A.N: ACK! People, really? This is the first ever Ushio X Tomoya fic! I figured there would be tons about 'em!

But, oh well, anyway here's this little diddy that I thought of as soon as I finished watching Clannad. It's just a thing about how important Tomoya is to Ushio.

It'd be like, if it was that Ushio never died and then Nagisa and her never came back to life, and this is Ushio thinking back on all the things her father did for her while growing up. So, Tomoya's an old geezer now and Ushio is an adult. And he's just taking a nap in this.


Ushio inspected her father's withered old hands as she knelt down at the side of his futon. They were wrinkled, like a prune, and she could clearly see the blue colored veins that ran underneath the skin of his hand.

Ushio remembered how those very same, now wrinkled hands, had helped her back up when she tripped and fell, then dusted her off so she could move on in the world.

The soft touch of her father's as he wiped away the tears that streamed down her face from time to time. Whether it was from a broken heart or a scraped knee, he was always there to help her through it.

Then, there was the feel of his strong, protective arms holding her close, when she was afraid of the thunderstorms that wracked their small apartment as a child. He'd run his hand over her head, whispering comforting words to her. Staying by her side all through the night, till the storm had passed.

Ushio smiled warmly as she took Tomoya's hand in her own. It was wrinkled, yes, but strong and calloused too. All those years working for the electrical company had made his body stronger and his hands tougher.

Her father's embrace made her feel protected, comforted and loved. It was the one place where she was allowed to cry.