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Chapter 9: Nemo

Xylia ran for what seemed like forever through the darkness of the halls. Her feet slapped against the metal surface below her as her eyes darted about, looking for an exit from the metal hallway. A door, a window, anything would do, but there was nothing. Her leg muscles screamed in protest and her lungs felt as if they were about to burst, but she didn't stop.

After what seemed like hours, a door came into sight. Better yet, the word EXIT was labeled on it in bright obnoxious red letters. A sigh of relief escaper her lips as she slowed to a stop in front of the door. Her fingers wrapped around the knob tightly and she turned the handle quickly, making a sharp clack! when it smacked too hard. She flung open the door to reveal stairs. They led into a blinding white light. A draft of chilly air blew in and a few flakes of snow followed behind, drifting idly. The girl was about to take a step out into the unknown area above, when an unknown object collided with the back of her skull, knocking her down and rendered her unconscious.

Buizel flew back through the air a few feet and flipped, landing easily on its feet and recovering from its aqua jet attack. The orange weasel chattered to its trainer, signaling the deed was done. The blonde trainer looked down at the girl on the ground. Her curls spilled all across the metal floor like damp swirls of darkness. She was splayed out awkwardly at the entrance, and he felt guilty for hitting her so suddenly and not even catching her. If bruises formed, he wouldn't even be able to look at her… Brent shook his head to clear the thoughts of regret away… there was a job that needed to be done… With that, he crouched down and picked her up as gently as he could.

Not a second after he had balanced her in his arms than had something wrapped around his ankles. He glanced down and saw green vines bound around his legs. With a sharp tug, the boy was sent tumbling, his grip on the target loosening enough for her unconscious form to slip from his arms into the air. She went flying, her limp arms swaying slightly. The sickening thump of her body never sounded though. Brent looked towards where she went, a few strands of his disheveled blonde hair sticking out at odd angles.

Before him stood another boy, not too tall and clad in dark clothing. Brent surveyed him silently with his reflection staring back at him in the reflective aviator glasses. His arms were curled around the girl, keeping her delicate form close to his body. His hair was messy and covering his pale face with its dark raven locks. A little green bulbasaur fidgeted at his feet. The vines that were wrapped around Brent's ankles slapped the ground in an almost bored manner.

Buizel hissed and spat at the bulbasaur, his little flippers flapping wildly with rage. The orange weasel parted his maw, showing the frost that had been gathering at his teeth. The charging beam twinkled softly with icy power, ready to fire at whim. The bulbasaur squealed in fright and quickly drew back its vines, releasing the water pokemon's trainer from his binds. That didn't stop the enraged pokemon from firing a powerful ice beam at the grass toad. Blubasaur scuttled backwards, barely escaping the devastating move.

"Relax…you have a type advantage…and winning isn't our priority." Bulbasaur glanced up at his trainer, his red eyes watering slightly. A small smile from the boy made it grunt in determination and glare at the pokemon across from him.

Brent had long since gotten up on his feet. Buizel stood loyally before him, his back fur rising up aggressively in a ridge of ginger. A deep hiss escaped its maw, showing its eagerness for battle.

"You seem confident."

"I'm not going to lose. I won't allow myself. " Xylia shifted and groaned in his grip. Her expression was curled in pain. "Its not for myself…Its for her."

"Very well…Let's get this over with so I can go about my life."


Vien clutched Xylia to his chest. The moisture in her clothing and hair was beginning to seep through Vien's thin white shirt. It was warmer from her body heat, but it still was icy against his skin. The chilly breeze drafting in behind him wasn't helping matters either. The girl in his arms shivered harshly and pressed further into his chest for warmth and protection from the wind. With a deep breath, Vien called out his first command.

"Leech seed."

Bulbasaur nodded and the very tip of the bulb on his back opened and four little seeds were ejected out. They fell in a neat square a few feet away. Seconds later, vines sprouted and grew at an extremely fast rate, and soon the green vines were entangled in a mess of emerald leaves.

Brent looked at the ground incredulously. That…was completely and utterly pointless… The eighteen year old shook off the thought and took his chance to attack. "Water pulse. Be sure to hit him hard." Buizel nodded and opened his mouth wide. A massive blue ball began forming in his fangs, and it was growing lager by the second. Vien's eyes narrowed, wondering how he could get bulbasaur away from the attack.

