Phase 15. And you thought you were through with surprises

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At first, all she could see was his beautiful face.

Despite her towering fear of the crowd urging Kari to look around and check for herself, T.K's delighted cerulean eyes and the angelic smile carved on his face was enough to keep her

eyes rooted on her fiance. As always his eyes reflected the light that shined in her maroon eyes, just as how her own eyes reflected the hope radiating from his.

Yet such blissful moments were never meant to last so long.

"Hey guys, look up." A voice spoke through the Requiem, which was beginning to pass into the final phase.

Kari automatically glanced up, her eyes still reluctant to remove focus from T.K, but shock forced them into it as soon as they both saw the sight that greeted them from the heavens.

The 'voices from heaven' were in fact hundreds of Darcmon (A/N: Champion-Level Angel Digimon, in case you didn't know; appears in Frontiers movie) singing high above the clouds. No

wonder the music sounded so heavenly; it took an angel's voice to make a holy sound.

"Er, T.K? Kari? Not THAT up..." Tai's voice spoke up from the right side of the aisle, causing Kari to turn her head that way along with T.K. Again, they froze simultaneously.

"Great..." mumbled T.K.

"...Sovereigns," Kari finished for him.

"I believe we have been called upon?" Azulongmon chuckled as he looked down at the the shocked couple, with Baihumon, Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon beside him sniggering as well.

All the DigiDestined were present beneath the large figures of the Digimon Sovereigns, grinning with their partner Digimon and their parents. It didn't take long for Kari to find her own

parents and T.K's all of whom seemed ready to burst into tears, despite Gennai being there to comfort them.

Shocked as she was from the presense of the Sovereigns, Kari couldn't help her eyes wandering to the long aisle itself. A large, flowery arch was placed over the it, decorated nicely with

the Crests of Hope and Light. In front of the podium (which to Kari's surprise was empty) was Seraphimon and Ophanimon, holding hands and smiling welcomingly at their partners.

"Hey, don't we capture your interests at all?" Yelled a loud voice from their left. In her shocked state Kari automatically turned her head toward the sound of the voice, and truly gasped

out loud this time. If the sudden appearance of the Darcmon and the Digimon Sovereigns were surprising enough, she was truly and utterly flabbergasted by the sight of all the Royal

Knights, the Ancient Warriors, and all the other Digimon that had fought beisde then against the Seven Demon Lords and the Hell Army. Ogremon, Centaurumon, Piximon, Digitamamon,

Pharaohmon, Meramon, Frigimon...

Turning to face her love again, Kari saw her shock mirrored on his face. Then it slowly turned into an expression of astonished joy, deep gratefulness, and that unique expression of his

that read "Taken in again..."

"You didn't think we were that insensitive to your feelings, did you?" Tai chuckled from behind them. "Don't gawk at me; we knew all along that you'd have no aversions to being hailed by

Digimon. Consider this our wedding gift."

"I told you the crowd would be huge," Matt laughed beside him, giving a slight nod at Examon's enormous bulk.

"You're both so dead as soon as the wedding's finished. You know that, right?" T.K threatened without meaning it at all, literally airbound now.

"Heyhey, this time it wasn't our idea, you know."

"I know you have a lot to speak," called out Omnimon from beside the podium. "But do so after the official procedures, okay?"

"Read ya," T.K chuckled, softly clasping Kari's right hand in his right. With a last smile at her brother, who said "Go on," with a little nudge on her back, Kari allowed T.K to lead her down

the aisle as she walked only a few inches behind. As she was on the left side of the aisle, as she passed by her friends (who either bowed or waved at her) she looked into each of them,

determined to carve them into this wonderous moment. That was when she spotted someone in the crowd that she had least expected to see.

"You came for us," she said to the ebony-armored Digimon as she and T.K paused in their advance to greet him.

"I... I regret it no longer," said the Digimon in question, slightly avoiding eye contact with her as if embarassed to be caught present.

"Thank you," Kari told him, then resumed her walk with T.K. (A/N: You've already guessed who, right? If you haven't, it will be revealed later.)

