A/N: Something a little bit darker from me to you fellow D/E fans! First chapter features Elena and Katherine. Damon to appear in chapter two. If you like, please review!

Summary: I have his kiss on my lips Elena, the one that Damon thought he was giving to you. So you are going to walk out into the night and kiss Damon Salvatore and make him think you love him, before you break his heart.

Pairing: Damon/Elena

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Chapter One: All that I Have

Elena felt a cold slender hand close around her mouth, and another constrict around her throat. She choked on her own breath and couldn't fill her lungs. One snap to the side and she would be dead. Elena could feel the power in those deceivingly delicate fingers. Her eyes raked over the sight in the kitchen, blood on the counter tops and spread over the floor. At the side of her vision she could see her uncle's hand, unnaturally still on the ground.

There was red everywhere, it seemed to be seeping into her own eyes making the world a dark colour. She gasped for air and tried to free herself.

"Fight me, and you die," someone warned. "Then I'll kill everyone else in this house."

The voice was calm and sweetly spoken into Elena's ear. She felt the fingers on her neck tighten, and she knew that this was no empty promise. The proof was all around her. She nodded her head and let herself be dragged into the hallway and through to the lounge. She did not need to see who had a hold of her to know who it was.

Elena gasped for air as she was released, and found herself shaking and her legs unsteady. She reached for the sofa and managed to fall into it before the world swam before her. A few more ragged gasps of air made her vision clear but her head still felt too heavy. Katherine waited for her to compose herself, elegantly relaxing upon the sofa next to her, with a grace that Elena knew she herself could never possess.

Katherine smiled. It was inviting, and her face was bright and flawless. Elena could see the same features that she owned, but on Katherine they held so much more expression, beauty and poise. Elena had never felt like an inferior copy of Katherine, despite so many comparisons made by others… until now. She shrank back in her seat.

"I've travelled a long way to meet you Elena," Katherine said, moving forward on the sofa, closing the gap Elena had made between them. Katherine raised a hand and pushed a lock of Elena's hair away from her face. "I can see why you're interesting to him."

Elena wanted to push Katherine's hand away, but she was too afraid to move. Her heart was hammering away in her chest, so hard that it was painful.

"Hm? Are you going to play dumb with me?" Katherine asked, still searching Elena's face, her fingers still playing with her hair as if she were a friend.

Elena opened her mouth, but no words came to her. Katherine smiled again and this time leant back into the sofa cushions. Even Elena couldn't help but notice how seductive she was, just by the way that she moved. But no matter how Katherine might smile and pretend to be harmless, Elena knew she could be dead in under a blink of an eye.

"I'm talking about Damon Salvatore of course," Katherine explained. "About how your little innocent act is making him crazy. I know, because I've already played that one. Works every time."

"… On Damon?" Elena asked, her voice shaking. She didn't want to appear weak in front of this woman, but perhaps if she didn't seem like any kind of threat, Katherine might let her live.

"Who else?" Katherine asked. "Oh, but I forgot, you imagine yourself 'in love' with Stefan. He's not as much of a challenge is he? Poor Stefan, so ready and willing to fall in love. But easier to lose."

"You would know," Elena said before she could stop herself.

Katherine gave her another smile, but this time it was bitter.

"No matter, you're doing such an excellent job at turning him away, he'll be mine again soon," Katherine replied, her voice showing no hint that Elena had disturbed her. "But tell me something now… why did you save Damon from the fire?"

"You came here to ask me that?" Elena asked.

"Now now Elena, every moment you spend annoying me is another moment your uncle spends losing blood in the kitchen. Or as I should say, your father."

This changed the rules of the game. Elena had assumed her uncle was dead, but if he was fighting to stay alive, then she ought to give Katherine the answers she wanted. But this was not an easy question to answer, especially as it was so unexpected and sudden. Yet there were so many things she could say to appease Katherine. But would anything work but the truth? But Elena wasn't even sure she knew what the truth was.

Damon had stayed to help the town, to save her and others, but was that enough? It wasn't the first time he had been selfless. Had she saved him because he had proved her right?

"I'm waiting Elena," Katherine reminded her.

"I didn't want to lose him," Elena replied. She hoped the truth would save her now, even if it were painful for her to confront.

Again she shook, her legs restless. Her heart was still pounding, telling her to run, and the built up adrenaline was being wasted through her bloodstream making her feel sick.

