In the beginning, there are many things that you don't understand. Some of it are personal things like: why you can't stand even at the age of two, why your teeth hasn't developed yet, these things are obstacles for children, most of them that is. But a certain boy, a very special boy, has his own problem on his shoulder before it even developed, he has his own troubles that he wanted to solve himself. But someday, he will learn to ask for help, to need someone by his side... Someday, he will understand life.

-Character's POV-

'Sometimes, it's hard to think that there's a future for me'

"What another dull day..."I stated that so calmly after beating up everyone around here. It's boring, additionally, they were bothering me.

"Hunt, you always say that! It hurts too you know!"His voice was trembling, proof of being afraid and weak.

"Silence! You have no right to shout at me after disturbing me."Honestly, they are so weak, but they can still muster up the courage to bother me everyday, is it because they group up?

'Every time I think about it… There's no response…'

"Hunt, would you please stop beating everyone around? "She said with a sooth, calming voice.

"Why would I? They were bothering me."Straight, they are bothering me everyday.

"They can't befriends with you if you keep that manner of yours."That voice was forcing, but I don't want any friends.

'To think that I got used to it...'

"I acknowledge no one as a friend!" I jumped out of the window so suddenly without thinking, to think that there's no place for me to return to but that orphanage…

'I realized that there's no path that I can walk on'

"Friends, family, I don't need any… Even if you say so, I don't need them!"I said that to my caretaker who was following me.

"Then what do you need? There are many things in this world, at least have something that you like."Her voice is comforting, yet the words she says are always bothering me as well.

"There's nothing for me, not in this world."That's the truth in my life.

'Therefore, I must create my own…'

"Do you really think it that way? You can't do anything in this world being all alone, Hunt."She couldn't give any more answers, her shaking voice is proof that she couldn't comfort me anymore.

"I don't need anyone, those stupid parents, those idiots that are with me in the orphanage, even you."I wanted to give out my feelings, opinions on how this world doesn't realize me.

"Hunt! Your parents sacrificed everything for you! We all put up the risk for someone else! Yet you think stupid enough to realize everyone's hard work! Please, just go back to your senses, your normal self."Her voice was loud, shouting at me.

"Alright, i'll go back, but keep those rascals away from me! And don't ever remind me of my parents!"I didn't like that, she didn't even knew my parents. She just saw me walking by the road, picked me up, then made me her own. That's her work in the orphanage of course. I didn't like the rest of my stay in that orphanage, not one bit.

'And walk on it, on my own. All alone.'

After that, it was all black. No, it was darker than black, and I can feel a slight breeze of wind, damping on my face. It feels like my eyes are closed, but this feeling, it's like I don't want to open my eyes just yet. It was weird for me to think of that, I just want to forget about it.

Author's Note: Hope you like it! I guess it was short, no, it WAS short. The thing is, I couldn't think much of a flashback.