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He was his teacher. His sensei.

He taught him how to survive, how to live. He had the best techniques, the most warming smile and the most irritating behaviour.

And he had chocolate brown eyes. And when he smiled, the smile reached his eyes, and then Naruto really felt like after drinking a mug of hot chocolate. All warm and fuzzy inside.

Occasionally he was the most annoying person in the world. The whole peeking on women stuff was embarassing, really. But there was something sweet about him. Something that made you want to coo over him as if he was an adorable little boy. Which he was in some twisted way.

His hair - white, long and spiky was, Naruto thought, created to rake fingers through them, gently brushing the scalp with fingertips.

Then, there were his lips, full and soft, lips which Naruto only later found out, tasted like lemons, mint and something Naruto was not able to identify.

Something he would never taste again.

And then, there was Pain.

Pain who would feel pain he had never felt before, the worst there is. Even if Naruto will have to move heaven and earth to inflict it on him.

And then Naruto will wait for his days to be over, to meet him in heaven or hell, or someplace else, he didn't really care where.