The short moment that the two young couple walked down the aisle together would be remembered by T.K, years after years, to be the zenith of his life. Each step they took together

seemed to symbolize the lifetime's journey that they would walk side by side, and each friend that they passed by were sent by destiny to enrich their lives. He had never been more

thankful to everyone than he was that day, because he knew that the greatest of his Hope had been achieved.

"What are you thinking of?" Kari whispered to him as they neared the end of the aisle, where Seraphimon and Ophanimon waited patiently.

"You," replied T.K truthfully. "And you?"

"You," Kari giggled softly, reaching up (as he was half a foot taller than her) to peck his cheek with pausing their walking.

"Hey! You can kiss for as long as you like AFTER - " A loud smack from Crusadermon quickly silenced Ogremon's tactless complaint, causing everyone to laugh lightly.

"Idiot, as usual," Leomon muttered beside Jeri (A/N: I maintain that the Leomon in Adventures and Tamers are one and the same).

"I don't need YOU to tell me-" Another smack, this time from Dynasmon. Ogremon promptly fainted.

During the amusing commotion T.K and Kari had reached the end of the aisle and looked up at the podium expectantly. Seraphimon and Ophanimon sidestepped their partners to stand

behind them, hands joined once again.

"When's the best man going to show up?" T.K whispered to Seraphimon, catching a scent of another smaller plot.

"He is here!"

A new, familiar voice caught his attention. He looked up to see that the podium was no longer unoccupied. Looking down on the two DigiDestined with pride was a nine-feet-seven tall

warrior in black armor, who had just stepped up to his rightful position.

"Alphamon!" Kari gasped in delighted surprise. "Are you going to marry us?"

"My pleasure, my honor," replied the Lord of the Empty Seat. Turning to the audience, he began a speech that would be remembered by everyone who heard it for eons...

"Gathered friends," he began. "Seven years ago, this island, along with the rest of our world, was a battleground between the destructive force of the universe and those who had tried

to protect our home and our friends. Seven years ago, we dreamed of a world where every sentinent beings, human and Digimon alike, could live in harmony and peace. Seven years

ago, we witnessed the power of twenty Crest-Bearers as they braved the threat of the Seven Deadly Sins. And now, seven years from then, we are gathered here to bear witness for a

union of two DigiDestined, the bridge that connected our two worlds and melded it into one."

"The Destined Bearers of Hope and Light now stand before me, waiting for me to confirm the fact that their love for each other is firm, and wishes to prove it with the sacred bonding of

marriage. But before I do so, anyone who wishes to speak in behalf of the couple who stand before you, speak now!"

Azulongmon slowly rose, as if he had expected the Exalted Knight to suggest this all along. "Long has it been since we first met," he rumbled as he looked at T.K and Kari. "Long has it

been since that momentful day, when I told you about the special bond between the Crests of Hope and Light. Perhaps, without knowing it, I have been implying on the bond between

the bearers of Hope and Light as well. I Azulongmon of the East, represent the Digimon Sovereigns in telling you our deepest joy, and a simple wish that your happiness last for eternity."

The other three Sovereigns murmured agreement as Azulongmon hovered back down, allowing a tall, werewolflike warrior to leap to his feet from the opposite side of the aisle and

announce: "As the Warrior of Light, I am the blinding glare that purges the darkness from where they should not enter. The two DigiDestined before me has introduced a new light to me,

a warm glow of healing and peace. I, AncientGarurumon, represent the Ancient Warriors in hoping that their light shall shine throughout the world after mine is long gone."

"Well said, my friend." AncientGreymon told his friend as AncientWisemon nodded approvingly from beside him.

Now Gennai stepped up and said: "The time of destruction and conflict is over. The era of creation and peace has come, thanks to the efforts of the DigiDestined. Eleven years ago, a

certain blond-haired child had shown on this very spot what hope can achieve within utter darkness. I look forward to see what it is capable of in the warming embrace of light."

Touched, T.K smiled at Gennai, who nodded back and said: "Now, shall all the DigiDestined have a say on their friends' wedding today?"

Alphamon nodded. "Well suggested, my friend. We shall begin with the Bearer of Prosperity."

Kenta nodded nervously; T.K vaguely remembered that his stage fright was just as worse as that of him or Kari.

