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Author's Note: Hey everyone! I'm back (as promised) with another TVD fic! Thank you SO MUCH to the overwhelming response to my last fic "Founder's Day: The Aftermath." Like I told many of you, I decided not to do a sequel to that because the ending was just too perfect...BUT I have decided to write another continuation of Founder's Day :)

For those of you who haven't read my last fic, don't worry, this isn't a sequel of any sort. Just know that it will eventually be Damon/Elena but I like to include the stories of other characters as well, so that it feels like an actual episode of the show..enjoy ;)

Last few minutes of Founder's Day

"Part of why I hate the vampires so much is because of what she became. How it ruined her…I never would have sent her to Damon had I known she wanted to turn…"

Was he looking for sympathy? Katherine barely restrained from rolling her eyes as she tried to keep up the appearance of Elena's downcast disappointment on her face.

"It's my fault," John rambled on, unaware of his listening partner's growing disinterest. "I'm telling you this because…maybe I hoped you'd understand."


Katherine simpered, doing her best to look heartfelt. "Thank you," she said softly, mimicking Elena's innocent gestures.

"Can I help?" John asked, indicating the knives that Katherine was conveniently putting away.

Score. Katherine fought a grin. "Sure," she agreed, glancing down at the ring on John's finger. Sure.

It all happened very quickly.

He screamed, his fingers lying on the countertop, separated from the rest of his hand. Katherine shoved him backwards, her eyes glittering with menace.

He stared at her in disbelief, "Katherine?"

Ah, he was a smart one.

"Hello John," Katherine said gleefully, vamping out. "Goodbye John," she added, swiftly stabbing him in the chest with a knife.

He screamed again, slumping onto the floor.

Katherine stared down at him in disdain, as the blood gushed out of his wounds. His mouth moved, trying to tell her something. Katherine smiled, and she crouched down next to him. She delicately dipped her finger into the pool of blood and tasted it.

"Kath—" he choked, blood spewing out his mouth.

"Dear John," Katherine sighed. She reached up and gathered his severed fingers into her hand. She stared at the ring for a moment, when suddenly she turned her ear to the door.


Katherine hesitated for half a second, trying to decide what to do. It was very tempting to leave John's dying corpse here for Elena to find…

"Yeah, someone definitely took my stuff…I'm just going to check on Jeremy before going to the hospital. Can you meet me there?"

Katherine paused, her head cocked.

Jeremy was in the house? Odd, she hadn't heard a third heartbeat…She strained her ears, listening. Nope, just the strongly beating heartbeat of Jenna…and the weakly beating one of John.

"Elena's standing outside the house," Katherine informed John, while he looked up at her, the life slowly draining out of him. "In about 20 seconds, she's going to come in and find her dearly departed father…"

"You…knew?" The words were barely audible, but Katherine's vampire hearing picked up on it.

"When will you and Isobel learn?" Katherine sighed, disappointed in the faith of her minions. "I know everything…"

"I don't want…her to see me…like this…"

"You mean dead?" Katherine said with a laugh. She heard a clink as Elena fumbled with her keys.

"I love you Stefan."

Katherine pursed her lips. Ah, so the poor girl was completely unaware of Damon's infatuation for her.

She turned back to John, "I'll grant you your dying wish," Katherine agreed abruptly, with a twisted smile.

John's eyes widened. Katherine raised her wrist to her fangs, and swiftly bit into it. She forced her wrist into John's mouth, ignoring his attempts to shove her away. "Just drink," she muttered, watching as her blood trickled down his lips, joining the pool on the kitchen floor.

The door opened, and Katherine breathed in Elena's scent with a smile. John sat up, watching in awe as his wounds disappeared, and his fingers regrew.

Sans the ring.

He opened his mouth to ask Katherine why she had helped him, when with lightning speed, she reached out and snapped his neck.

He fell back to the ground silently.

"Jeremy? Are you up?"

Katherine looked behind her before quickly grabbing John's body and whirling out the back door.

It slammed shut.

Katherine sped into the woods, but stopped a short distance away so she would be able to hear Elena's reaction to all the blood in her kitchen.

Katherine unceremoniously dropped John's body to the ground. She stared down at him in satisfaction.

The change would happen soon.

She couldn't wait for him to find out he was a vampire.

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