Authors Note: Well this is my attempt at a de-aged fic. I was very concerned about trying it out due to my lack of knowledge on little kids. I was the youngest so I have no little siblings to base off of though my main knowledge for this is inspired by my nephew who is 1. I know I have another story out but I'm just testing the waters with this. Ya dig? Thanx Charity Oh yeah Go to my profile and vote for your fav. Villain on supernatural!

The road was winding as the rain just continued to increase in its intensity. Each drop made was sending pulsing pain through Dean's skull. It was getting harder and harder to see as night went on and he was desperate for some relief. Anything. A reprieve from the rain, his headache, his impending deal, and Sam.

It just wasn't a great night for him. Like many nights, it sucked and that doesn't even account for the freakin' trickster! The damn thing was a pain in his ass as soon as they started the hunt for it.

The games, tricks and not so eloquent reminders of his deal coming due all added up to one big headache.

His head pulsed with pain as the rain pounded down on the roof. Dean just wanted to get a motel and crash for the night.

He looked over to his silent companion and had to stifle a grimace. Sam was covered in blood form head to toe. Thankfully not his own but that still doesn't make it ok. Sam was angered and he got that but the way he killed the trickster was…brutal. It just wasn't like Sam and Dean was starting to worry Sam was going off the deep end lately.

His insomnia, his clinginess, his always-angry attitude. It just was stressing Dean on all kinds of levels because inadvertently he made Sam this way. Even though he do it again in a heartbeat, he still made Sam into a cold and ruthless hunter. Something he tried so hard to prevent throughout his life.

Now Sam has no willingness to return to his life that once was, he already stated frequent times that he is a changed man. Dean believes him whole heartedly.

Dean sighed as the rain pounded heavier. The hunt wasn't easy and Dean lost all his patience rather quickly with the damn trickster. Hell tricksters in general! A werewolf could claw him; he can get a criminal record from a shape shifter he could even be choked to death by a homicidal ghost. However, he never ever could or would ever stand a trickster. They were the most annoying ass things on the planet and Dean wished he could eradicate them all. It would be so much easier. Life would be easier.

Nevertheless, his life was winding down. Just six months. Six months is all he has left. He had to try to kill as many evil sonsabitches as he could and somehow say goodbye to Sam. He always gave Sam hope and encouragement when searching for ways to break his big brother out of the deal. Dean really doesn't have much hope but if he expressed hope to Sam and made him happy. He would be hopeful from here on out.

Sighing again, for what seemed like the thousandth time he pushed harder on the accelerator hoping to find a motel soon.

About 2 hours later Dean pulled into the parking lot of the Meadow Sweet hotel. Dean rolled his eyes at the name. Hotel owners really need new names.

The sky was completely darkening as no stars or the moon for that matter could be seen. The only thing Dean could see was the small light coming from what he knew was the front desk. The rain still pounded relentlessly and Dean groaned at the fact that he was fixin' to get sopping wet soon. Dean turned to his brother poised to wake him up to do it instead, but his hand froze as he saw how peaceful Sam was sleeping. Sam and sleeping are becoming two words that would never be put together. Sam just couldn't sleep anymore. His brain was programmed on save Dean mode and Dean was quite frankly sick of it.

The constant typing is only one of the reasons. It kept Dean up to all hours of the night with the way the click, click, click each key made. But if Dean had to admit it that wasn't really what was bothering him.

His brother rarely ate, he never slept and he was starting to look like the living dead. His face was pale with dark smudges under his eyes and Dean could tell that Sam was losing weight with the way he always had to pull his belt tighter. It infuriated him but more than that, it downright scared him.

He only had six months with Sam and Sam was wasting away. Dean was beginning to think that Sam might die before he even does and that's just not acceptable. He won't watch Sam die again. He'll be literally damned before that happens. He can't lose Sam again. He just can't.

Sighing Dean decided to let Sam get as much sleep as he could. His brother was becoming a member of the walking dead and Dean feared his brother might eventually collapse from lack of sleep.

Quickly flinging open the door, he ran all the way from the car to the desk literally praying that the motel was really as sweet as it claimed to be.

Sam groaned as he tried to find a more comfortable position to sleep in. His muscles ached with a deep throb due to how long they've been cramped up in the car. The need to just stretch out his long limbs was taxing on his brain.