"Like Gennai had said, we now live in a time of peace and healing," he said. "I first gained my Crest because I had wanted the war-torn land that was this world to prosper and become a

haven for all Digimon and people, and upon seeing them here I can see it coming true. I wish them the best of happiness."

"T.K and Kari deserve every bit of joy they receive; I wish them well." Kazu and Guardromon spoke together; they had developed an annoying trait of splitting a single sentence between

them, probably due to Guardromon's copycat habit.

"I can feel that their love is deep. I hope with all my heart that the depth will last forever," Cherubimon spoke for Suzie, who was close to weeping in joy. Suzie was eighteen now, a very

emotional and happy-go-lucky high school girl. The Cherub Digimon winked at his two comrades, who smiled back in return (at least, Seraphimon looked as if he was smiling).

"They say that love can leaf into foolishness, but I see no chance of that happening to those two," said Ryo smiling.

"Destiny had broguth them together; I have every faith that destiny will keep them together." Jeri sopke softly, exchanging a tender look between her and Takato.

"They rightly deserve each other. I wish them a life full of bliss." Henry spoke.

"And many children too!" Terriermon piped up, getting amused laughs and annoyed growls from the audience. T.K noticed Kari blushing, and felt that his own face was quite warm too.

"If it weren't for them, I would have never known the meaning of 'made for each other'. For that I'm forever grateful." Rika's voice was unusually quiet, and T.K couldn't help but noticing

Renamon smiling knowingly, giving a quick glance over Ryo's side.

"T.K and Kari broguth light and hope to my dark world, and for that I owe them forever," said Ken, smiling wryly. This time, though, his smile was genuine. Looking at Yolei he added:

"They taught me that even someone like me can do good to the world."

"You didn't really have to bottle those kind of feelings up for each other," said Cody a little snidely, although his eyes were brimming with joy.

"I can only say that your joy adds up to mine. Your happiness makes the world happier as well." Yolei spoke softly, getting a murmur of agreements from the audience.

"Good work, T.J. I told you she loves you," said Davis as he gave a thumbs-up to T.K with a grin.

Now T.K watched as Mimi rose, tried desperately to find something appropritate to speak, failed, and ended up screming: "YOU ROCK! I'M SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!"

"You certainly deserve every congratulations," said Joe hurriedly, as he, Rosemon and Gomamon rushed over to calm Mimi down, who had burst into tears of joy.

"That's Mimi alright," said Kari, sweatdropping.

"True," said Izzy. "We all have our faults, but together we're one hell of a perfect team, aren't we?"

"Hell yeah, we are!" Davis exclaimed, punching the air.

"Through good and bad, you've blessed us all with the ability to hope for a brighter day," said Sora, heaving herself forward with Biyomon supporting her. "And today, you have proved us

that that day had indeed come. I daerly wish that it will last through all of eternity."

"Thanks," croaked T.K, too moved by all his friends' touching words to speak properly.

Now Tai and Matt stepped forward, and looked at each other before turning to their younger siblings again.

"I'll say nothing," Matt spoke first. "Because nothing that we can say can make you happier than you already are."

"Neither will I," chuckled Tai. "Enjoy the day for once without our interference, would you?"

However, they gladly walked onto the aisle and accepted T.K and Karis' wamr embrace, and refused to let them go for twenty seconds full.

As soon as they broke apart Crusadermon spoke up: "I, Crusadermon, represent the Royal Knights in telling you that no amount of words can describe our delight in your marriage. I am

thrilled that all turned out to be well."

T.K was just about to turn to look at the Elegant Knight when he suddenly caught a dark figure on her side of the aisle suddenly push himself forward to the front.

"Long I have wandered alone, to search for my destiny and purpose of life," murmured BlackWarGreymon. "If it weren't for your help, I would never have found the courage to hope and

keep on going, or the warmthof friendship that brought light in my blackened heart. I can only say... thank you."

T.K was so surprised and moved by his honest words - and so taken aback that he'd mention something like this at all in the first place - that he almost automatically replied: "I'm glad you

feel that way, BlackWarGreymon."

"Thank you for believing that you could be changed," Kari added quietly.

"Emo," Davis muttered as BlackWarGreymon retreated back into the crowd, earning a step on the toe from Cody.

"Am I allowed to speak, my lord?" A quiet voice spoke. T.K instantly recognized Dynasmon's voice, sounding unusually subdued. What was he up to?

