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I sighed looking back at the window of the airplane flight. A week ago, I had to convince my loving mortal mother, my super powerful witch principle, , and my pink loving vampire and my only friend Jenna. I could easily picture the argument I had with them on that Tuesday.

"I'm not going home. I'm going to London, and I'm going through the Removal." I said seriously to my Mom. She widened her eyes, Jenna looked at me, well, the way people looked at her, and Ms. Casnoff stopped short." Oh Dear, Sophie. You can't be possibly thinking that right?" I shook my head. My Mom looked fearful at me. "Sophie! Do you even know what will happen there if you do go? No, why would you even think about going there? This is out of question! I am not loosing my one and only daughter." Ms. Casnoff sighed and slowly approached us. "M'am. There must be a reason for Sophia's decision. Just listen to her." " I'm listening." I looked at Ms. Casnoff and was shock. She wanted me to go. Gosh, if she didn't like me so badly I was more then happy to take a train to Freedom from this place. "I want to remove my powers before I possibly kill some one I love." Mom smiled a bit but it was hard to tell since there were tears forming out of her eyes. In addition, Jenna and Ms. Casnoff exchanged a glance. "Sophie. You do understand the consequences." My Mom asked and intervened "There is a possibility of one out of 100 that you might die." I nodded, understanding that there was a possibility that one of 100 people survive the Removal.

Ah, no pressure, no pressure at all.

Even through I've been on a plane before, I was starting to have second thoughts. What if I really do die? Or get killed? Jenna did tell me that L'Occhio di Dio did have a contigent in London. Which reminds me of Archer. Whom I totally forgot about since now. Okay, that wasn't the complete truth but it was a whole lie either. So, here's the deal; I have no idea how but, I fell in love with Archer Cross. We had a complete, hot, full on make out in the cellar, which, I have to add was amazing but did hurt Elodie's feelings. After a long 5 minutes, I found out that Archer was an Eye, meaning he's working for this organization working to destroy all Prodigum, making Archer my enemy. I know, how cliché of me falling for the enemy.

I stared at my watch waiting for the 10 hour flight to end. "Stupid watch, you're not even moving!" A small laugh escaped the lips of the passenger beside me, I smiled at her. At least there was one good thing about this flight; I got to bring Jenna with me. Since Jenna had no living parents and people still didn't believe that Archer killed Elodie and hurt Chaston and Anna, Ms. Casnoff accepted me to bring her with me. You know, maybe things won't go as bad as it seems. And maybe I will go to the Removal and survive, finish Hex Hall and go to a normal University. Yeah, and maybe, just maybe, Archer really loves you, he isn't an Eye, Elodie is alive, your the worst most powerful witch on the face of the earth and you just hit your head while making out with Archer and now, your in a coma and this is all in alternate version of what your future would be like. I mentally slapped myself. I was getting pretty irritated at my new 'best friend'. Ms. Casnoff decided it would be best if I had a inner voice. So like a person inside of me sensing right and wrong, or as like to call it my conscience. But Ms. Casnoff actually put a spell on me so, this 'person' had a mind of it's own. It was great, except for the fact she, or it was a snotty, bratty, sarcastic voice of myself. Hopefully, when I get there- A chill climbed on my back and the question I wanted to avoid slapped me. What if I don't survive?

"Oh gosh, that ride was so long!" Jenna shouted as layed on our hotel room bed. "Tell me about it. Listen, we have 1 week until our flight back to the academy. Ms. Casnoff gave me a map to go where I need to go. I'll do it now since the sooner the better." Jenna's smile dropped and she turned to me. "Sophie, it's 8pm and I'm tired. I want to be there with you, can't you wait until the morning?" I sighed and nodded and then a thought occurred to me. "I'm going to check around this hotel, I'll be back in an hour. Go on without me." I smiled at her and she fell backwards on the bed. I walked out of the room and began to take notice of the lobby. I looked at the map for the city and noticed something scribbled out on the map and it looked like it was located on the other side of the city. Wow, something scribbled in red? Maybe it's something important, somewhere you shouldn't go. Or someone you shouldn't see... Maybe, I should just look and- Curiosity killed the cat. Screw you. "Reveal." I said as I looked at the map and the scribbles slowly faded. Two words came across a black building on the map." Secret Society?" Secret Society? What was that Jenna said? Oh right, not a big deal , just that Archer might be right across town . It's not like you can do anything about anyway. Stupid conscience. I walked out of the hotel and stopped. How was I supposed to get there? Conscience? This is a good time to talk when your not supposed to. My lips are sealed. Great, on my own. I tried to do that transportation spell Alice taught me before she died, again. Alice, every time I hear her name I feel shameful. I killed my own grand mother.

But Jenna said it didn't really counted since she was already dead.

Since the transportation spell wasn't really working that well, I tried to summon a broom. "Broom." I opened my eyes and a broom appeared to me. Perfect, I smiled, at least I'm not that bad of a witch. I hopped on the broom and let my feet travel with the air. Oh that's smart, fly around in plain sight were the Eye can see you. How about an invisibility spell? "Oh yea, Thanks." I didn't know any invisibility spells, so I just concentrated and mumbled the word and just guessed that it worked. It didn't take me too long to get there as I did my stupid conscience told me to stop on the other block. "Now why , oh why are we landing here?" And I'm the stupid one. You see that guy around the corner? She asked me I saw and gasped. Now you're supposed to look like that. Black vest, black jacket, grey or black pants. It's a strict uniform with a symbol on the down left. Change now. "How am I supposed to change?" Honestly, magic isn't the solution for every thing. "Uniform." After a second, my clothes dissolved and turned unto the same thing as the guy earlier. I checked myself out and looked if something was missing. Tattoo. Dilemma, dilemma. I looked around and no one was in sight. I sighed and closed my eyes and concentrated on my chest. After 5 minutes, I decided to stop. I unbuttoned my shirt and saw the mark. The mark of an Eye. "It's removable right?" It's magic stupid, of course it's removable.

"Before I go, I have to know one thing. Are you sure you're not trying to kill me so you can be re-born and have my body?" Yes, for sure. That makes a lot of sense, now start walking or you are really going to die. I started walking and saw people giving me odd looks and the streets starting to get even less quieter until the point there was complete silence. No more howls, no more mosquitoes and I personally think the wind stop. I heard footsteps coming closer but I shrugged it off and continued walking. I almost screaming when someone's strong arms held my waist and cupped my mouth. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" My breath stopped, my lips went dry and I wasn't struggling any more.


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