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People are judgmental on the stupidest of things. If you don't look like everbody else, you must be a bad person. If you don't have parents, you can't even speak to someone. If you have an opinion that isn't conformist, you are shunned horribly. Adults aren't just the only people to suffer from the discrimination; children probably suffer more. They just want to have friends and play, but it can't be that simple sometimes.

A small child, maybe the age of four or five, ran through the streets of Veilstone City with fat, sad tears running down her round face and her long ebony hair bouncing with each stride she took. Those children at the park made her cry again. She was nothing but nice to them, why couldn't she play? They called her names like weirdo and orphan, but she never stopped trying everyday. One boy had pushed her down that day and her knees were bloodied and full of sand. Vania would understand her. Vania could help!

She dashed up the steps of the large apartment building they resided in and flung the door open when she reached their numbered room. Her sister was standing at the small stove they were provided and flung her head towards the girl in the doorway. "Xylia! Baby! What's wrong?" she asked, putting down the wooden spoon she was using to stir the pot. She rushed to the girl and scooped her up in her arms. Xylia always thought her sister was very beautiful. The twenty-three year old had long straight brown hair that she kept up in a neat ponytail and out of her emerald eyes. She was tall and thin and looked better than any model that was on the posters outside the complex. Xylia sniffled and pointed at her knees. "Oh, did those kids at the play ground do this?" The child nodded and bawled some more. "It's gonna be okay, Xylia. We'll clean you up and put a nice, clean bandage on it; how's that sound?" with that last note, Vania walked into the nearby bathroom and wet a towel that was hanging nearby.

"Vannie?" Xylia asked looking up at her sister with her dual colored eyes. The brunette looked down and smiled at her; one eye was emerald like hers and one was aquamarine like she remembered her mother's was.

"Yes, Xyla?" She asked, using her sister's nickname fondly.

"What's your favorite Pokemon? The Legendary ones?"

"Hmmm….I'd have to say Mew. Do you know why?" The younger girl shook her head, causing the ebony ringlets to swish with the action."It reminds me of my little sister that's why!" she giggled as she placed the tan bandages on Xylia's knees.

"Well mine's Suicune because it's pretty like you!"

"Thank you Xyla!" Vania said as she touched her sister's nose with her long index. "Why don't you go with Feugo and go play? I'll tell you when dinner's ready! Its spaghetti, your favorite!" Just as the words left her lips, the said pokemon came dashing in, full of energy from the he just woke up from. He was a little growlithe and his personality was spunky and fun, just like his type of pokemon. Dark charcoal markings zig-zagged across his orange fur and the puffy tail on his rump wagged happily when he saw his favorite playmate was home. Its amber eyes sparkled as it bounced on his little paws. The little girl, now happy to have someone to play with, dashed into the living room and the faint squeaking of a chew toy was heard. Vania smiled softly to herself.

A sudden spasm racked her body and she coughed violently into her hands. Her throat felt as if it was being ripped up from the ferocity of the action. "Shit," she cursed as she moved her hands back to see that little spatters of dark blood were dotting her palms. She ran the water again and washed of the burgundy liquid. She panted softly as she clutched the side of the sink so tightly, her knuckles turned white. She gazed at herself in the mirror and she looked bad with sunken eyes, dark bruises under them and pale skin. "It's getting worse." She had hidden her illness well, but it was starting to show. Her hands flew to the drawer with all of the cover up she owned. With a smooth motion, Vania began dusting the color onto her cheeks and face. She couldn't let the little girl see her like this. She would be crushed to know her big sister was sick. She dropped the brush on the ground and the little dust particles fluttered around the fine brown hair of the brush before settling back on the floor. A sigh left her cracked lips as she leaned down and picked it up and returned the make-up back to the drawer.

She couldn't let down Xylia. The brunette plastered a smile to her face and walked back to the kitchen where the scents of italin cooking wafted through the door way. She wouldn't let down Xylia.

Yes…this isn't the longest I could do, but it's a prolog for the story. Just a hint of my writing style and a peek at the characters. Now onto the part you were all waiting for: THE OC APPLIACTION FORM! YAAAAYYYYYYY! I have no idea how many I need; I just made up this character last night and the plotline isn't fully thought out, but I thought it would be fun to write something like this! There are a few things I will need though. I need some love interests for the future for Xylia (there will be a little bit of info about her for an example application. I'll pick the one who seems to be what I have in mind for her match.),some friend for her to travel with (boys and girls), and some enemies (not too many, the whole world can't hate little Xylia).

