Chapter 7

"Peter, what's wrong? What's wrong with Neal?" El asked as she first saw her husband entering their home before five in the afternoon and followed by a dejected Neal.

"He's sulking because I'm about to paddle him," responded Peter sternly.

"What did he do this time?" asked El as she watched Neal go and sit on the couch.

"Neal changed the plan of action today or I should say he added to it but he didn't tell anyone about it," Peter explained quietly.

"What did he do?"

"After we took down Bentley and recovered the stolen Matisse Neal slipped back in and took the forgery. Sometime during the ride over to the command center Neal came up with a brilliant but flawed idea on how to trap Detective Macy and his accomplishes…he would offer himself up as bait and carrying the forgery it would seem that he was guilty afterall so he was sure that Macy would be more than eager to arrest him…again. Neal was still equipped with the watch that acted as a listening device and tracker, so we would be able to tape their conversation. All he would have to do is aggravate Macy enough so he would tell all," Peter explained.

"How could Neal be sure that Macy would be around to pick him up?" asked El curiously.

"Because he, or one of his officers had been tailing Neal ever since he was released from his first arrest. Neal noticed them the next day at June's while he was waiting for me."

"Oh, so Neal would go to June's carrying the painting knowing he would be arrested. What went wrong?"

"He didn't know what else Macy had in store for him. It seems that Macy was going to join in the beating. First the man called Pops was going to tear into him and then when he tired Macy was going to take over. You can only guess how sore he would be after those two finished with him," explained Peter in control anger.

"So now you are going to tear into him instead?" asked El knowingly.

"Yep, but in my case he will recover quicker than if it was Macy and Pop…that is unless Mozzie hears about it…El did you call Mozzie?" Peter asked as the small man suddenly came in from the kitchen.

"Nope, he was looking for Neal, something about a late dinner date, but he knows now," added El as she and Peter watched Mozzie yell at Neal,

"I ought to take my belt off to you; you promised to behave," before turning to Peter to ask furiously,

"Are you going to punish him?"

"Oh, yeah…I'll handle it this time," replied Peter as he suddenly pulled a paddle form the end table and motioned for Neal to precede him into the dinning room.

"You know the drill Neal, drop your pants and lean over the table," instructed Peter as he approached from behind.

"Peter," hissed Neal, "I'm not wearing any underwear," as if that would stop Peter.

"I know," replied Peter calmly. "I want to make sure you learn your lesson this time and feel that a bare bottom paddling will do the trick…now do as you're told before I decide to use my belt!"

"But Peter," whined Neal, "my way worked and Macy is off the streets and so is Pops. There is no telling how many innocents they railroaded into confessing for crimes they didn't do just so Macy would be promoted."

"Yep, but we could have accomplished it just as easily if you had told me about it instead of going behind my back," argued Peter as he motioned for Neal to get into position.

Neal looked at Peter one more time before reading that his arguments would have no effect on his partner and reluctantly got into position with his pants at his ankles awaiting the paddling of his life.

SWAT! The first lick caught Neal in the middle of his buttocks and caused him to gasp out in pain but before he could plead for mercy Peter hit him again and the same spot causing him to whimper in pain. After that Peter laid lick after lick in the same general area making sure he would remember this paddling every time he sat for the next few days. Peter continued to paddle Neal until he had painted his butt a deep red before laying down the paddle and pulling his pants back up.

"I-I'm s-sorry-y P-Peter," sobbed Neal as he straightened up with a wince.

"Let's get you into bed; you've had a full day today…you've recovered a painting and had your butt painted and all in one day," teased Peter as he helped Neal upstairs and into bed.

The End