Shock Ain't Over Yet

This is the (very late) sequel for 'Operation Takari' and 'The Plan Continues', so it is recommended that you do not read this fic if you haven't read those two first.

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Phase 12. The New Conspirators (Enter OC)

-Somewhere in a faraway dimension-

A dark, eight-feet-tall warrior sat in his private library, reading through a thick, ancient tomb concerning dimension-travelling. The few parts of skin visible through his ragged clothes and

armor were blackened and coarse like carapace, revealing an eternity of battle and destruction that he had taken part in. Spikes jutted out of his elbows, knees and back, and his large

hands were outshadowed by long fingers coated with venom. His wristplates were crackling with blue energy, and a large falchion-staff was strapped over his back. His helm

(A/N:Imagine a Protoss warrior's face, because that's what inspired his appearance) was hidden beneath a black bamboo hat, which barely covered his blood-red eyes as well. The

lower half of his face was cloaked beneath a black piece of clothing, and an amethyst crystal hung from the chain around his neck. Altogether, his very prescence was enough to

send a chill through one's spine.

The door vanished silently to allow a visitor into the large chamber, who unfortunately didn't share its etiquette and stomped noisily into the room. The warrior raised his head to glare at

the bastard who had dared to invade his sanctuary, but sighed in exasperation even before he saw the seven-feet-tall warrior's face.

"You better have a pretty damn good reason to barge in here like this, Algol," he growled. "Unless you'd prefer suffering just a few trillion extra holes in your guts, that is."

"The very best reason, Scarpath." The visitor chuckled, quite undaunted by his comrade's not-so-empty threat. Algol was dressed like an 18C gentleman, complete with a topped hat and

a lens over his koala 'mask' that was fused permanently to his face, giving him a grotesque appearance. Like Scarpath he had spikes on his shoulders and knees, though they were ivory

compared to Scarpath's black. His fingers were longer than his own face, their extremely long, crimson nails about the size of a banana. A long staff with a broadsword attached at the

end was slung over his back, and his four slanted blood-red eyes glinted with malice. "You're gonna be begging me for forgiveness once you see what has been going on in the Digital

World," he said gleefully, handing a portable telescreen over to Scarpath.

"The Digital World, eh?" Scarpath muttered as he looked at the screen. As he stared intently into its vast contents, Algol paced around the room impatiently, then eventually left the room.

He returned to the library three days later to find his friend in the same position, and waited for yet another hour before he was finally finished.

Just as Scarpath turned the telescreen off, another warrior walked in quietly through the door. He was quite human in appearance, including his messy black hair and body structure. A

bladed staff was held in his right hand, and his torso was covered all over in bandages and hidden beneath a ragged cloak. However, his pincerlike lift arm, complete with black carapace,

the stinger tail lashing behind him, and the skin of his upper face rotting away from a zombiying infection beneath his black vizard was anything but human.

"Hello, Scorpius," Scarpath chuckled as he handed the screen back to the gloating Algol.

"Ingenius, do you think not?" The koala warrior said grinning.

"Forget ingenius, it was fun." Scarpath laughed, a harsh, horrible noise. "I always knew that Hope and Light would eventually be together, bt the other DigiDestined and the Royal

Knights plotting on it to make it happen? Precious, precious. I've seen few things that were more hillarious, and I've seen a lot."

"Gah, I envy them. I'm so freakin' bored!" Algol yelled, literally spitting fire from his mouth to prove a point. "I hate it when we're off duty, missing out on all the fun."

"The wedding is to be held in October 25th, 2008." Scorpius informed; his voice was ragged and hoarse, as if he hadn't used it for some milenia. "Fitting, that was the day when they first

met Azulongmon. Azulongmon, who had revealed their bond to be closer than any mortal relationships."

"Indeed, my friend." Scarpath agreed thoughtfully. Then he added with gleaming eyes: "In fact... I bet T.K and Kari are stuck on somehting very big, with the wedding so near. If you're all

so bored... well, I find this a nice excuse to throw our friends a surprise to remember."

"I was counting on you to say that," Algol growled in pleasure, an evil grin spreading across his face. "Let's go ready the ship."

-September 20th, 2008, 7:30AM, Royal Knights HQ-

"Omnimon, you're here at last!" Crusadermon exclaimed as the Royal Knight Commander swooped into the council hall, flanked by Tai and Matt. "I was dying to know about the wedding.

There's only a month left, you know!"

"Relax, Crusadermon," Gallantmon said as the rest of the Royal Knights sweatdropped. "Stop fussing, for Sovereigns' sake. You speak as if Omnimon's the one who's getting married."

"Very funny," snorted Tai as he rolled his eyes, earning an odd glance from Takato.

"You look weary, all three of you." Kentaurosmon observed. "Is something the matter?"

"Well, a human wedding is a huge business," Magnamon shrugged.

"Do you remember what happened after me and Sora's wedding?" Matt asked abruptly.

"Well, I remember that it was all but pleasant," answered Craniamon, scratching his head. "The public went hysterics for nearly a month, and you had to deal with crazy fans and stalkers

for another one. I've heard that's what happens all the time in celebrity marriage."

"True, except that being a DigiDestined - the savior of the universe, mind - means way more than a mere celebrity," sighed Omnimon. "Matt kept complaining that he and Sora never got

any privacy, my Gabumon side was close to going nuts with him."

"But what's that got to do with the upcoming wedding?" Examon demanded innocently.

"Bonehead," Dynasmon muttered, slapping his forehead. "We should have known. Ther're worried that it's gonna happen to them too, am I right?"

