Ron sat in his office with Harry finish his last piece of paper work, although his mind kept wondering to tonight. I had received a note from Draco about half an hour ago saying he had left for the day and I could come over as soon as I was done. Urh, stupid paper work.

"You nearly done mate?" asked Harry from the other side of the office.

"Nope, this is so bleeding hard." I answered back with a sigh.

"Or, maybe someone is just thinking about tonight" said Harry with a smile. I bent low over my parchment to cover my blush.

"Look just leave it for tonight" said Harry suddenly, I lifted my head in surprise, he always insisted we finish before leaving.

"Go on, your not going to get anything good done tonight with your head full of Draco. It can easily be done tomorrow" said Harry looking up from his parchment

"Thanks Harry, I'll see you tomorrow and I'll get it done I promise" I said getting up form my seat. I placed my have finished work in my top draw along with my quill. Then grabbed my coat and walked towards the door.

"If Draco's got anything like last night planned, you might not be able to keep your promise" said Harry with a small laugh, I stuck my tongue out at him and made my way to the elevator.

I got in and started moving down, since me and Harry had stayed rather late there wasn't many people about and I had the lift to myself for two floors. However, soon the doors clicked open and Hermione entered.

"Oh hello you. Working late aren't you." She said with a smile.

"Yeah, loads of paper work, Harry's still up there. Your late as well." I said returning the smile.

"Just had a meeting on supporting the right to have house-elves freedom." She said, I rolled my eyes. How couldn't I have guessed.

"Hey you weren't wearing that at dinner" I said, she was no longer in jeans and a jumper but a red slim dress.

"No I wasn't I got a date tonight, and don't have time to got get changed. He's picking me up here" she said with a smile.

"Who is this boyfriend of yours?" I asked curiously, she'd been bragging about him at lunch. Yet I didn't have a clue who he was

"Not telling" she said with a grin.

"That isn't fair, I've told you who my boyfriend is; and you hate the guy." I said

"Fine, but promise you won't get mad." She said

"I told you im going out with Draco Malfoy and you think I'll get mad?" I said, she smiled at this

"Fine, its your brother Fred." She said, a smile making its way to her lips at the mention of his name

"At least it isn't Percy, but you do realise you'll have George to put up with as well. They don't do anything without each other." I replied

"I know, I get along with his girlfriend though, so double dates are perfectly fine." She said with another smile

"Is it a double date tonight?" I asked

"Nope, just the tow of us, George has taking Poppy out for a movie" she replied as the doors clicked open into the main area. We walked together to the main entrance; I could see Fred waiting by a car a few metres away so I bid farewell and apparated to Draco's.

"Something smells delicious" I said walking into the kitchen, Draco was stood around the oven, clearly trying to make dinner.

"Well in a minute im going to have to call for a take away because im sure this is burnt" he said turning round.

"Well it's a good job I like both takeaways and burnt food" is added with a smile placing a kiss on his lips, which he returned happily. After about 5 minutes of snogging we took one more look at the food and decided to order out.

"Pizza or Chinese?" asked Draco

"Not bothered, I like both" I said with a laugh

"Pizza it is then" he said, "I'll be right back." And then with a pop he was gone. I walked into the living room, the sofa was still there, and memories of this morning came back. Man did I wish I could start everyday like that! I took of my robe and tie, sitting down on the sofa I undone a few buttons of my shirt and just relaxed. Draco reappeared 5 minutes later with 2 pizzas both had every topping possible on them; we settled on the sofa eating them the. After finishing them, I was officially full, Draco turned on his muggle TV thingy and we cuddled up on the sofa watching this movie about a mummy that accidently get's brought to life and this brother and sister, along with this man have to try and kill it again. It was actually really good.

"He's hot" I said randomly.

"Excuse me" said Draco from my side.

"well obviously not as hot as you. But he's hot. Anyway we both know he'll end up getting the girl not the guy. Its how every movie ends" I said with a sigh

"Our movie wouldn't" Draco said, I smiled and placed a kiss on his lips.

The movie ended about 20 minutes later and as I had predicted, the hot guy got with the girl. I looked over at the clock, it read 11:45. Draco must have looked to because he started to get up. Much to my disappointment. Once he was stood up he turned towards me

"Alright big guy, coming to bed it late" he said holding his hand out

"Yeah fine whatever" I replied taking his hand, he pulled me of the sofa and dragged me upstairs to his room.

"You really are lazy" he said once we had reached his room and I had flopped onto the bed.

"So, I like been lazy" I replied

"Well you keep been lazy but we won't be able to get in bed tonight" he said throwing the pillow at me.

"So, you'll have to sleep on the floor because im already on the bed" I said sticking my tongue out.

"Your so annoying" said Draco, grabbing my hands and trying to pull me off the bed.

"There's no way that a pip squeak like you are going to move me" I said with a smug smile.

"Fine, I'll just have to make you eat slugs" he said letting go of my hands and getting his wand out. I jumped up straight away, from past experience (2nd Year) I didn't want to eat slugs again. Draco laughed from beside me.

"Your so annoying at times" I told him, pulling back the covers to the bed and jumping in, I really couldn't be arsed getting changed.

"How can you call anyone annoying?" asked Draco getting into bed next to me, he also didn't take his clothes off.

"Easy peasy." I said wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer. He sighed and nested into my body. Suddenly however he jerked up.

"What's wrong?" I asked propping myself up slightly

"I just though I saw something in the doorway." He replied

"Well there's nothing there now so lets just got to sleep okay." I said lying down again, Draco just nodded and lay back down.

"Will you relax, you've got me lying next to you. Im a top Auror and I can definitely sort it out." I said wrapping my arms back around his body and cuddled into him.

"Yeah I guess your right" he replied and I felt him relax in my arms. I kissed the top of his head then settle down for some sleep.

A/N: so chapter 3, what did you think? I wanted a chapter in which it showed that they weren't just with each other to have sex but because they actually care about each other. Hope you like it. I'm really enjoying making this, but i can't just drop all my other fanfic's so I'll probably update one then update this again.