"Use vine whip to pull Buizel towards you…"

Bulbasur croaked and produced two large vines from the little bulb on his back. They slithered towards the orange weasel like two snakes. Buizel's eyes narrowed and he released his attack. The ball of water lost the pressure that was keeping it intact as a ball; the water became a wave that was massive compared to Bulbasaur. It hit the toad-like pokemon and washed him back. Buizel smirked in self-satisfaction, but the two vines he thought he washed away wrapped around his feet. He was swept off his feet and onto his face with a resounding crack! of bone hitting the metal floor. He howled in pain in his high voice. He was dragged on his face, producing little cuts on his belly and maw that only further angered him. "Ice beam on the Vines." Buizel eagerly shot the chilly beam of ice at the vines. They froze easily and as Bulbasaur let go of Buizel, they landed on the ground with a clink!Buizel stepped forward aggressively, but his foot became tangled in a mass of vines. Is health was being sapped from his veins and being send straight to Bulbasaur. Buizel growls and scratched at the vines weakly.

"I can't stay. Perhaps we can continue another day," Vien said as he called his Bulbasaur back into his pokeball and fled out of the door behind him, carrying Xylia, who was still limp in his arms. Brent looked from the escaping boy to his trapped pokemon, trying to decide what to do. He growled softly and kneeled down by Buizel, ripping the vines off of him. The tiny thorns on the plants cut the tough skin on his finger, drawing a bit of blood. Annoyance bit at his every fiber of being. He shouldn't have let them get away…

Vien emerged in the middle of a snowstorm. The cold frozen water sliced across his face, leaving little red marks on his pale skin. His nose along with his fingers that were tightly wrapped around the girl in his arms were freezing already. He took a deep breath and swallowed the chilly flakes that were blowing around him. In his arms, Xylia shivered softly. The water that was still in her dark curls was glinting unnaturally; it had froze on her. Vien brushed off as much ice as possible and took off his coat and wrapped it around her as tight as possible. She stopped shivering as much and snuggled her face into his chest unconsciously. Vien, now in only jeans and a black T-shirt, was shivering; the cold was even worse now that he lacked coverage. He trudged on through the snow though, battling the cold. He could barely see in front of himself and he didn't know where he was, but he didn't stop. The snow that melted under his step seeped into his pants, chilling him to the bone.

Soon, he was shivering violently and he had nearly dropped Xylia a few times because he couldn't keep a proper hold with his numb fingers. His eyes fluttered with weariness and he drifted in and out of sleep while he was walking He couldn't see anything infront of his face besides the harsh white snow that battered his sore muscles. His stomach growled with hunger; he hadn't even seen food since lunch that same day and it was beginning to wear him out. As he was walking, his foot caught hold of a iced rock and sent him forward into a tiny patch of grasses and bushes in the otherwise barren environment.

Vien didn't move, he just pulled Xylia into his chest and wrapped the jacket around both of them. Her warm breath brushed across his face and he shivered softly and pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her tightly, trying to keep the both of them warm. She whined softly as he put one hand on the back of her head where the buizel had collided with her skull; it must still be tender. Vien struggled to will himself up, knowing that they could die, but the promise of rest was too enticing for his body to listen to him. As his crimson eyes were about to shut, a sudden warmth approached him. He groaned softly and reached for it. His fingertips brushed warm fur. He cracked open an eye and looked up to see what it was in front of him, but before he could, he was yanked up by the back of his shirt and yanked away from the freezing girl he was trying to protect. Vien started to protest, but a blue dog-like pokemon walked up moments later. It was slim and feminine with a white diamond pattern on its sides. Two white streamers flowed out of its rump and hovered around it. It has a billowing purple mane flowing behind it. A large crystal jutted from its head and surrounded its crimson eyes. There was a small white protrusion from under its chin. It grabbed Xylia with its slender muzzle and nudged her into a secure position on its back.

The pokemon that had Vien in its jaws nudged him onto his back as well. It smelled of smoke and All Vein could see was its long plume of gray, smoke like fur that his face was pressed in. The pokemon was incredibly warm and Vien's wet clothing had started to dry off almost immediately. The heat was too enticing for him to stay awake any longer, so with a sigh, the boy faded off into sleep.

"Iris, sweetie, go get that kettle of tea… It's starting to whistle…"

"Yes momma…"

"Good. Thank you. Go check on our other guest?"


Vien groaned softly at the idle conversations going around him. As he reached to rub his head, the muscles in his arms screamed in protest at the simple movement. His eyes parted reluctantly to reveal bright lights around him. He squinted, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the lights. He could hear the soft footsteps of a child coming in and out the room occasionally. Another set of foot steps joined soon; they sounded awkward though, as if the person had three feet instead of two. They approached the bed he was on and Vien opened his eyes fully.