Blinking open bleary eyes, he noticed that the car stopped. Not much else could be seen due to how dark it was outside but Sam surely heard the rain. Rubbing his eyes, he looked over to the driver's seat for his brother but he wasn't there.

Frowning Sam sat up straighter trying to glare through the darkness. He could see a faint light in the distance but that was all.

Why the hell did he fall asleep for anywhere? He had to find his laptop to do more research. He swore to himself this morning he would start looking up on a possible lead he found. Certainly sleeping can wait. He actually wondered how long he was asleep. Since he rarely slept at all now a days.

The deep throbbing need to find a way to save Dean was encompassing his entire being. It was as if he was programmed to repeat day after day. The same routine night after night and somehow sleeping got lost in that program, as did eating.

Sam only ate when his hunger pains couldn't be ignored. Even when he did satisfy his hunger he rarely ate much except maybe an apple or some kind of fruit here of there. Since Dean wasn't questioning it, Sam just didn't care. It was almost a sad tragic till death do us part circumstance.

If Dean goes, Sam will too. He's just setting himself up for the ultimate letdown. Getting ready to stop breathing at any minute should his researching skills fail.

Sam sighed he really didn't want to think about this. Even though Dean's possible, death was always on his mind Sam just wanted some relief from the constant pressure and pain that that particular thought held.

Letting his head thump weakly onto the seat Sam settled down deeper just waiting for Dean to come back and tell him what to do. Cause God knows he was surely lost in more ways than one.

Dean shook off the residual rain, as his leather jacket seemed to stave off the worst. The man behind the desk looked perturbed and slightly irritated. Dean followed the man's gaze and looked down at his feet. There was a growing puddle there mixed in with mud. He winced as he did his best not to get anymore on the oddly white carpet.

The man stared him straight in the eye almost as if solidifying a threat. Dean rolled his eyes at the fierce stare down.

"One room, two singles please." Dean said with a strained smile trying to at least put off that he was in a good mood but his weariness and headache just wasn't up to it.

The man seemed to leer at him as his frown turned into a big ass grin. Dean instantly cringed back and wondered if he should grab Sam and haul ass.

"Well," The man said in a way to cheery voice. "I sure can't help ya we only got our honey moon suites left. All the townsfolk have stopped for the night due to this storm."

Dean sighed a deep sigh. Great. They had to share a bed but hey, Sam didn't even sleep at night so that had to be a plus. Yeah, right.

The man was probably expecting him to decline but Dean was too tired and Sam was definitely too tired by all accounts. They needed some sleep for the night. "I'll take it. Do you take MasterCard?"

The man blinked as if surprised but obliged by giving him a grunt for a response.

Trudging back to the car he hurriedly opened and closed the door. Looking over to the other side Dean was surprised to find Sam starting straight up at the ceiling with blood shot eyes.

Dean winced. Sam was becoming attuned to knowing when it was night even when he was sleeping. "Sam we got us a room." Dean offered not really caring to wait for Sam since he was dead beat tired.

He grabbed the duffels from the backseat and flung open the door again to get into there newest room.

Sam shifted his head just in time to see Dean leave. Sighing he unwound himself from the car and seemed to stand still mesmerized by the storm and cold.

"Come on doofus before you catch a cold!" Dean yelled from the doorway.

Sam seemed to blink at that and suddenly realized he was standing out in the freezing rain. Shaking his head, he trudged into the motel room closing the door behind him.

Getting inside he shook his head like a wet dog would sending water droplets everywhere. Seeing Dean nowhere in sight he figured his brother was already in the shower. Sam shrugged noncommittally it was a normal routine now.

Sam immediately went toward his duffle and pulled out what he's been longing for. His laptop.

Setting the thing on the small table in the room, he immediately booted it up. Not even noticing that he was still in wet clothes. It's become such a habit now that Sam's just used to the routine of finding a motel, Dean taking a shower, Dean doing whatever he does at night, Sam researching all night, Dean sleeping.

It was an easy routine to follow but as the days dragged on to weeks, Sam began to beg for something else. What once felt like a hope-filled atmosphere where he searched and searched for leads was now like a chamber.

Nothing was coming together and nothing was turning out in his favor. Sighing he rubbed his hand over his face and stared at the dull blue screen trying to find answers.

Dean stood under the pulsating water letting it cascade over his sore muscles. He certainly needed a release and Dean was thrilled that at least the Meadow Sweet Hotel had sweet ass showers.

