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In the dark, Seeley heard more than felt the fist connecting with his nose. The momentum threw him backwards and with a crack his head hit the wall. Gingerly he pulled himself onto his feet and grabbed onto the guard who had flung himself at him. He wrapped his hands around his neck and turned so he was pushed up against the wall. The guard grasped at Seeley's hands, trying desperately to prise them off from around his neck. He choked and pleaded as the pounding in his head made it evident that he was getting nowhere near enough oxygen.

"Please" he choked out, his accent so thick Seeley could barely understand him "pregnant. My fiancé – she's pregnant."

The rage that was clouding his vision slowly dissipated and following the sudden realisation that he was about to kill a man, Seeley removed his hands and took a step back his arms raised in the air in horror.

The guard slumped to the ground and rubbed his hand over his throat which was surely bruised, coughing and gasping as he tried to fill his lungs. In the relative quiet, Seeley heard the other guard talking to the woman who had orchestrated the whole event.

"Miss Julian" he began "it truly is an honour to kill you."

The silence was split by her scream and the metallic slice of a knife being stabbed through flesh.

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Temperance closed the front door and watched through the window as the car containing a man she most definitely hated went down the street. What right did he have, breaking into her home and demanding things of her? She placed a hand on her abdomen which was, despite her being pregnant, still very flat. Temperance sighed and leant her head against the wall.

"What are we going to do?" She mumbled to herself. Her thoughts were disrupted by a knock on the door. Reaching for the doorknob she called out "Mr Cullen if that is you again I swear-"

Except it was not Mr Cullen, but a woman with light brown skin.

"I'm sorry if you were expecting someone else, are you Miss Temperance Brennan?" She asked, grasping a small piece of paper in her hand and glancing down at it.

Temperance considered her for a moment. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and her white dress gave her occupation away. Although she was no longer wearing her apron, this woman was obviously a nurse. She had a satchel slung over her shoulder, which Temperance assumed would be holding her cap and overcoat.

"Yes I am" she replied "but I'm sorry, I don't know who you are. Have we met?"

The woman laughed and extended her hand "no we haven't. My name is Camille Saroyan, but most people just call me Cam. Doctor Goodman sent me over, he was wondering if you would be available to work tonight. More than 200 injured soldiers are being brought over from France today."

Seeley's in France.

At the thought, she jumped at the opportunity. "I'll need to organise a babysitter for Jared but yes, that's fine."

"He can come with us" Cam offered "there's a nurses quarters downstairs, the girls won't mind keeping an eye on him."

Temperance considered the option for a moment – she needed the money and she couldn't really leave Jared at home by himself. She could ask her neighbours to mind him, but then if there was an air-raid she would be far too concerned about him.

"Alright" she replied, nodding and pulling the door open "please come in out of the cold. I need to get changed and clean Jared up."

Cam stepped into the house and closed the door behind her. Temperance smiled at her and directed her to the couch before she turned to leave.

"Oh and Miss Brennan!" Cam called just before Temperance went up the stairs. "You may want to start drinking coffee…it's going to be a long night."

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As quiet as a mouse, Seeley shrunk into the corner of the cell.

"Where are you?" The guard who stabbed Miss Julian snarled "you dirty English dog."

He heard rustling next to him and then a hand was clamped over his mouth.

"I have him" the other guard, the one whom Seeley had almost killed said. He dragged Seeley onto his feet and held a knife to his neck. "You clean up, I'll take him to another secure cell."

Without waiting for a reply, he was dragged out the door and into the harsh light. After being in a dark cell for who knows how long, the sudden brightness sliced through his head like a knife.

"C'mon" the guard whispered "stand up, c'mon."

Seeley did as he was ordered, being careful not to move any closer to the knife being held on his neck.

"I could've killed you" he grunted "I should've killed you."

"Stay quiet" came his reply, shortly before he moved the knife away and slipped it into the case in his pocket. "Don't make a sound. I will take you out the back. You can leave."

"What?" Seeley shouted in disbelief before the guard slammed a hand over his mouth. He pushed it off then repeated in a whisper "what?"

"You didn't kill me, for that I am grateful." He answered, glancing around cautiously. "We will need to get your female friends though – maybe you could take their bodies with you."

"No – Elizabeth isn't dead. It wasn't cyanide, she took tetrodotoxin. Its effects mimic those of death. She should wake up in a couple of hours." Seeley explained "should being the key work in that sentence."

"Alright." He said "I will go back and get her later. But you need to go. Right now." He pointed down the corridor "turn right, there's a door. Go through it and it'll take you out the back. I don't know how you're going to get home, but you will eventually."

Seeley thanked him and ran down the corridor.

"I'm coming home."

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Temperance doubled over in pain, clutching her stomach. It was at least the third time it had happened during her shift. Taking a few deep breaths she straightened and walked over to the patient she was looking after.

"Have you taken his vitals?" Cam asked, passing by with a notepad in her hand.

"Yes, his heart rate is coming back do- oh my god!" She grunted, collapsing to her knees on the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Temperance!" Cam dropped everything in her hands onto the patient's bed and knelt down beside her. "What's wrong?"

"I – I don't know. My stomach…it hurts so much" she answered, looking down at her knees. "There's something wrong."

"With what? Is it your appendix? If so we need to set up an operating table-"

"My baby. There's something wrong with my baby." Temperance said, eyes widening with horror as her white dress began to turn red with blood.

"Hold on" Cam slid her arm under Temperance's legs and the other around her back, hoisting her into the air in one swift move. "Everything will be ok. Your baby will be fine."

But even Temperance knew she was lying.

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