"Do so," Alphamon offered with a knowing nod. The Passionate Warrior slowly stepped out to the edge of the aisle. His eyes were fixed on the tall figure with emerald armor standing

behind Kari, her hand locked with that of Seraphimon. (A/N: Just in case you forgot, Dynasmon is Wizardmon's evolved form. Oh, what an ugly drama!)

Oh. So that was the reason.

"Ophanimon..." T.K stiffened slightly when he detected a faint voice of pain in Dynasmon's voice. "Ever since you rescued me from exhaustion so many years ago, I had served you as a

willing servant and assistant. During the short time that you had spent with me as the Destined Digimon of Light, you have accepted me as a friend, and because of that... I could smile,

even upon death. You've meant that much to me."

"Dynasmon..." Ophanimon murmured, without doubt touched by her friend's confession. "I'm so - "

"Please, don't be," said Dynasmon quickly. "I shall never forgive myself for having wronged you so much before I regained my memories (A/N: In my original story, which I have only

drafted so far, Dynasmon lost memories of his previous life and attacked the DigiDestined with his fellow Royal Knights.). As soon as I did, I realized that the destiny of the Bearer of Light

- and through her you - was too deeply woven into that of Hope. The you and Seraphimon are meant for each other, just as those two are. I would never - NEVER - dare intrude on that,

because you still mean much to me..."

Having mumbled all that off, Dynasmon looked self-consciously around himself to find out that everyone was looking expectantly at him. "I'm sorry for clouding your mind with my rambling.

I wish you an eternity of bliss," he murmured, and began to walk back to his comrades.

In a split second, T.K's glance met Seraphimon's. The Bearer of Hope nodded at his partner, who immediately tapped Ophanimon on the shoulder. When she looked back at him, he

pointed her towards the retreating Exalted Knight encouagingly. Kari saw the whoole precedure, and smiled approvingly at T.K. He felt it right to grin back.

"Bonehead," Dynasmon turned around at the abrupt outburst just in time for Ophanimon to rush into his arms. Although Kari's partner was an impressive eleven feet five, she was still

short enough to rest her head against the twelve-feet-tall Exalted Knight's broad chest. "Don't speak as if I'll vanish the next day with Seraphimon. You'll always be my best friend, and

nothing will change that." (A/N: Hmm, now why do I smell a little Twilight here? XD)

"And that's good enough for me," said Dynasmon as he patted her back gently before releasing her. Looking into her face he added: "Thank you, Gatomon."

"Thank you, Wizardmon," Ophanimon returned before returning to Seraphimon's side and linking hands again. T.K smiled at his partner as approving murmurs rose from the crowd. The

other Royal Knights, having known Dynasmon's pain only too well, were especially warm in it. Out of the corner of his eye he was sure he saw Craniamon headlocking him...

"Well said, everyone," Alphamon concluded, signalling that he was in charge again. "It is time to say your vows. Takeru Takaishi, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife,

to share the laughter and the pain, and above all share the hope as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," said T.K, surprising himself with the confidence in his reply.

"And you, Hikari Kamiya. Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to continue your lifetime's journey together and enlighten its path as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," Kari's voice seemed too choked with emotions to come out properly. Yet there was no mistaking the resounding joy and triumph in it; they had made it here, and it wasn't even as

difficult as they had anticipated. All that was left was an eternity of bliss, together.

"The vow had been said," said Alphamon, raising his hand. At once, two figures suddenly appeared by his side, so quickly that T.K barely recognized Omnimon and Gallantmon before they

raised their weapons above their leader's head. The Lord of the Empty Seat took out his own Ultimate Dragonblade and raised it high above his head, allowing Gram and the Grey Sword

to meet it at the tip.

A brilliant burst of sparks was released from where the three weapons joined, bathing T.K and Kari in an amazing shower of red, blue and green (A/N: Care to guess which color comes

from what weapon?). Before they could even express their surprise Alphamon loudly announced to the entire clearing: "I, Alphamon, hereby pronounce this couple man and wife!"

