Outnumbered - We are coming

Hiya! i came up with this story a couple of days ago. Just to be clear if you have seen Torchwood children of earth its about all the kids stopping in the world. Now i have no idea if teenagers were affected (For jakes sake) so in this story they are. Every person under sixteen is affected. Okay so the kids are controlled by the aliens each day labled day 1 and so on. This story had NOTHING to do with torchwood its how the brockman family handle the situation. And as always they are the brockmans and anything cane happen.

DAY 1.

Pete Brockman sat up in bed choking. He was soaking wet. He looked round for the usual suspect. Ben. And sure enough there was Ben standing next to his bedroom cabinet. He was holding a empty bucket. Presumably once filled with water. ''BEN!'' Pete yelled and got out of bed yawning. Ben was giggling. ''I was testing my sciance project!'' Ben said innocently. Pete shook his head. ''So let me get this straight ben your sciance project is dumping water on your dad at five in the morning!'' Ben smiled cheekily. ''Um yeah pretty much dad'' He replyed fiddling with the bucket getting yet more water on the bedroom carpet. Pete was about to get out of bed when he heard shouting coming from the bathroom. Oh no. It was shower day. AKA world war three in Karen and jakes case. Pete sighed and got out of bed walking out of the bedroom followed by ben who was making the empty bucket into a dalek.

After literally one and a half hours of shouting,Arguring and waking Sue up Pete sorted out the shower situation. Jake was sat at the breakfast table toweling his hair dry,Ben had stuck two buttons on to the empty bucket with super glue (Which Pete had specificly told ben not to do) officially making the bucket a dalek. He was making the ''Dalek'' zoom round landing in Karens suger puffs. ''Ben!'' Karen yelled angrilly getting a spoonfull of sugerpuffs flicking it into Bens face. Ben automaticly grabbed a fistfull of shreddies from the box and threw it at Karen who ducked making the shreddies fly into Jakes face. Pete groaned. Here comes world war three. Jake wiped milky shreddies of his face angrilly. He then grabbed his glass of orange juice. He walked up to ben and smirked ''Thirty ben?'' He asked politely. Ben knew what was coming. He grabbed the nearest thing close to him to defend himself. A fork. Jake dident hesitate. He poured the entire contents of the orange juice on bens head. With a angry wail Ben stabbed jake in the leg making him shout out with pain dropping the orange juice glass which landed next to karen splashing the remainder of orange juice in Karens face. She fineshed her letter to David Cameron asking him to bann shcool meals and jumped up running after ben with her glass of milk. Jake and ben were wrestling on the floor so Karen dumped the entire glass of milk on both of them.

Pete looked at his watch. twenty eight minuets past seven. He looked at his kids running round the room screaming holding various objects. He then got up about to yell ''Stop it! now!'' When they stopped. Literally. They just stopped. Ben and Jake were frozen on the floor. Jake about to prod Ben in the eye. Karen was frozen stabbing Jake in the leg with a spoon. Pete stood up confused. ''Kids?'' He said walking up to them waving a hand infront of Jakes emotionless face. Sue walked into the room also looking confused. ''Okay one second the kids are scrraming and crashing round next second there frozen...literally. Suddenly both parents jumped as the kids opened there mouths. ''Whats that!'' Sue shouted over the wailing noises the kids were making. ''I dont know!'' Pete yelled back covering his ears.

Then they stopped. Pete and Sue looked even more confused. Suddenly a shiver whent down Petes spine. Jake,Ben and Karen were speaking in unison. They were saying ''We are coming'' Sue and Pete were frozen with fear, Then they stopped talking in unison and stood there again. Sue ran up to Jake waving her hands infront of his face. ''JAKE! SPEAK TO ME! JAKE!''. Jake blinked. He then looked at his mum and dad. They looked like they were about to faint. ''Mum? what on earth are you doing?'' Jake said looking at his mum suspiciously. Ben and Karen were also looking confused. ''Um...Mum? whats wrong?'' Karen said sitting back at the kitchen table. Ben was already at the kitchen table playing with his ''Dalek'' again. Pete blinked and looked at his children. ''You dont remember what just happend?'' Ben,Jake and Karen shook there heads confused. Pete walked up to the Televison and switched it on. ''I must be going crazy'' He news came on. He turned round to see Sue. She looked realy pale. He looked at the kids. Even they were staring at the tv confused and shock were all over there faces. He turned round to see the news headline.


Pete turned back to his family. ''Did we do that?'' Ben asked excitedly. Pete nodded. ''cool!'' Ben exclaimed grinning at his brother and sister.

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