Hovering above him was an older woman, perhaps one that was reaching her late 30's. Her hair was long and dark and cascaded down her back like a shadowy river. She dressed casually in a plain white T-shirt and Jeans, but it seemed out of place on a gentle looking woman such as herself. In her long pale fingers was a black wooden cane that she leaned heavily on. That was the third leg he had heard…Her green eyes watched him with the gentle emerald color, but behind the motherly color was a wary look; She wasn't sure who she was standing before. Vien groaned and sat up, rubbing his temples to soothe the small headache he had. He looked at her with his crimson eyes and smiled softly, trying not to alarm the woman.

"Excuse me….Where am I?"

"You're at my home in Snowpoint City. Who are you?

"Excuse me, Ma'am…I should have given you my name earlier. Vien Kamiya. And you are?"

"Sonya Setsuma. How did you find my home?" For Vien, it felt like they were beginning to play a guarded game of 20 questions…

"I don't exactly know how I got here…Did another person, a girl, come here with me?

"Yes. She is up. You were in a bit worse condition than her. She just woke up not too long ago- sweet little thing if not a little clumsy- How do you know her?"

"She's a friend…Is she hurt?"

"She was only a bit cold and wet when we got her in. What happened?"

"Long story...Can I see her?"

"If you can find her…She's been all about helping around the house. I told her to rest, but she wouldn't have it."

"I do apologize for taking up space…" Vien said, looking down. In a fluid motion, he swung his legs over the side of the bed in one fluid motion. His joints popped with a resounding crack! He sighed at the feeling and instantly felt a little better. The boy stood and looked about.

The room he was in was small. The walls were a soft cream color and the floor was a mahogany wood. Little pictures decorated the walls, but he didn't examine them closely and just assumed they were of the woman's children. A dark desk sat against the wall and had a bright lamp on it and next to it was a small bookshelf that was crammed with books. Sonya was standing next to the door, which was a worn cream color that nearly matched the walls. She nodded her head towards the kitchen, where soft sizzles and pops could be heard. Vien walked out, nodding to the woman in thanks. She flicked her hand softly at him, shooing him to the kitchen. With a soft smile, he complied and walked towards the kitchen.

Xylia was definitely in the kitchen. Her squeals of pain could be heard throughout the house. The boy she was travelling with blinked his crimson eyes and looked in the room. She stood before a stove with the burners flaring bright oranges and blues under the pans. Her dark ringlets were drawn back in a high ponytail and her bangs were pinned back with a few bobby pins she must've borrowed. She had one finger in her mouth and was pouting and glaring at the pan. The bacon hissed angrily at her and popped more grease on her arms. She yelped and jumped back slightly, now scared that the strip of meat and fat would come back and bite her like an angry Arcanine. She glared and went to the drawer on the side of the stove and pulled out a pair of tongs instead of just using a spatula. From a few feet away, She reached out warily and snatched the aggressive meat before it had a chance it bite. With a victorious grin, she plopped the bacon, which was apparently the last strip she had made, and put it on the napkin that she used to get some of the grease out. Vien softly smiled and walked in and leaned on the counter and in a smooth motion, snatched the very strip of bacon that she just pulled off and popped the end in his mouth. That caused the girl to look at him with her heterochromatic eyes and frown.

"That's not just for you…There's more people in this house." She pointed to the few plates that had eggs, biscuits and other assorted breakfast items on them. Vien Blinked at the amount she made. The house could probably eat for the next three weeks and still have some left over.

"Are you trying to feed all of Snowpoint City?"

"I thought I would make enough so that they could eat their fill…"

"You can have some, you know?" He put two fingers under her chin and lifted it up a bit. "Here. Try." She blinked in surprise at him and looked at the end of the strip of bacon that hung out his mouth. She just stared for a second, having a silent debate with herself. A few seconds later, she shrugged nonchalantly and took a bite off the end of the meat. It was a bit tougher than she expected and she was stuck tugging softly on it, trying not to rip it out of her friend's mouth. Vien smiled and put his fingers on the burning strip and ripped off his half. He chewed and swallowed it quickly, leaving Xylia dumbfounded at what just happened. The meat hung idly out of her rosy lips and it looked comical.

"Do you want a plate?"