The joyful words immediately snapped T.K out of his amazed trance. However, apparantly Kari was half a second faster than him to recover because it was her lips which had found his

first - although that didn't bother him in the slightest. They were kissing so passionately, so happy that their decade of dreaming had finally come true, that they were more or less

unaware of the cheers and applauses that began thrumming all over Mount Infinity, eventually echoing out to the entire File Island. They were only allowed so many seconds of liplocking

before Tai and Matts' hands found them. Then they became a little busy being handed over through the embracing hugs from their fellow DigiDestined, their partners and parents, and

then through the other Digimon present; the Royal Knights gave the most impressive ones, not to mention the most crushing.

"Magnamon, already so intent on murdering my husband?" Kari's teasing words somehow managed to brighten T.K up immediately, even under the Golden Knight's devastating headlock.

Her words certainly did release him soon afterwards, but that only meant that his neck was open for another pair of arms to strangle. "Craniamon, not you as well..."

"It's okay, it's okay," T.K managed to gasp out.

"Oh, really?" the Exalted Knight replied, apparantly very amused by this reply. "I guess you've grown tougher, little guy. I ought to get a tighter grip."

T.K and Kari groaned at the same time.

-That evening, cliffside on File Island-

"Some things never change," remarked Patamon as he sat on T.K's head, who was watching the sun slowly sinking beneath the horizon with Kari and Gatomon at his side. "The sunset

was always the most beautiful when watched from here."

"It's good, although I've seen my share of more beautiful things today," said T.K as he slung his shoulder over Kari, who leaned into him in turn. It was hillarious, thought Kari, that just 24

hours ago they were terrified of the upcoming wedding.

"All day," agreed Gatomon with a slight giggle.

"Hey," Kari heard her brother's voice behind them, and turned around to find him walking over with the rest of the DigiDestined and the Royal Knights. The imposing figure of Azulongmon

rose above them (the other Sovereigns and the Ancient Warriors left early for business). "Thought we'd find you here. How do you feel, getting tricked again in such a nice way for once?"

"Awed that you'd come up with a NICE plan, for once," T.K grinned.

"Hey, like we said, we didn't." Crusadermon cut in. "In fact, I think it's pretty safe to tell you that the grand mastermind behind the plot was none other than Lord Fanglongmon; he called

us together to carry out his plan."

"What?" Kazu exclaimed. "You never told us! Well, at least that explains why the Sovereigns were present."

"Sorry," Takato grinned apologetically. Kari and T.K looked at each other in amazement.

"Actually," the rumbling voice of Azulongmon called for everyone's attention. "I'm afraid I'll have to contradict you again at this point. Although you believe that my master Fanglongmon

had devised this plan, he had not. He was but a carrier of it, just like you knights were. Someone else is responsible for actually creating it."

"Huh?" Matt grunted in surprise.

"Excuse me?" Said Kentaurosmon, raising his eyebrows.

"Then... who was it?" Kari asked the Holy Dragon Digimon, now truly confused. Not even the Royal Knights knew who had devised this amazing plan?

Instead of answering, Azulongmon spoke mysteriously as he looked out to the far sea, where the sun was bleeding out its last light. "Why don't you take a look for yourself?" He said.

Taking his advice, Kari squinted out into the horizon as the sun sank completely below the horizon. The scenery reminded her of something, a sharp memory of a past adventure in the

Digital World seven years ago. "What..."

Then she saw it.

A blackened, worn out ship, sailing toward the island from where the sun had just vanished.

"I don't believe it," T.K whispered beside Kari, having seen it himself. Kari couldn't reply, her mouth refusing to move in shock.

"They said they wouldn't be coming back..." Takato murmured behind them, apparantly too amazed to speak as well.

"They said they wouldn't be returning probably," corrected Azulongmon. "I think even they thought your wedding was worth reckoning."

"The Order is coming," Dynasmon breathed as they all stared at the ghostlike ship sailing in their direction.

"With all due respect, O knight," said a ragged yet amused voice from behind them, a voice that none of them had heard since the momentful war seven years ago. "After all this time, I

thought you would have realized that everything can be a trick. We are already here."

Kari whirled back at the same time everyone else did, to discover a tall, dark warrior in alien armor looking down on them from a small ledge on the cliffside, just around Azulongmon's

height. Despite the wide bamboo had covering half his face and a ragged piece of cloth hid the other half, Kari was most certain that there was something akin to a smile in his

expression. "Greetings, ones nobler than I." He spoke calmly, ignoring all the shock he had caused on everyone by just being there (there was no way that he couldn't have known).

