Crimson Moon


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Unknown Location

The blond haired assassin raised his head and grinned. "So looks like the gangs all here." Naruto stated holding up his disk. The other members of the group took out their disks and held them up. "The One-Tailed Demon of the Sand, Gaara Sabuka." Gaara announced himself placing his disk into the corresponding slot on the table.

"The Two-Tailed Demon of the Shadow Flame, Yugito Nii." Yugito stated as she placed her disk onto the table as well. The other members followed suit with Yagura Shin The Three-Tailed Demon of the River, followed by Roshi Mutenshi The Four-Tailed Demon of Fire, and Han Sengoo The Five-Tailed Demon of Smoke.

They were followed by Utakata Senjuu The Six-Tailed Demon of Froth, Fu Meng The Seven-Tailed Demon of the Wind, and Benjamin "Killer Bee" King The Eight-Tailed Demon of the Ocean before Naruto Placed his disk into the table. "The Nine-Tailed Demon of Power, Naruto Uzumaki." The blond announced.

The disks began to glow as they resonated with their wielders. Suddenly all the lights in the area went out and one by one in order of their tails a light shone upon each member but now they were dressed in different attire than what they had been wearing before.

In place of their casual clothing they wore more traditional ninja assassination gear. When the light shone on Naruto his eyes were bright vermillion instead of their usual cerulean hue. "Well then, let the one hundredth and seventy-third summit of the Jinchuriki Clans commence."

The nine assassins sat down at the same time as a projected hologram appeared in the center of the table. "For countless generations our nine families have been chosen to be the best assassins the world has ever not known. Our skills are passed down throughout the time and refined to become better than the previous generation." Naruto stated looking over the other members with a serious expression.

"As the Nine-tailed Demon, your leader I regret to inform you that we have failed." Naruto informed them. A few of the members showed surprise at his statement while others were indifferent. "What do you mean we failed? We are the best, each of us possess at least three aliases that are on the most wanted lists of different countries." Fu spoke. "Normally I'd say that was enough but today is different. I, who have bested each one of you in all fields of assassination, was bested by another, not just once but twice." Naruto told them through clenched teeth.

This brought about a greater reaction than his first revelation. "Naruto bested?" Yagura stated in disbelief. "That's impossible." Roshi spoke out looking around the table at the other assassins. "Naruto, you were trained by the best of the best. Jiraiya, the previous Nine-tailed Demon was your master." Gaara stated in his emotionless tone. "Pervy-sensei is dead. The last of the previous generation has passed on." Naruto stated.

"Damnit, who could've taken him out?" Yugito asked biting her in the knuckle of her index finger. "They would've had to have been extremely skilled to take one such as Jiraiya out." Utakata piped in. "They are. They're coordinated and strong. A syndicate of assassins called Akatsuki. They're the ones responsible for Jiraiya's death." Naruto explained.

"If you know who did it then you should've avenged him." Bee spoke out slamming his fist on the table for emphasis. Naruto glared daggers at Bee and in a flash of yellow appeared behind him. "You don't think I tried, you think I came crawling and looking for help with my tail between my legs?" Naruto whispered venomously into Bee's ear. "I fought by Jiraiya's side till the very end and fought one of their strongest operatives twice. I know their strength Bee, and I know I need help." Naruto told them, having gone back to his seat.

"Kakashi Hatake and his group have given up. They were the Akatsuki's intended target but after their numbers fell down to only a handful of active members he decided to pull out and call it quits. I don't know much about the Akatsuki but I did manage to place a tracer on one of their people during our last engagement. For the past day and a half now they've been at the same location. With only this to go off I believe that they're staying at the main base of operations for the entire organization." Naruto shared.

"I'm not suggesting we go in head on and try to take these guys out. They're not human. A head on charge would most likely result in our defeat." Naruto continued. "We'll use our skills and training passed down through our families and systematically eradicate them." Naruto clarified. "This blip on the hologram, that's where the tracker is, right?" Han spoke; he was the most reserved of the Jinchuriki. Naruto nodded and pressed a few buttons on the panel by his seat.

"I've come up with a five step plan regarding the dismantling of the Akatsuki." Naruto began. "First off, this is the information we possess." He stated as two images appeared. One image was 3D rendition of Sasuke and the other was rendition of Hinata. Next to each of the spinning projections a list appeared with information regarding the two. "Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga." Naruto stated.

"Both of them were trained by Kakashi. In single combat they're both deadly but together they're a force of nature to be reckoned with. From what I've gathered Hinata is the more dangerous of the two. She has a higher kill count than her partner with a better efficiency percentile as well." Naruto explained.