Here's an Example:


Xylia Arbrun




Pokemon Artist

Home Town:

Veilstone City, Sinnoh


She has long Ebony hair that swirls around her face in tight, but glossy ringlets. Short, straight bangs hang loosely in her face and swoop to partially cover the right half of her face, only allowing a sliver of her eyes to be seen. There is an intricate silver pattern of star and swirls that start at the crease of her blue eye and curve into something that looks like a '3'. The ringlets hover just above her small shoulders and they bounce softly as she moves around and runs. Her face has a natural caring look like a soft chin, thin eyebrows and large pink lips that curve up naturally carved forever in her features. Freckles lightly dust her cheeks. Her eyes are unusual; the left one is electric blue while the right one is emerald green and usually covered by her hair.

Her body is petite at the lovely height of about 5' 3". Her whole build is small with small shoulders, a thin waist and neck as well as modest chest size. Her hands are half the size of most people's, but she can manipulate them to make nearly anything. Her legs stretch into a size six feet

She wears dark jeans that hug her hips, but flow outward into a small flare. A simple, silver belt hangs loosely onto the belt loops, but is there more for fashion than actual use. She wears gray converse high top like shoes that lace up to her shin. She wears a light colored tank top, usually light blue or white that ties under her chest and flows freely around her waist with loose fabric. A silver double buttoned jacket is usually worn over it to protect her shoulders and is usually left unbuttoned. It ends at her mid-waist and has buttoned cuffs. She only takes it off when the weather is humid or hot. Her finger nails usually have silver nail polish on them. A small green emerald pendant hangs around her slender neck on a thin silver chain. She carries a small black bag on her back that holds her money and her supplies, but not her pokemon. She keeps those in the front pocket of her jacket that is always buttoned tightly.


Xylia always takes care of others before herself. Whenever there is a shortage of food or anything, she offers what she has to her pokemon or the others with her. She would rather starve than see someone else suffer when she could've easily have helped. Her problems are always last in her mind and others discomforts are first priority. If insults are thrown at her, she takes it with a smile except when she is trying to help or break up an argument; she is usually just glad someone is talking to her. She hates to fight and will only battle with her pokemon if forced to. She always loves to help and often can be used by others because they are just lazy. She is rather naive and innocent. Some things have to be spelled out for her to get it. She is a peace maker in arguments and always tries to stop the fight resolve it.

Her occupation has always been something she loved to do. Her hands can create the most amazing things if she puts her mind to it. In her back pack, she keeps a sketch book that has extremely detailed drawings and sketches. If she is given clay and the proper tools and subject, she can make amazing sculptures. She enjoys making, as she says, 'something out of nothing'. She can make the simple dishes everyone knows how to make into master pieces by plating them creatively.


I can't put this here yet, now can I? It'll ruin what little I have planned.


Arcanine-Feugo- Male

-Preferred Moves: Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Thunder Fang, and Flamethrower

Arbok- Male

-Preferred Moves: Gunk shot, Poison jab, Earthquake, and crunch


-Preferred Moves: Gravity, Ice punch, Trick Room, Shadow punch


-Preferred Moves: Thunder, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power, Dragon Dance


-Preferred Moves: Hail, Blizzard, Water Pulse, Mirror Coat


Absol-Tempest- Male

-First set of preferred moves: Scratch, Feint, Quick Attack, Razor wind

-Second set of preferred moves: Slash, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Perish Song

Theme Song(if you have one. It helps me a lot.): Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback

Yeah…I went a little crazy with this. I really wanted her to be in the story! It doesn't need to be this long, but it will help your chances if you give me one more like this. I'm not choosing by first come, first serve. I'm going more by how well he/she will fit into the story line or how well I can write with the character. Now I am going to have to set a few rules, so listen up. No connections to anyone in the previous games; this is an OC story, I don't want to write the characters made up by the game/manga/Tv series. You have to be creative guys! Another thing, nothing connecting them to the legendaries, except for a love of the pokemon or like the scene above with Vannie and Xyla. Xylia will have a connection with a legendary for reason I can't reveal, but it won't be until the end. In other words, don't get too ridiculous.I want them around the age of 14-18, but nothing under that. It wouldn't fit to have a ten year old in a group of teens, would it?

Other than that, I can pretty much say go wild and have fun! I will be Pming you throughout the story to see how character would react in situations or if you're okay with me pairing them up with another OC. Make sure I can actually be able to talk to you via Fanfiction. com.

Well! See you later. I Hope to get some feedback