"Scarpath!" Everyone (except Azulongmon) shouted the name simultaneously.

Scarpath was one of the three leaders of the Shadow Blades, an elite division of an organization known as the Order of Destiny. The Order was a group of powerful warriors from all

dimensions and universes, and their objective was to eradicate the tyrannical Blood Claws, such as the Necromancer that invaded the Digital World and put the Seven Demon Lords

under his control, from every existing universe. Even weak members of the Shadow Blades were vastly more powerful than an average Mega level Digimon, while the three leaders,

Scarpath, Algol and Scorpius, could match the Necromancer evenly together.

Scarpath was especially received in good light by the DigiDestined and their friends. Although dark, seclusive and calculative, he wasn't as violent or pessimistic as his comrades; an

endless lifetime of conflict and bloodshed turned almost every Order member into cold, apathic warriors, Scarpath convinced the first hostile Digimon that all they wanted was to have all

worlds free from the tyrannical forces of the Blood Claws. After defeating the Necromancer in a grueling war, the three leaders made sure that the Melding was safely made without

destroying both worlds, sacrificing their control over their zombifying bodies in the process. Then the Shadow Blades departed their world, saying that a peaceful world was never theirs

to enjoy, although they are the ones who bring it in the first place.

"Scarpath, YOU were behind this?" Izzy asked in amazement.

"Well, I did make the plan myself, but Algol was the one who suggested to make the Sovereigns take the blame," said Scarpath as he looked at his ship sailing towards them. "He is still in

the ship, as he correctly thinks that he'll shatter all your ribs when he hugs you out of sheer pleasure."

"That wouldn't be really surprising... if it was him," said Magnamon, wincing.

"This is almost the first time that we visit the same world we've been in before within a decade," remarked Scarpath as he observed T.K and Kari. "When we first met you were like what,

grade school kids? And now look at you, grown up and married and all that. I rarely visit to witness this kind of prosperity flourish."

"What a wonder," breathed Kari, still not quite out of shock yet. "But it seems that whenever you do, a miracle happens. It did today."

Scarpath gave a gruff chuckle of amusement. "The only miracle that happened today took place inside your mind, Bearer of Light. While it wasn't as smart as I had wanted, it did teach you

to not be afraid of the wrong things."

"We thought we had already learned that," T.K admitted bashfully.

"You only cease to learn when you die," replied Scarpath. "Humans are especially forgetful creatures, so I daresay the saying fits you nicely."

"You underestimate our race, O mighty one," laughed Matt. "While you keep criticizing us you forget that we are really good at something that you can't do."

"Stupidity?" Scarpath suggested, although his expression told Kari that he already knew.

"We can love," chuckled T.K as he curved his arm around Kari's waist.

"I can love!" Protested a loud voice behind them. Surprised, Kari yanked her head around to see Algol standing on the place where she had been sitting on moments ago with a wide grin

stretched across his koala mask. The ship was still far from reaching the shore, meaning that Scorpius was still inside.

"You love to kill, mass-murderer," joked Tai as he mock-punched him in the shoulder. The koala warrior responded instantly, tearing out a large chunk of stone out of the cliffside, throwing

it forty feet up in the air, jumping up and smashing it into smithreens, and finally kicking out midair to blow the debris away, all in less than half a second. Kari noticed his expression as he

landed smugly; that could have been you, smartass.

"Still very mature, I see," Crusadermon commented dryly, earning lots of laughter; Algol also joined in despite himself.

"This is perfect," sighed Kari happily as she leaned into T.K's shoulder. "Now everyone that I love is here." (A/N: Hmm... still smells of Twilight...)

"Yes," replied T.K, looking around at their frineds still gathered on the island. "We're all here."

First apology for the lateness of the last part of the Takari trilogy, second apology for the lame ending. Anyhow this is the end of my little Takari, although that doesn't mean I'm done with writing Digimon. Sure, I'll have other stuff to work on, but I've got things planned ahead. See you again when that time comes... r&r and no flames if you can help it XD!