Brring-BRRRING! Brring-BRRR-

Ugh, another school day.

I looked around, checking if the world was normal today from Haruhi's antics. Nothing seemed different, thank god.

Hopefully it will just be a normal day of lazing around in the club room, while I daydream about Asahina's... No, I got to stop thinking about that.

"KYON-KUN!" Ah crap, little sister is being annoying this early in the day. "Get up lazy person, Mom said to eat breakfast before your late to school again!"

I rubbed my eyes and went downstairs. Last time I was late Haruhi gave me a penalty and I had to pay for the SOS-dan's meals. AGAIN. Doesn't that woman know I'm not a walking bank? I sure as hell don't have a job, save for the endless days of summer that I seriously don't want to remember.*

I got to the school about 5 minutes before class started and there she was, in all her "godly" glory. Though I have a bad feeling about that smirk. Oh no, she's getting up. What does she want?

"Kyon, your late. PENALTY! You now owe me lunch" Damn it.

That's how my day started.

The club activities, thankfully, were uneventful, but like always, Haruhi had an overactive imagination. "Hmm, I wonder what I would look like if this whole world was gender bended. Hahaha I wonder what Kyon would look like as a girl that would be something! But even more what would I look like as a guy!"

My mouth was still open, and I was about to say something, but I decided it was better to NOT piss off the "god". I flicked my eyes around the room to get the others reactions, but Koizumi still had that stupid smile and Nagato and Asahina were still acting normal.

Ah well. But the question still stayed: What would I look like as a girl?

The next day started off as normal, no world changing that I could noticeably see. When I got to that ungodly hill, I saw Haruhi waiting for me. Oh this can't be good.

"Why are looking at me like that Kyon? Oh never mind, did you bring money?"

"No, I didn't" I'm crossing my fingers behind my back.

"I know you do, because you aren't holding your bento."

Wait… WHAT? I left it at home?

"Yes you left it at home. Now you and me both don't have lunch."

"And why the hell did you forget yours?"

As I said that I noticed what seemed to be a very slight moment of blushing from her, probably because she wanted to eat my lunch. Sigh… What will I do now, I don't have that much money on me, and this person expects me to feed her?

As we walked to our class there was a small commotion just outside it. Looked like 2 new people, though I couldn't exactly care myself. We walked into class and waited for the bell to ring.

"That guy was pretty tall, and he had cool looking headphones" Haruhi mused after getting in our seats.

He was pretty tall, but he seemed… off. Like as if he could cause problems with a smile on his face. Just what we needed here at North High, a troublemaker. Hope he isn't a knife toting crazy bitch.

Oh here comes Taniguchi, I bet he's about to make an idiotic quip about me walking in with Haruhi.

"Hey Kyon did you see that girl in the hallway?"

What? What girl?

"You know the girl surrounded by all the guys? She was damn cute."

I thought they were surrounding the guy, oh well, not like I had a chance with a girl like her. I got Asahina serving tea in front of me practically every day, so I'm fine with missing one girl.

Ah, the bell rang.

"Class today we get two new students, and they will introduce themselves." Two people walked in, the tall guy I saw, and...

The girl I didn't see.

She was small and petite like Nagato, but was in actuality much cuter than I imagined. A bonus, she had a ponytail just the way I liked it. Was this Haruhi's doing or was I getting lucky? My eyes started focusing more and more on her, damn that ponytail looked fine! I had to hand it to Taniguchi for once, this was a cute girl.

"Hmmmm Kyon, you seem pretty taken by that girl"

Damn you Haruhi. You had to ruin my daydream.

The girl went first. "Hello everyone my name is Kyonko-

"And my name is HARUKI!" Well its official, that guy is a douche.

"My name is Haruki Suzumiya, and if you're an esper, time traveler, or alien come talk to me!"

I don't think my jaw hit the floor yet, but I think my head just started to hurt.

Authors Note:

Hello there, I'm the new kid on the block and I come out and write this fanfiction idea that just came out of my head after rewatching some videos about Haruhi and her GenderBended Counter parts!

I realize that there's probably bad writing, but I hope I can get better and do my ideas justice. The second chapter will come out soon, but I need my ideas to grow first. Vague Ideas are a horrible way to start stories =) (Personal Experience)

By the way, I tried to emulate Kyon's narration, but I think I can do better, so if you could leave some critique(Be nice please!) that would help so much.

*Remember the Endless Eight? Kyon does ;)