DiNozzo was on painkillers- again.
"How many times can you possibly break your nose, Tony?" Ziva asked jokingly and McGee snickered. Obliviously, Tony was looking around the NCIS bullpen like he'd never seen the place before. His mouth was set in an 'o' shape that made Ziva smile. He was spinning in his "amazizing" spinning chair as he'd called it and he was obviously getting dizzier by the second. This time McGee spoke up, him and Ziva walking up to his desk to poke some fun at him. After all a drugged up DiNozzo was always a good time in anyone's book.

"How many pills are you on right now anyway?" He asked quizzically. Tony answered him by giving him a huge loopy grin the spread to both his ears and showed his 1000 watt smile. "Oh HEY McGoo, McGiggles, Mc...Mc- Uh..." He was too preoccupied with staring at his thumb to continue. "A lot apparently, McGee." Ziva said, trying to hold back her laughter. Watching Tony when he was like this was like watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Americans did some pretty stupid things Ziva had decided when watching the most recent episode the night before.

"Can't handle a little pain Tony?" She mocked lightly. To her surprise, the Italian began laughing almost hysterically before answering, "Oh puh-leeeeaase!" He squeaked drunkenly, " I've gotten worse from my father."

Ziva and McGee froze. Tony was still spinning as fast as he could without throwing up and probably completely oblivious to what he'd just told them. They just looked at each other and back at their co-worker helplessly, wondering what to do and if Tony would remember this conversation later. "WHOO! This chair is my newerer best friend, guys! You can't compeeet with thiiis!" He sang, pronouncing 'newerer' like he had trouble forming the word before grabbing his tongue and attempting to reprimand it. Nope. He wouldn't remember a thing. Ziva and McGee shared another look before checking to see if anyone – especially Gibbs- was around. Then they started the interrogation.

"Hey Tony!" McGee said in a cheerful voice. Finally some dirt! "Having a rich dad musta been pretty awesome huh?"
Tony stopped spinning and looked at his hands in awe. "Not at all McDonald!" He took a moment to laughed at his own newly found nickname for his 'Probie'. His intelligence never ceased to astound him as he began to spin again. Poor Tim rubbed a hand over his face trying not to let his frustration show. "Well, why not?" Of course his life had to be better than most he was filthy rich! Dammit he was loaded even as a kid, it was unfair, but it had to be cool, Tim figured.
"Because moneeey is the root of all eviiiil, McDonald!" Tony said, wide-eyed. He giggled once more at the new pet name and Tim sighed.

"What about your parents Tony?" Ziva cut in and a dark look crossed Tony's cheerful face. His spinning slowed down, but didn't stop as he replied, "Mom killed herself and father was- IS – a royal asshole." Tony said softly. He looked almost confused...lost even.

McGee and Ziva balked. Suicide? All the things they used to say when he complained about his family were thrown in their faces simultaneously and it felt pretty damn shitty. They had never known that about Tony's life. What else had their partner been hiding from them?"How did she commit suicide Tony?" Ziva asked gently, her voice catching in her throat. Neither of his friends had thought the conversation would get this personal.

"Oh!" Tony shouted in surprise. His computer had made a 'bloop' noise which apparently required his immediate attention...Or what was left of it."Tony!" They both snapped in exasperation. Their confused partner tore his gaze away from his computer and looked at the two of them curiously. "You guys look funny!Oh man, there's two McGoo's!" He said noticing their expression and giggling slightly, pointing. "How did your mom commit suicide?" Ziva repeated more forcefully.
Casually, Tony said, " Knowing me," He pointed to himself theatrically, accidentally poking himself in the forehead, "it was my fault she wanted to die so badly."

Again Ziva and McGee were struck speechless. If Tony had smacked them both across the face (which by now the pair thought they probably deserved) it would elicit the same reaction. They had NEVER seen Tony- happy-go-lucky Tony of all people- act like this and it scared them.
Tony continued, completely blind to their reaction and he even appeared to be having fun, not noticing the words exiting his mouth. "and she did it during movie night too...that was our only time together away from fatherer. Slit her throat..." He seemed to sadden a little. Almost like a little kid who had just realized he'd lost something important to him and his co-workers felt awful. "I was there – Pret-tey freaky stuff, but I bet it was better than my idea."

"You were there when...Wait!Your idea?" They shouted in unison. They were both thinking the same thing. TONY? Suicide? He would never...he could never...No,no,no,no,no,no,no! Tony?

"Yeeep!" Tony said happily. "Always loved heights! So beautiful up there, my favorite view! But then I joined NCIS." He finished. He was spinning full force now, head rolling around as he tried to focus on his mighty mouse stapler unsuccessfully.

Ziva and McGee were shocked...He really cared about his job that much? He really cared about them that much? Damn. They never would have guessed that Tony could think like that and be so...so sentimental. To think that Tony- their Tony- had thought about suicide made them reconsider their feelings for their partner. Sure he could be rude and obnoxious and even invasive, but he was part of their family right? McGee realized that although Tony was annoying and sometimes rude, the nicknames he gave him were meant to represent affection. Of course deep down he always knew that. Tony was like the older brother he'd never had...For Ziva it finally clicked that the playboy persona wasn't as perfect as it seemed. He was deeper than he looked and apparently, there was much more to her teammate than it seemed. Don't judge a book by its...it's cover right? That was Tony. If she'd said that outloud he'd probably have thrown a fit and asked her how she'd possibly voiced an American idiom correctly. She smiled.

Just then Gibbs arrived, walking through the opening elevator doors. "DING!" Tony mimicked excitedly. Then he noticed his boss approaching and shouted "BOSSMAAAN!" He jumped up out of his self-proclaimed, amusement park ride and word vomit started pouring out of his mouth. "Oops! Hey Boss! When did you take the caterpillar off your lip?" He asked in confusion. McGee and Ziva were by his side now. They rushed to support him when his dizziness threatened to knock him over.

"About a year ago DiNozzo. Painkillers?" Of course Gibbs wouldn't miss a beat. The last two sane members of his team nodded and helped DiNozzo back into his chair so he and his 'best friend' could be reunited. "It'd be funny if it weren't so sad." Gibbs said, shaking his head.
His phone chose then to ring and he struggled to open it and press the 'talk' button. "Yeah, Gibbs." He opened gruffly. After a short silence except for Tony (he attempted to imitate the phone's ringing noises) Gibbs hung up and looked at his team. "Ziva. McGee. Grab your gear, we got a case. DiNozzo!" He barked, facing the doped up man. His face was mixture of irritation and humor, but to anyone who didn't know Gibbs as well as his team they never would have noticed the concealed amusement in his eyes.

Tony's head shot up from its previous position observing his tie which he'd managed to tie in a knot. "Get down to Ducky." Transfixed by his tie Tony nodded enthusiastically and stood up. He narrowly avoided several collisions with others who walked his way. His tie was just that entertaining apparently. After the elevator doors had closed Gibbs sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "What am I ever gonna do with that man?" He asked no one in particular.

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