I loved this fanfic too much to stop. Which is why I withdrew from for a while to focus on this story, cause I was serious about it. And knowing how stupid the first draft sounded, I revised and edited ALS.

All of the finished chapters are up on deviantART because of the KK dA group. But I love and I'm bringing ALS back. I hope you all love it as much as I do. I've tried to make it as epic as possible.

So here we go. The Hunger Games meets the Kingdom Keepers.

Disclaimer: Who owns the KK series? NOT ME. Guess who does? THASS RIGHT. RIDLEY PEARSON (and Disney) DOES!

Chapter One: Shake

Willa Angelo looked out her window and sighed. It had been almost two years since their last, "adventure" and she was aching for some action. The only action she got was…well, nothing. She was as bored as ever. Willa sometimes felt as if she was losing her touch. She was worried and she couldn't even do a thing about it! There was just absolutely nothing to do. Willa groaned and stood up.

"This is the worst summer ever." She complained. Willa had wished that this summer had been exciting and full of adventure. Instead, all she did was sit down near her window and dream. Dreaming was the only thing that kept her, busy. Willa missed her best friends, Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Amanda, and Jess. Heck, she missed Philby! She missed being a Kingdom Keeper.

Willa moved to her desk where her computer rested. She sat down and debated whether or not she should go online. Her friends were rarely on so it was useless to sign on too. Willa sighed again, "Well it's worth a shot. What do I have to lose anyways?" Willa signed on and a message popped up on her screen:


Willa, once you receive this message please reply. Disney is at stake again, this is important.

"About time!" Willa exclaimed. Though she did not know what was going on or what was the danger she felt extremely excited. Willa typed her reply:


Replied. What's going on at WDW?

As soon as she sent her reply,

Imptnews is typing...

Willa waited patiently for his reply but as soon as the reply was sent her computer went black and smoke began to pour out. There wasn't any smoke coming from her computer but in her computer. Willa was completely puzzled.

"What the—?" Willa said to herself, no one else was in her room. "What the heck is going on here? My computer has never acted this way! And the smoke! What was that?" The smoke that had been in her computer was no ordinary smoke. The smoke had colors like purple, green, and grey… just like the Magic Mirror in Snow White. Willa tried to turn it on again but no luck. Willa was about to head downstairs and use her mother's computer when suddenly she felt as if her room was shaking. It started out as just a little shake. Then it began to grow stronger and stronger, Willa had grip her desk for support. After Willa recovered from the shock she took cover, something you were supposed to do during an earthquake.

"I've got to get out of here." Willa mumbled to herself.

It was luck that her grey duffel bag was already stuffed with things she needed, her phone, wallet, clothes, and all necessaries. Her bag lay on the floor just a few inches away. Willa grabbed a book on top of her desk and held it over her head in case her ceiling broke. She ran and grabbed her bag. It had been a good thing that Willa's window had been open because it made for an easy escape, as soon as she grabbed her bag. She threw the book to her bed and jumped out of her window.

Willa landed safely on the ground, panting. "Strange…" Willa murmured. It seemed fine out here. No earthquakes. "I could've sworn just a few seconds ago there was a freaky earthquake." She took a look around but saw nothing strange.

Still puzzled Willa ran to her family's garage, which to her luck, was open. She found some paper to scribble a note saying something was wrong and that she had to leave, telling her mother not to come after her, if she came home and found Willa gone.

She grabbed her bike and sped off to Finn's house hoping he was home. Despite almost being killed in her own bedroom, she smiled at the thought of seeing her friends again.

Willa got there in about ten minutes, because her family decided to move closer to Disney World and they ended up in the same village as Finn and his family. She practically memorized the way to his house.

Philby opened the door and welcomed her with a tight embrace that caught Willa off guard. He led her to the basement where they usually had their meetings. She was surprised to see all her friends there. This was something serious. Willa wondered if they all had gotten a message from a user named Imptnews. Willa's eyes scanned the room. Her eyes fell on a body, which lay, pale and lifeless on the floor.