Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

It had been a few minuets since the incident and everyone was panicking. Sue had rang up countless helplines and stress lines the post popular one this morning was ''Am i crazy?'' Billions of people round Britain were charging into Doctors and even dentists asking for brain scans. It was official. The whole of Britain had gone mad. Thats what they thought. They thought they were hallucinating seeing there kids speaking in unison ''We are coming'' Most programes normally on had been interrupted by news Updates every five minuets much to Karens annoyance. ''But mum! deadly sixtys on!'' Karen whined. Jake walked into the lounge sighing. ''Karen the whole world has gone haywire because everyone under sixteen are being controlled by...'' He stopped. ''What are we being controlled by?'' Karen ignored him. ''But the episode when he was going to hug a snakes on today!'' She wailed fiddling with the sky + remote. ''More like wrestle'' Ben said as he swiftly walked into the room and sat on the sofa. He had took his shcool uniform off. Well every kid in the country had taken there shcool uniform off. ''I wounder when the aliens are gonna controll us again!'' Ben shouted excitedly. Jake and Karen looked at ben. Both off them looked confused. ''you...want to be controlled by...aliens'' Jake said sarcasticly with fake excitement in his voice. Ben smiled' ''Yeah!'' ''Because when they controll us they can make us do silly things like act stupid''

Jake and Karen retreated back to watching the news. Ben carried on talking to himself zooming his ''Dalek'' round. Pete came into the room looking flusterd. Sue looked up from the Times and frowned. ''Whats wrong?'' Then she laughed saracasticly ''Oh! as if im not worrying... Whats happening to our kids!'' then she broke down in tears muttering ''Bloddy wi fi! wrecked the kids heads!'' Pete comforted her. ''Why dont you take Ben and Karen to Tesco's Jake can stay here and help me fix the shelf ben broke'' ''For the last time dad it was the boogyman!'' Ben shouted. Sue stood up nodding. ''Right ben,Karen get your shoes on and go and sit in the car'' She looked at jake. ''you too'' Jake slowly nodded and walked out of the room texting ''OFF 2 TESCO'S WITH FAMILY DONT FORGET TO COME TO MY FUNERAL'' '' I thought...'' Pete began. But sue put on her serious face. Pete closed his mouth and grabbed his coat. Could life get any worse? he thought.

''At half past seven every single child in the world stopped'' the car radio blared repeating the same story over and over again. Sue switched the station over smiling calmly as ''owl city fireflies'' Came on instead. Ben was happily nodding his head along to the song encouraging Jake and Karen to sing along. They dident. Jake was texting (suprise suprise) and Karen was talking to pete about her letter to David Cameron saying ''the guy of deadly sixty should be the new prime minister'' Pete was rolling his eyes. ''Karen...i very much doubt David Cameron wants him to be prime minister'' Karen was protesting. '' But! he could make new laws like... every kid gets a free trip to the zoo every wednesday!'' Pete looked at Karen. ''Why every Wednesday?'' He asked suspiciously. ''Because i hate Mondays,Tuesdays,Thursdays and Fridays'' She replyed. Pete looked confused. ''But that still doesnt explain why wed..'' He stopped in mid sentance. Sue had elbowed him in the ribs. ''Give it up Pete'' She said eyeing Ben who was sticking fingers up at drivers passing by through the wing mirror.

''Mum! i dont like beans i want meatballs!'' Karen yelled angrilly as Sue plonked a few tins of beans into the trolly. Pete had sent Jake to find some milk with the green top because Karen insisted it had to be milk with a green top or she wouldent drink it. Ben meanwhile had made his own survey. Everytime a person whent passed he would thrust a survey into the persons face. It was a man. And he dident look happy. He looked pissed off. He screwed up Bens survey and threw it on the floor muttering ''KIds these days...'' Karen looked confused. ''Why did that man throw Bens survey on the floor mum?'' Sue picked up the crumpled paper of the floor and unscrewed it.

1. Who would win between Santa clause and a slitheen with a shot gun who can fly and shoot death rays out of his eyes?

2. Do you think My litracy teacher is a nob?

3. Why does jake always text?

4. Whats wrong with sticking fingers up?

4. Are you a arse?

''Okaaaay'' Sue said screwing Bens ''Survey'' up and chucking it in a nearby bin. ''Ben? this is not a survey! theses are just a bunch of random questions!'' ''Thats the point!'' ben replyed reaching for some Alphabet shapes. Sue sighed and chucked a couple of tins of Alphabet shapes into the trolly. Ben smiled and turned round. ''Ben! dont do a knee slide! the last time you did taht we got chucked out!'' Sue yelled getting funny looks from passers by. Too late. Ben had done a knee slide knocking over a display for new and improved toothpaste. Sue looked round in embarrasment, She retreived Ben and told him to go and find some Cheese slices. Sue spotted Karen interrogating a old womanshe heard ''Deadly sixty'' and ''David cameron'' and ran up to them smiling politely gritting her teeth. ''Im realy sorry she...has a very wild imagination!'' ''No i dont!'' Karen shot back. Sue smiled at the old lady and turned round. ''We better go find dad'' She said looking at her watch. Twenty five past nine.

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