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The first thing that Temperance Brennan heard when she was shaken awake was the wailing of the sirens.

"C'mon Tempe we gotta go into the shelter" her Dad, Max, told her. He picked his daughter up in his arms and ran to the bedroom door.

"I'm 15 Dad, I can walk by myself!" Temperance told her father.

"Yeah well, now's not the time to be stubborn." Max pushed the back door open and threw a tin helmet on his head and on Temperance's. He ran through the backyard towards their hand built air raid shelter. It wasn't very big, but it would do. It was approximately 2m by 2m, which was bigger than what most people had.

"Dad!" Temperance screamed as a bomb was dropped further down the street. The ground shook violently and a wave of heat went hurtling towards them.

"It's ok honey, it's ok" Max reassured her. He leant down and lifted the door to the shelter. He passed Temperance down to her Mother, Christine, before he climbed in himself.

"Max, Russ is out there" Christine said, referring to her son.

"He'll be fine." Max tried to reassure her.

"He's 18! He shouldn't be in the army! Why did we sign the papers?" She yelled.

"Because he threatened to leave Christine and sign up another name, what were we supposed to do?" Max held his wife as she cried. Temperance listened as her parents talked about stuff she didn't understand. The year was 1940, and Temperance was a 15 years old. She was drifting off to sleep when she heard banging and yelling.

"Please, please! Please you've gotta let me in!" A boy yelled. "My brother, he's 10, and he's injured I need help. Please, I'm begging you."

"Max open the door" Christine said. Temperance sat up from the ground and watched as her father opened the door and let in two males. The older one, who was in uniform, was carrying his brother, who looked unconscious.

"What happened?" Max asked as he searched for the first aid kit.

"I'm on leave Sir, and I was at my house to see my brother. I heard some disturbance down the street to go have a look. Then I heard the planes going over and the bomb being dropped. He got out of the house right before the bomb hit the place next door. Jared, that's my brother, was lying outside on the grass like this. Everyone was in hysterics and I couldn't help anyone so I grabbed him and ran. We don't have an air aid shelter so I went around looking for a place that did have one. Yours is the closest one." The man explained.

"How old are you boy?' Max asked as he applied a dressing to the wound on Jared's head.

"19 Sir" He answered.

"Do you have a name?"

"Yes" he offered his hand "Private Seeley Booth."

"Well Seeley, this is my wife Christine, daughter Temperance and I'm Max, Max Brennan." Max introduced his family as they shook hands "we got a son as well, Russ, he enlisted too. Heard of him?"

"Sorry I can't say I have" Seeley apologized. He looked up and caught Temperance's eye. "You go to school Temperance?"

"Yes" she answered, still holding his gaze.

"What are your favourite subjects?"

"Biology and English."

"What do you want to be when you leave school?"

"An author."

"Really" Seeley shuffled closer to her "that's so cool. I'll look out for you."

"Thank-you." Temperance bowed her head a little and blushed. "What do you do in the army?"

"I shoot enemy aircraft from the ground so they don't get the chance to kill civilians like you." He answered.

"Why did you join? My brother joined because he felt it was his job as the only fit male in the family."

"Personal reasons. My father wasn't one of the greatest people in the world and the army was a way to get out." Temperance and Seeley continued their discussion, Christine and Max seemingly fading into the background.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. What about you? You must have an interesting life story." Seeley teased, throwing her a charm smile.

"No, nothing interesting about me. My Dad's a science teacher at my school and my Mum's been helping with the war effort. We all have." Temperance picked up some knitting needles from behind her and held them up. "I'm on my 100th pair of socks" she said proudly. "Did you always want to be in the army?"

"No" Seeley answered "I wanted to be a police officer, I still do."

"I think you would make a good police officer."


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"Seeley wake up" Temperance shook him gently. He opened his eyes and quickly squeezed them shut at the sudden burst of light. "C'mon, Mum said I gotta wake you up before I can go to school" Seeley opened his eyes and saw Temperance standing next to him, hand on hips, and dressed in school uniform. She had her gas mask satchel slung over her left shoulder and her book bag over her right.

"What time is it?"

"Time to get up. Jared's not up yet, so Dad took him to the hospital. We didn't want to wake you."

"Thanks" Seeley sat up and ran a hand through his sleep ruffled hair.

"Don't thank me, thank my Mum. I was going to wake you up ages ago." Temperance leant against the wall of the air raid shelter.

"You're joking right?"

"No, I don't really joke." Temperance and Seeley sat there, unsure of what to do next.

"Well I've got to go to school. Do you want me to walk with you back to your house?" She asked.

"Umm, I don't really have a house."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Hold on a minute." Temperance run up the stairs and disappeared. She returned a few minutes later, poking her head through the door "Mum said you and Jared can stay with us as long as you need to, as long as you pull your weight."

"Thank-you so much" Seeley said "I barely know you guys but you've just put a roof over my head."

"I don't know what that means, but that's ok. Now I've really got to go to school." Temperance laughed.

'I'll walk with you" Seeley offered "if you go to the local school, that's on the way to the hospital."

"Sure, you better hurry up them" Temperance said as she was already walking across the yard. Seeley grabbed his hat and ran out of the shelter after her.

"You really are something else" he commented as they walked down the street.

"I don't know what that means."

"It means that I've never come across anybody quite like you. You're so determined but so…kind and understanding."

"How can you already know that, we've just met."

"I know, but I can tell." Seeley held his hands behind his back and smiled.

"Like you have some kind of sixth sense?" Temperance teased.

"You could call it that."

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Temperance and Seeley turned up at the school just before the bell. She turned to him and smiled gently.

"I've got to go. Give Jared my best." She walked in the gate and Seeley stood there watching her. Temperance turned around and laughed.

"What?" She asked raising her hands in the air.

"What time do you finish?" Seeley asked.

"3.15. Why?"

"I'll come pick you up." He told her, rather than asked her.

"Your insane you know that?" Temperance laughed before she walked through the doors and into the school. Seeley shook his head and kept walking towards the hospital.

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