"Thank you Elena, some honesty at last. Doesn't it feel good to admit that to yourself?"

Elena felt anger rush through her, for the first time since she had been snatched from the kitchen. She wished it would leave her, for she knew she was bound to say something she regretted, or do something stupid. But she could barely contain her rage. Who the hell did this woman think she was? She'd had 150 years to play with; Elena hadn't even made it two decades.

"So what now? Are you going to tell Stefan?" Elena demanded. For a moment she wondered if this had been Katherine's plan all along. But with a spark of hope, Elena knew that if Katherine left for the Boarding house, she'd have a chance to help her family. A few seconds was all she would need to call for an ambulance.

"No, I don't think so. I'll enjoy it so much more when I watch you break his heart," Katherine replied. She smiled again, and Elena wished she would stop pretending to be sweet. She could no longer imagine someone being taken in by this monster. Perhaps she could fool them for a few moments, but her cruelty was all too plain to see. Behind that smile were pointed teeth, which had killed more than Elena could even contemplate.

"Damon does not change a thing, I still love Stefan," Elena said, not knowing who she was trying to convince.

Katherine shrugged.

"You are a terrible liar Elena Gilbert," Katherine said shaking her head. "Try again and tell me Damon doesn't make your heart race. Doesn't make you blush when you think about him. Doesn't wake you in the night, when you're making love to him in your dreams."

Elena felt her face heating up, she couldn't allow Katherine to put words into her mouth, no matter how close to the truth she might be. But of course Katherine knew, she had experienced the same. But she had never experienced any of the guilt that came with being in love with them both. Katherine had had everything Elena couldn't even allow herself to dream of, and Katherine had thrown it all away.

"I have his kiss on my lips Elena, the one that Damon thought he was giving to you. I already know how much he wants you. He could have died tonight and it was all for you. I could feel all his fear, all his desire for you, right here," Katherine touched her fingers to her lips in a sensual way, as if she was lost in remembering. "He made me weak for a moment. But it was only for a moment. You will be weak forever."

Elena didn't know what to say. She felt something in her cold and turning. Se had always imagined Katherine destroying her life with fire, blood and violence. What if she had been wrong? What if by allowing herself to have feelings for Damon, she ended up killing him? If Damon had mistaken Katherine once, what was to stop it happening again?

The side of Damon that Elena saw, would Katherine destroy it?

"Please don't hurt him," Elena pleaded.

Katherine stood and walked to the window.

"He can't have gone far," she said looking out at the darkness. "I'm sure I could catch him."

Elena felt tears forming in her eyes. Her face felt hot and her eyes were stinging. She needed to cry, but holding the tears back was the only little thing she had control over anymore. Katherine had invaded everything. A tear fell onto her cheek and she brushed it away determined.

"What do you want?" Elena asked in a small voice. She felt defeated. The only way to escape was to do as she was told to, whatever Katherine wanted. Her family needed her, even if that meant she had to betray Stefan and Damon. All she could hope was that they would understand and forgive her.

Katherine turned around, her eyes shining and excitement on her face.

"Elena, you are going to walk out into the night and kiss Damon Salvatore. You're going to tell him I'm back and you're going to tell him that the last kiss was false one. But then you're going to make everything all ok, as only Elena Gilbert can, believing she can save Damon from the dark."

Elena felt sick. Why would Katherine want this? How would it help her?

"And I'm going to watch you," Katherine continued. "Because how else is Stefan going to find out about your betrayal, unless I show him?"

Elena shook her head.


Katherine was in front of her before she could even breathe, her hand raised. Elena swore she heard the air move by her ear before she was hit hard across the face. Katherine's ring cutting deep into her lip. There was a moment where Elena sat stunned and numb, before her face exploded into pain and blood began to pour from her lip, both into her mouth and down her chin. She wiped at her face with a shaking hand.

"Then you're going to push him away, and tell him it was all a lie. That I forced you to do it. You're going to do all of this Elena, because if you don't, everyone you have ever cared about will be dead."

This time Elena couldn't help but let the tears fall from her eyes. Katherine was going to take everything and she couldn't see a way out.

She watched Katherine make a call from her cell phone. She knew she was phoning Damon, but she couldn't make herself concentrate on what was being said. All she knew was she was being hauled to her feet and dragged outside onto the lawn. It was pitch black, and suddenly Elena was alone. She felt herself shiver, and when she saw Damon walking towards her, it took all her strength not to collapse to the ground and cry.