"It can only be worse, because everyone's having such high expectations for it," commented Leopardmon, shaking his head.

"Too true, I'm afraid," sighed Tai. "You should take a look at them; Kari's literally falling apart, and T.K's close to freaking out as well."

"I see, I see," said Alphamon, arms crossed thoughtfully. "I wouldn't be surprised; they're too shy and kind to deal with fame and glory that they rightly deserve, or even overpublicity.

The stress must be killing them right now."

The eleven Royal Knights and three DigiDestined then began to think of a way to solve their friends' dilemma, but were interrupted after fifteen seconds when the door opened and a

Knightmon servant entered the chamber.

"Master," the Warrior Digimon spoke (something that Knightmons rarely did). "A visitor has come, and wishes to present himself to you."

"Do so," said Alphamon with authority. The Knightmon bowed and stood aside to let the visitor in, a great winged tiger with four shields latched on his lithe body.

"Mihiramon!" Takato exclaimed. "It's been awhile. What brings you here? Did Azulongmon send you?"

"Forgive me for being nosy, but I have been listening to your conversation for some time." Mihiramon addressed Alphamon, ignoring the Bearer of Faith for a moment. "The matter you are

concerned with apparantly interests Lord Fanglongmon as well, as he had ordered my master Azulongmon to invite the Royal Knights to his dwelling to discuss the issue properly."

"Why would Lord Fanglongmon concern himself with T.K and Kari's wedding?" UlforceVeedramon inquired, confused.

"I do not know," said Mihiramon, shaking his head. "Lord Azulongmon has only told me that several unexpected things had drawn their interests in this affair."

Tai, Matt, Takato and the Royal Knights looked at each other, mystified.

"I guess we'd better get going, then." Tai shrugged eventually.

"I hate it when we have to use this," muttered Examon as the fourteen entities entered the teleportation chamber. "It feels as if my atoms are blasted apart and reassembled."

"Live with it," Leopardmon told him. "Fanglongmon's dwelling is hidden in a pocket dimension; this is the only way to reach there. Besides, you're not made out of atoms."

"Quiet!" Kentaurosmon snapped. "Lord Alphamon needs his full concentration while activating this thing, especially since we're headed off to another dimension. One moment of

distraction can send us all into hyperspace, or worse."

"Why can't we just use our Digivice to open the Digiport?" Takato asked.

"Fanglongmon's dimension is inaccessible through such conventional means," said Magnamon. "You don't go to a sacred place like that for picnics."

Fortunately, Alphamon was too busy working with the controls to pay attention to all the squabble.

"Brace yourselves," Omnimon told his comrades beforehand.

"Digiport open!" Alphamon commanded, channeling his power into the chamber. The entire room began to glow brightly as the teleportation field began to activate.

Tai closed his eyes as the familiar feeling he had experienced since he was twelve - the odd sensation of being pulled into a vacumn as his data was swapped into pure energy then

reassembling - swept across him.

"Hey bighead boy, we're here." He heard Matt's voice speak. That had ended quicker than he thought. The Bearer of Courage opened his eyes. He had never been to Fanglongmon's

place befor, but as he knew that the God Beast Digimon's element was earth he wasn't surprised to find themselves on a bare mountainside, lined with some greenery but mostly

revealing the brown soil below. Similar mountains were all around them, giving off a barren impression. Not to mention that the mountains were HUGE.

"The Master of the Digimon Soveriegns should deserve a better decorating sense," sniffed Crusadermon with an air of indignance at the disgrace to beauty.

"You can't expect everyone to shae your aesthetic sense, O knight," chuckled a gruff voice from behind the knights. Tai turned around to see an enormous white tiger lined with lavender

stripes bounding easily up the jagged rocks, his huge metalic fangs curled into an energetic grin.

"Baihumon," Omnimon greeted the Western Sovereign politely, followed by his comrades. "What brings you here, if I may ask?"

"What's there to ask? Same as you, I do not doubt." The Holy Beast Digimon shrugged. "Ah, there they come."

Tai looked up to see two glowing sparks, one red and one blue, heading towards the summit of the mountain they were standing on. His sharp-eyes, enhanced greatly by his experience

in the Digital World (and as a merged part of Omnimon, without doubt) quickly identified Zhuqiaomon and Azulongmon.

"Well, well, are you planning to just stand there and keep this old one waiting?" A kindly old voice chuckled from above his head, making him look up and spot Ebonwumon looking down

at the gathered knights from a large platform some ten above them, identical smiles on his two heads.

"What, all the five Sovereigns are gathered here to discuss a wedding?" A perplexed Gallantmon asked a the Royal Knights leaped up to join the Northern Sovereign, quickly followed by

Tai, Matt and Takato. Then they quickly discovered that Ebonwumon was not alone.

"A very special wedding, if I may point out." A deep, majestic voice rumbled out from a giant wingless dragon who was curled up in the center of the platform to give room for the others;

Fanglongmon, Lord and Master of the Digimon Sovereigns. Seeing that Baihumon, Zhuqiaomon and Azulongmon had arrived as well, the God Beast Digimon nodded at the gathered

Digimon and humans and looked around at each of them with his eight piercing red eyes.

"Long has it been since I first saw that the Bearers of Hope and Light were treading together the path of love," he began. "I have watched as they had finally fulfilled their love, thanks to

your mischief we only have one obstacle to remove before they reach the end of the path."

"So hear me, for we have a young couple to save, and a ceremony to perfect..."

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