"No thank you…I'm not hungry. I just wanted to sample your cooking. I need to do something." With that, he walked back to 'his' room and sat down at the desk. He leaned back and grabbed a book that caught his eye earlier Learning the Italian Language by some author he didn't note. The book was a green hard cover that had the words colored in a reflective gold. It was a little under an inch thick and about six inches wide. Vien opened it up and began looking in the phrases section. He grabbed a piece of paper that was blank and a black pen. He wrote the phrase that the gym leader of Hearthome, Mitsuru had told him. Protettori dei Deboli he wrote in his neat script. He flipped to the P section and started looking up the phrase. He went down about ten phrases and saw it. The little print translated the words into 'Protectors of the Weak'. Protectors of the Weak? Isn't that contradictory…? They're taking pokemon from children and adults. How could such a phrase be used for an organization that did such things. Vien wrote the words down again, this time in English. He tapped the pencil against his thin lips and narrowed his eyes and began to map out his thoughts.

In the kitchen, Xylia was adding to her menu. She had mixed pancake batter together and started flipping the breakfast pastries. In about 5 minutes with all the burners on and frying pans on all four of them, she made roughly ten of them. She made a 'sacrificial pancake' which she always ended up burning whenever she made them. She tossed the blackened item into the trash. The smells of sugary pancakes brought all of the family to the table to eat.

There was a knock at the door and Sonya sighed, because she just had sat down and was about to get up again, but Xylia gently put a hand on her shoulder and kept her down. "I'm up. I'll get it," she said, skipping off to the front door happily. As soon as she got there, she flung it open with a smile. She blinked, not seeing anyone in front of her until she looked down. On the ground was the boy from before, the one that took her out to ice cream and that she punched. He was on his rump, holding his hand in pain. Xylia looked at the door and his hand and her heart skipped a beat. She got down in front of him and took his hand. "Oh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! This is the second time I've done that! Oh! Are you Okay?"

Kaoru's lips twitched when she grabbed his injured hand. It had been smashed by the door when she suddenly flung it open. He suddenly realized who he was talking to and looked at her incredulously. "What are you doing here?"

"I got lost…but I could ask you the same thing?"

"I live here…" She paled at his words considerably and looked at him scared.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry! Don't kick us out! I made food for everyone! My friend still might be hurt and I don't want him out in the cold because I hurt you! I'll leave, but don't put him out too!"

"We're out of Syrup, mommy!"

Kaoru heard what his siblings cried and looked at Xylia. She fidgeted nervously and wiggled about as if she was the one in pain. This was a perfect chance to finally finish what he was assigned. With a soft smile, he got up and pulled her up with him. She blinked and looked at him. "Why don't you just come with me to buy that syrup? That'll make up for it." She nodded happily and dragged him off through the snow.

"That sounds good! I'll be back soon, Mrs. Sonya!" She trotted off, determined to finish her mission. Kaoru sighed and towed her towards where he wanted her to go. This girl practically throws herself at me and begs me to take her away…I don't see how I didn't finish this earlier… She blinked and looked at him and towards the exit of the city where he was tugging her in confusion. "Where are we going? Isn't the store the other way?" Kaoru thought of a quick lie to tell her.

"We have to go to a certain one. Its outside the city, but it's the only syrup my family likes." She nodded in understanding and let him lead her away. Just as they left the limits of the city, she towed him to the side though. He looked at her incredulously as she led him to a large block of ice. She pulled out a small chisel from her art bag that was on her hip and struck a large crack in the ice. An uneven chunk the size of Kaoru's hand fell in her palm. She softly smiled and sat down and quickly worked on forming the ice into intricate shapes. He frowned, but let her play, not wanting to raise any suspicions. She formed the ice into a little statue like a Professional and it was molded precisely in less than ten minutes.

The ice was shaped like the legendary pokemon, Raikou. Clear ice sparks flowed from the beast's ferocious mouth. His tail jutted out delicately from his rump and hung as a lightning bolt. Its 'cape' draped majestically over his back with delicate curls. His expression was twisted and angry, though it showed a delicate touch of hurt in its tiny eyes. Its massive paws had sparks dancing around them. It looked identical to the real thing. Xylia held the statue out to him. "Here. You can have it. I don't really want it."

Kaoru blinked, but took it, feeling as if he must. Despite it being ice, it didn't even melt in his fingers. The girl must've found one of those rare pokemon items, the NeverMeltIce that made ice type attacks stronger for some strange reason. He slipped it in his bag and towed her out farther into the icy wasteland.