His head was picking up in its pounding and he groaned for some relief. If he didn't get any relief soon his head would explode.

Shutting off the shower at least being nice to save Sam some hot water he quickly grabbed the towel from the towel rack and wrapped it around his waist.

Picking up his boxers and t-shirt, he made quick work of drying off and clothing himself before brushing his teeth for the night.

Trudging out of the bathroom, he immediately went to bed.

Leaning over to flick off the lamp, he settled deeper into the mattress.

Not even five seconds later, he heard the incessant clicking. Laying there for the time being he listened to the sounds in the room. Other than the clicking, he heard occasional sighs. A tall tell sign that what ever Sam was finding it sure wasn't helping him.

Dean wondered how long it's been since Sam actually slept in a bed or actually ate all three meals. Has it really been that long already? Or has he just turned a blind eye toward his brother and completely ignored his plight? Dean really didn't like either of the options.

Sighing Dean figured if he were going to make any of this screwed up mess right he would have to start with taking care of Sam again.

Sitting up Dean peered through the darkness at his brother's face. His face was illuminated by the hue of the laptop making his skin appear grayish. Dean cringed.

"Dude don't you think it's time for a break from that?"

Typing. Clicking. Sighing.

"Sam? Are you listening to me?" Dean questioned trying to see if his brother would answer.

Not getting an answer Dean threw the blankets off himself and turned on the lamp. Striding over to the table, he laid his hand on Sam's shoulder and cringed back.

"Sam! You're still in your wet clothes?" Dean said incredulously as Sam just continued to type away. Now that he's close, he could see the fine tremor in his brother's form and muted mumbling he couldn't hear before.

"Cant take break. No. No. Must save Dean. Have to save Dean. Dean save me all the time why can't I return the favor."

Dean only watched in horror. The mutterings of a man completely losing his sanity. "All right sasquath I think it's time to take a break for the night." Dean moved Sam's hands from the keys and began to lift him up out of the chair.

"No!" Sam cried suddenly as if brought back to the real world. "Have to- I need too-"

"The only thing you need is sleep." Dean grunted as he guided Sam's form over to the bed.


Pushing Sam down all the way Dean slowed his movements as he grasped Sam's chin. "But nothing Sam." Dean said softly. "You've been running yourself ragged and I can't stand by and watch you self-destruct. We'll talk more in the morning but all you need to do is sleep. Close your eyes and relax Sammy."

Sam looked confused and suspicious but otherwise obeyed. And as if his body finally realized that he desperately needed the sleep it completely shut down and Sam's full weight sagged into the mattress.

Dean sighed in relief as he huffed out an incredulous laugh. Pinching the bridge of his nose he slowly went to his side of the bed then froze.

Sam was still in his wet clothes. Well shit.

Bending down Dean began untying Sam's wet shoes having to plop them off and pull off his nasty socks.

Cursing under his breath, he began unsnapping Sam's jeans to get the soggy things off. Thankfully, they weren't that drenched and came off easily. Throwing them down with a wet slap he went to work on Sam's jacket and shirt thankful Sam didn't wear to many layers tonight.

Pulling Sam's limp body up to lean against him he quickly pulled off the jacket and shirt before it could seep in and wet his own shirt. Throwing them down with the jeans he re positioned Sam's head on the pillow and covered him up to his chin.

Grumbling all the way to bed, he snuggled under the covers and closed his eyes.

Not even five seconds later Sam's hand came flying to hit his face. Blinking open his eyes Dean grunted again. Oh yeah what a fun joyous night this would be.

Dean slowly became aware of two things this morning.

Number 1 he was never getting a room without curtains again. Number 2 Sam was totally cuddling with him.

Blinking open his weary eyes Dean laid there for the time being too lazy and tired to get up.

Laying there, he then froze. Yeah Sam was cuddling with him but last time he checked Sam was 6'4 and weighed clear over 200 pounds the body that was currently snuggled firmly against his side was a lot tinier and lighter.

Peering down at the lump next to him Dean stifled a shriek at what he found.

A little kid in the bed.

Was this some sick joke that Sam played on him because it sure as hell wasn't funny.

Flinging the covers off the little body he stared in amazement at the little form of what could only be a two year old shivering in the cold air in his too big of clothes.

Furrowing his brow, he peered a little more closely at the lump and almost shrieked again at his find.

The little lump was indeed Sam at the age of two and Dean realized in that second that he's successfully been screwed by a trickster again.

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