"She's quite the looker; I wouldn't mind meeting her in a dark spot at night." Roshi stated with a perverse look in his eyes. "Don't let her looks fool you. I can tell that's probably how she became so efficient." Gaara stated. "Most men would let their guard down around her. She's got such a delicate appearance and eyes that could bring a man to his knees." The red-haired young man continued as his monotone voice expressed his concerns.

Yugito smiled and licked her lips. "Her partner is dreamy though. I could just eat him up." She said in a seductive tone. "As if he'd want someone like you!" Fu exclaimed with a gleeful laugh. "You can tell he likes his women calm reserved and exotic." She continued with a dreamy look in her eye. "I believe that our best bet would be to go after Sasuke. If Hinata is the stronger of the two it would do well to have her under our control with Sasuke as leverage." Yagura suggested.

"I second that notion. We could use Sasuke to gain information and Hinata to update us on whatever it is Akatsuki is doing." Han voiced out. "Both of you make valid points, but Naruto said he had a plan in mind, maybe we should hear him out before making our own strategies otherwise we're likely to have a conflict of ideals." Bee stated having read over the informative statistics of both Hinata and Sasuke.

The rest of the Jinchuriki looked expectantly at their leader causing Naruto to exhale softly. "The first stage of the plan is reconnaissance and information gathering. We'll check out this location and research it as much as possible. Second stage requires gathering individual data and analysis on the members of the organization. We need to know who they are, where they go, and how many of them are leaders." Naruto continued to explain.

"Sasuke and Hinata are nigh inseparable so capturing one or the other is out of the question. Right now our greatest weapon is the element of surprise. To the best of our knowledge the Akatsuki don't know of our existence or that we're after them. As they targeted Kakashi and his group it's safe to say that aside from me the rest of you are not even on their radar." Naruto followed up the explanation with some more directions. "I'll continue to function in the interests of Kakashi's group while you all shadow the Akatsuki."

"Will we be split into squads or act as individual units?" Gaara questioned looking over at Naruto with curious eyes. "For safety you'll be in teams of two. You all know who you work best with so I'll leave it to you to choose your partner. As of now though, I'm leaving Gaara in charge as second in command. He'll receive orders from me to relay to each of you." Naruto told them. The rest of the Jinchuriki nodded in response. Naruto in his short tenure as their leader had never lead them astray. Even Roshi, who was the eldest among them trusted Naruto's judgment.

"Alright then, everyone sync up your handhelds. Our mission clock starts now. It's not over till the Akatsuki falls." Naruto informed them all as they synchronized their devices. There was one final glance at one another before the lights shut off and turned back on moments later to reveal an empty room where nine people had just been.

Akatsuki Headquarters

Sasuke and Hinata sat on their chairs in the meeting room and felt themselves rise slightly off the ground. "Congratulations on a job well done you two." Madara stated from behind his mask. "Thanks to you one of our puppets will now take control of the politician's vacant position much to our client's approval." The man continued. "As you've had a full day to res and recuperate I thought now would be the best time to inform you of your next assignment." Madara informed the two.

Sasuke and Hinata looked up expectantly at Madara and waited for the news. "This one requires two teams so you'll be partnered up with Deidara and Sasori. There's no point in refusing either." He added quickly noticing Sasuke about to voice his thoughts. "I've given you much leeway Sasuke but don't think we won't resort to extreme measures to get you both to comply." Madara threatened.

Sasuke clenched his teeth and stayed quiet while Hinata kept her eyes on her partner. "The details of the assignment will be sent to your personal terminals. Review it and be prepared to set out two days from now." Madara concluded. "For now the meeting is over. You all know your assignments, so I expect positive results." He told them all as the various members began to lower themselves to the floor.

Deidara immediately ran over to Sasuke and pressed her body against his. "Looks like we'll be working together Sa-su-ke. She pronounced each part of his name in a sing-song tone. Sasuke pulled himself from the older females grip and grunted indifferently. "Just because we're working together does not give you the right to touch me. Do it again and you'll find how easily that pretty little face of yours can be ruined." Sasuke said in a threatening tone activating his sharingan. He quickly joined Hinata and together both raven-haired assassins left the meeting room.

"Oh Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke. Your cold and destructive nature make me want to make glorious art!" Deidara exclaimed as she grabbed her face in her hands placing the tips of both her pinkies into her mouth. "You and I will be wonderfully explosive together." She stated as gleaming flames danced within her eyes.

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