A snowstorm hit just then and it sent a barrage of icy snow against their faces. Kaoru wasn't nearly as effected as Xylia was by the weather; he lived in it his whole life. His quarry though was shivering like a leaf on a windy day. Her shiny coat wasn't enough. She pulled it tighter around her and pulled her hair out of the ponytail it was drawn in. Once the wind grabbed hold of it though, it slapped her across the face roughly, slapping her freckled cheeks at mach five. She hissed softly and held her cheeks with her pale hands that were starting to turn red with the freezing air. Snow caught in her glossy ringlets and piled up in them, making them sink and straighten out slightly. Kaoru looked around for the entrance of the hideout that was hidden in the snow, but he wouldn't know where it was unless it hit him in the face. He growled lowly and tightened his grip around her wrist, causing her to protest with a small yelp of pain. "Sorry…" he mumbled.

"A-are you sure we're going the right way? I can't see well…."


She looked down, trusting him on his word. Her plump pink lips were now blue and were looking colder and colder by the second. Her face was whipped red by the wind and cold and her fingers were starting to turn a pale blue as well. That wasn't good…she needed to warm up… He looked around for any source of life or light in the barren wasteland. In the distance, he saw a flickering light through the bleak storm not too far off in the distance. With a sigh, he abruptly switched directions and went towards it. The sudden change in direction made the girl's numb feet slip out from underneath her, sending her up in the air. Her weight tugged Kaoru backwards, making him almost lose his balance. Xylia was clinging onto his hand with a shaky but taut grip. Her head was only inches above the iced over ground. Her legs were dug into the rough flakes on the ground and her pants were now soaked up to her knees. Her teeth were chattering nonstop and her nose was red with the cold. He watched her with perceptive green eyes for a moment before sighing and picking her up and holding her to his chest. He trudged on through the wintery wasteland before him in a slow, but steady pace. The orangey light began to grow in the distance and after a few minutes, it was right infront of them along with a wooden house.

The house was small, probably a lodge or run down inn that was abandoned because of the icy weather. The walls were worn and had little holes in it from the beating of the snowstorms that passed through this area. The roof had a few little shingles missing, but was intact. The door, however worn it was, looked sturdy. An old sign had collapsed in front of the entrance and was buried in snow. Kaoru walked to the door and slammed his shoulder against it with a grunt of effort. The snow that formed on the door over time shook off with the force of Kaoru shoving it. It didn't budge though. He growled lowly and put Xylia down on the ground a foot or two away. He backed up several feet from the door and with his green eyes narrowed in determination, charged for the door. Instead of hitting it like he intended to do, the door opened before he hit it and the boy tumbled straight past it and onto the floor.

He crashed ungracefully onto his face. He quickly sat up in an attempt to salvage what little pride he had left. He looked around for what opened the door, but there was nothing there. He turned, but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a bolt of yellow dart away outside. He disregarded it for a moment and went back outside to retrieve Xylia. He reached down and picked her up gently again. He turned around and entered the house again.

A cozy little fire was lit in the fireplace and it burned merrily with a welcoming flame and the glow of the fire radiated around the log cabin. Next to it was a simple cot with red sheets that had been worn with use. With nowhere else to put her, Kaoru placed her on the sheet and tried to warm her with. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing as if she was asleep, but her breaths were quick and shallow instead of the deep and rhythmic. Kaoru looked down at her fingers and touched them with his hand; They were freezing against his palm. He frowned deeply and wrapped the blanket tightly around her. She groaned softly and curled up when the warmth hit her. Kaoru sat in the corner away from her and looked down, thinking of his situation. He has his target in his possession and she was asleep and unaware. It was nearly a perfect situation on his behalf. Guilt brewed in his stomach though; she was so horribly innocent and it made the bitter emotion rip at his insides. He got up and walked out the door to check for what had opened the door. His breath caught in his throat when he saw what was waiting outside for him.

Before him stood the massive legendary beast, Raikou. At about six-foot-three, the pokemon dwarfed Kaoru. His crimson eyes gleamed as dangerously as his massive fangs that jutted out from his maw. Though the lighting outside was dim with an oncoming storm, its bright yellow fur was vibrant against the bleak background. Its purple 'cape' flowed out of its back majestically as wind blew through it. Every detail about it was just like Xylia's ice sculpture from the stripes on its shoulders and haunches to its blue 'moustache'. He was frozen in place at the mere presence of the mighty pokemon.

They stayed in that position for over an only a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity to Kaoru. Afraid to move….Afraid to breathe…He wasn't sure what he should do. His perceptive eyes caught a little bounce of yellow from under the mighty beast. Two little Pichu's hopped out from under Raikou and into the cabin. His gaze followed the two little electric mice, and by the time they snapped back to the legendary cat, it had disappeared from his line of vision and into the blinding cover of the snow.


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