myself. Too bad you couldn't enjoy it."

She had to hold back satisfied giggles as Remy started in on a new stream of curses and f-bombs and thrashed against the socks binding his arms to the bedposts with renewed gusto.

"Alright, calm down. Here, Ah have a reward for you." She withdrew her fingers from herself and reached forward to spread her cum on the parts of Remy's lips that weren't covered by the sock that was muffling him.

He head dropped back on the pillow and Rogue was pretty sure he said "Jesus fucking Christ".

"Ah bet none of those girls you were hanging around would have done that for you." Rogue scooted her way down his body, sitting on his thighs so that his cock was at throbbing, full attention between her legs.

"Ah guess that reputation of yours iswell deserved. Not many guys would have been able to witness that and not blow their load."

She shifted and sank herself down on him at an agonizingly slow pace. Remy screwed his eyes shut and somehow managed to bite down the gag. He muscles of his arms tensed and bulged as he gripped the bonds on his wrists until his knuckles turned white. Soon as he was completely inside of her, he began thrusting his hips with abandon.

Surprisingly, Rogue found herself becoming turned on again, heat and tension building within her at an almost alarming rate.

It's not him, she thought to herself. It could be anyone under me right now, and Ah'd be just as turned on. It's only because he's an objectively attractive man. Ah find him to be repulsive as a person and am only doin' this to get revenge and to keep him from pesterin' me about this.

A load moan from Remy broke through her thoughts and she scowled at him.

"Quiet, Cajun! You're gonna wake the whole mansion carryin' on like that." She knew her rebuke fell on deaf ears though as his back and hips arched up off the bed. She watched the muscles in his abdomen work as he took labored, stilted breaths as he finished inside of her.

Oh God, so close, she was so close. Her body ached, literally throbbed, with the desire for release. But she could notask him to finish her off. To ask him that would be to show weakness, to show that she wanted him. It would only serve to inflate that insufferable ego of his that was unfortunately part and parcel with the undeniably attractive body it inhabited. It really was a sin that such a contemptuous personality was attached to such a gorgeous, rock-hard, Adonis-like body.

She distracted herself by undoing his ties and getting off of him as quickly as she could. She retreated into her en-suite bathroom and waited twenty minutes before coming back out. Checking the clock on her nightstand, she saw that it was nearly two in the morning.

She fitfully slept until 4:30, when she gave up and decided to get ready for that morning's Danger Room training session.