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Dean awoke to screaming.

He didn't remember what had happened. All he remembered was a while light blinding them and then…nothing.

So it was pretty scary to be woken my screaming.

Jolting out of the bed he didn't even realize that they were back at Bobby's house. He just had to find out where the screaming was coming from.

Then he had a horrible idea. What happened to Sammy?

Suddenly panic overtook him and he ran faster than he ever thought possible. "SAMMY!" Dean screeched as he slid to a stop outside of a doorway that he recognized as Bobby's spare room.

Inside he saw his brother. Who was pretty much butt naked but it was his brother. His brother who was 6'4 again.

"Thank god." He whispered and without thought he instantly embraced him.

Sam seemed to shriek even more.

"EWWWWW Dean! Get off of me!"

Then Dean remembered Sam was still naked. "Gross!" Dean shirked as he instantly pushed Sam away.

Sam grabbed the nearest sheet and wrapped it around himself to save what dignity he had left.

"What the hell is going on! Why am I naked?" Sam shouted. Clearly flustered at the aspect.

"You…you don't remember anything?" Dean asked confused.

"Remember what! All I know is we went to bed in a motel not Bobby's house and I wasn't naked!" Sam shouted again. His face was beet red and Dean knew that most of it was due to embarrassment.

"What's all this yelling about!"


Dean turned around as Bobby entered the room. Bobby too had a puzzled look on his face but once he saw Sam he went to embrace him as well.

"No no no no NO! No more hugging till I have clothes on you perverts!" Sam yelled as he darted out of the room in search of some clothing.

Bobby gave Dean a weird look clearly stating what the hell happened.

Dean shrugged. "All I remember is a white light…than nothing."

"Me too. Do you think it was the trickster?"

Dean scratched his head. He didn't know if it was or wasn't but he was happy. He was starting to think he would never get Sam turned back. The trickster was confusing as ever and rather elusive on what would work. "I don't know but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth."

Bobby seemed to agree. "Amen to that." Than Bobby rubbed a hand down his haggard face. "What are we going to tell Sam?"

Dean got a wicked smirk on his face. Oh the glorious blackmail. "I have an idea."

Once Sam showered and got decent again Dean and Bobby told him everything.

From the trickster to there trips to Wal-Mart and trying to rescue Bobby.

Sam had a look of awe on his face.

"Let me et this straight. A trickster transformed into a child body and mind and then decided to help you out as well?" Sam asked puzzled.

Dean shrugged from where he was leaning on the door. "Hey I'm just as confused as you are."

"We searched everything boy but me and Dean couldn't find anything to change to back. Then bam! It happened." Bobby stated.

Sam still looked in awe. "If it was the trickster I wonder why he did it? I mean there not overly nice and love playing tricks. So how long has it been?" Sam asked a little fearful that he missed precious days of trying to find a way out of Dean's deal.

"A couple." Dean answered swiftly. "Three to five days give or take."

"I bet I had to have been a pain then. I remember how much trouble I was at two." Sam stated guiltily. He didn't want to trouble his brother any further.

Suddenly Dean moved from the door and laid a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Your not a pain…..well on occasion ok you're a pain in the ass but you were never a pain to take care of or watch out for." Dean stated sincerely. He felt the tension melt out of Sam's body at just the simple words and he wondered why he hadn't said stuff like this earlier.

Sam obviously needed reassurance but he's been busy trying to become superman to even give his brother the time of day.

With one last squeeze he was about to turn away when a camera flashed in his eyes.

Feeling dazed he turned to Bobby who had a digital camera-and when the hell did he get one of those?-aimed at them with a smug smirk on his face.

"Insurance." Bobby stated.

"HEY!" Came the angry retorts from both Sam and Dean.

Two days later:

Dean shut the trunk to the Impala as he loaded the last of the bags.

They stayed at Bobby's a little to recoup but even Dean knew they had to hit the hay and start hunting again.

Sam was busy hugging Bobby goodbye. They weren't sure when they would be back but they both knew that they had to come back soon or face the consequences from Bobby.

Dean was leaning on his Impala when he felt a cold shiver run through him.

Looking around he saw all was quiet. Crinkling his brows he shook the feeling off but something was nagging at him to check his pocket.

Reaching inside he grasped a piece a paper he didn't remember putting there.

Unfolding it he could tell it was a letter.


You my friend are always fun to mess with. Your little patience and tendency to say stupid things are just to fun to pass up.

But also you learn a lesson like no one else can.

You said you wanted your little brother back. I granted your wish. At first you were mad and a little bit frustrated but then you learned that Big Sam and little Sammy are all in the same. You learned that you both have to compromise to change and that people react differently to situations and maybe just maybe that the problem wasn't what you first suspected it to be.

You thought that Sam was the problem. But then you learned that maybe both of you were the problem. That communication between you got so bad it severed your valued bond.

I hope you learned from your lesson and please for the love of all that his holy. Shut your pie hole once in a while, ok?

Your's truly, The Trickster

Dean felt a since of nostalgic run through him. Maybe the trickster wasn't all bad. He was merely teaching people lessons and a lot of the time those people never learned there lesson and sadly paid the consequences for them.

Dean had learned a lesson.

That Sam isn't just the problem it's him to. He was busy picking out faults instead of trying to make the situation better. They were so turned around that they didn't know up from down but now…Dean could happily say they were on the same page. They both realized that things were going to get bad before they got better and they needed to stick together through thick and thin just to survive.

Folding the paper back into his pocket as Sam returned to the car he smiled.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah, what did you put into your pocket?" Sam asked puzzled.

"Just a note from a friend that's all." Dean stated.

"Ok weirdo if we head west we could make it to Oregon soon. I caught sight of a Wendigo in the area." Sam stated with actual enthusiasm instead of the normal coldness he often heard.

"Weirdo?" Dean admonished with fake hurt. "I wasn't the one pulling a stripper act."

Sam gave him the patented bitch-face as he entered the car. "Hey you're the pervert who was all up on me."

Dean shut his door as he turned to give Sam an incredulous look. "Pervert! Now who's the weirdo?"

"I hate you." Sam seethed silently but Dean knew there was a trace of a smirk on his face.

Dean smiled as he started up the car. "I hate you too bitch."


The End

Well that's the end my friends. It's been a long journey and I want to say thanks to everyone who reviewed, read it or even took a peek. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews they really got me by through hard times. Reviews are love. Thanx Charity