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Tony had barely talked that entire week after.

He'd figured it out by himself and wasn't happy. His father had called him back like one of Gibbs's naggy ex-wives and wouldn't leave Tony alone until McGee discreetly blocked Mr. DiNozzo's number. Gibbs was giving them probie work. Great. But they both figured they deserved it.

Abby wouldn't even look at them without making it seem like she was about to stab them. With a steak prong ...in the eye. And leave no forensic evidence. Ziva and McGee were making a superhuman attempt to get Tony to talk to them. Or even look at them. To at least throw something at them! Tony's silence was more than they could handle and they missed his obnoxious self.
Every night, Ziva and Tim met at the cafe down the street to work on their plot.

Next Monday Ziva and Tim were already at work, early, asleep at their desks. Gibbs was up in the squad room as Tony walked in. He walked over to his desk, casting a surreptitious glance at his sleeping co-workers and debated doing something completely terrible to them, but decided it was a waste of time.

He was going to take the old job offer of Rota that Vance had reminded him about last week. He sighed. He'd liked NCIS. No. He'd loved it. He'd worked at NCIS the longest he'd worked anywhere! Normally he wouldn't mind Ziva and McGee looking through his things, but they'd stepped over a huge boundary. He flopped down in his chair and sighed.

Blinking in surprise, Tony noticed a large package on his desk. It wasn't neatly wrapped at all. In fact it look like someone's dog had chewed it up and spat it back out, but it was still a package and the messy bow on top of it showed it was a gift.
A gift that someone had obviously been angry at and decided to run over with a car...Repeatedly.

Tony sat up and looked at the tag.

Tony gasped in surprise.

Tim had called himself the Probie! He'd have to take a picture. Grinning a little bit Tony quietly picked up the package and walked past his fellow employee's desks, headed for the stairs in the far corner of the room. They led to the roof of the building. As he walked up the stairs, Tony seriously considered violently destroying the gift...It could be a prank or something, but Tony was pretty sure it was an 'I'm sorry' gift...After all, the two of them had been up his ass the last week trying to force him into conversation.

He pushed open the door to the top of the building and was instantly met with a strong breeze. Tony smiled. He'd always loved heights.
Sitting down on a chair he kept up there for lunch breaks, Tony tore the wrapping off slowly, keeping the bow and sticking it onto his shirt. He froze, wrapper still in hand and stared. No one had ever, EVER done something like this for him before. No one had taken the time to...The effort. It was amazing...

The book in front of him was large. About the size of his lap and bound together and the binding with regular rope. The rope had beads, 3 Navy Blue and White beads on them each. The book itself was Leather and thick, navy blue, but flexible. In big bold letters at the top it spelled out 'NCIS'. At the bottom it had the words 'Family Album' and Tony's name engraved in smaller letters on the bottom right corner.
A photograph occupied the middle.

Tony with Ziva, McProbie, Gibbs, Abby and the autopsy gremlin with his teacher...All standing with him. That was the picture itself that Tony remembered anyway. But Kate, Jenny and Paula were all in the picture too... Photo shopped perfectly with the rest of the crowd. McGee's work, no doubt. It had to have taken hours...Maybe days, to get that done, Tony realized.

Tears pricked his eyes as he slowly ran a finger over the picture.

He'd always wanted a photo album, but there was never anything important enough to go in one. He'd never had any pictures of his mother. His father wasn't worth remembering and there had been no family to take a picture of.

He opened the album carefully and looked at the next picture. Him and McGee, him and Ziva, he and Kate all together in pictures that he remembered. Pictures that occupied Abby's walls and pictures that he remembered taking of his friends at crime scenes. Gibbs and him when Gibbs was at the hospital and Kate with him when he was infected with the plague. He was crying now.

There were photos of Tony with waay too much pizza in his mouth and photographs of him sleeping at his desk and at the movies with them all. Pictures that he'd never known were taken were in that book. The pages appeared to be old and worn, but he knew they were like that for detail. They felt like parchment. That kind of paper was expensive. There was he and Palmer in autopsy smiling and drinking some scotch and pictures of him and Gibbs in Gibbs basement 'fixing' his boat. Tony with his sig out and posing with stuffed bears, throwing spit balls at Kate and both Kate and Paula punching him. Paula and he at the office laughing together...There were head-slaps a plenty in there that Tony couldn't help, but chuckle about.

It was official. They were forgiven. By the time Tony got to the last page he was thoroughly sold. He already knew they were sorry. OBVIOUSLY.

He completely stopped for the second time. The last 3 pages were filled entirely with signatures and messages written to him.

Dear Tony,
I'm so sorry for what we did. It was never supposed to happen like that, but I guess we just finally figured out that we don't know much about you after all the years we've worked together...Maybe if you give Ziva and I a second chance then we could do that the right way. I have a shelf filled with movies in my apartment that I haven't watched yet? I know I don't deserve you to just turn around accept my apology, but I'm ready for that. You've always been there for me. When I shot that cop and with my fear of heights...Which-still hasn't really gone away, but the You Tube video kinda helped me grow a backbone. You're my friend and you're like an older brother to me...No matter what your father says I consider you as a part of my family...So that means I must be part of yours then, right?
I hope you can forgive me...I know you have every other time, but I'm afraid that I might have crossed a big line and I can't blame you if you decide to hold a grudge, but you're still family to me. You always will be.
(P.S. I secretly like the nickname.).

He'd called himself the 'Probie'. Tony grinned an evil, evil grin.

The next page was a sketch of him, drawn by Kate Todd. That had to count as her letter Tony guessed. He smiled, tears were falling down his face so he had to pull the book away a bit to read it without destroying the pictures. Tony's eyes widened as he realized it was the actual sketch. Not a copy. There was only one edge of the paper that wasn't tucked into the page itself. Tony pulled it back. It read: To my partner Tony.

Tony chuckled. Subtle Kate, he thought.

Ziva wrote:

I do not know what to say other than I am sorry. I did not want you to be hurt by what I did. I only wished to help, but that misfired.

Tony laughed at her horrible attempt at American idioms.

I hope you do not stay angry with me for too long. You are my partner and we are a team. I wish for you to forgive me for being a donkey.


Again Tony chuckled lightly. Ziva was always so... awkward, but her attempts to be straightforward and grammatically correct were herculean. He'd have to help her out more with that...

He froze in shock and stared at the next page. There was a note that Paula had given him. Tony blinked. He'd crumpled it up and thrown that letter out after Jeanne had left him, but he'd run back for it only to find that the trash had been taken out. The only one person who could have found the letter before it went out was Palmer. Palmer would have known that Tony would want it back one day. Tony had regretted throwing the crumpled piece of paper in the trash and was more than pleased to see it taped onto a page.

Tell her you love her.
~Love, Paula.

That was it. The only letter Paula had ever given him, that letter had caused him so much happiness and pain it was almost painful to look at. It made him sad, but happy at the same time...Tony grinned.

There were more from various members of the team. Gibbs telling him he was like a son to him made Tony cry even more and there were invites to play Gibbs' daughter's piano that made Tony's eyes widen in surprise. That wasn't an offer Gibbs handed out lightly. He wanted to hear Tony play. He promised himself he'd grant his boss's wish.

Palmer's was longer than the rest. He and Palmer had been close when Tony had been leading the team. Ziva and McGee had given him a hard time, but Palmer had always been his friend during that time and had actually told the two of them off a couple times. Tony smiled at the memories Palmer was sharing with him. He was surprised Jimmy would think of them like that, but he loved it.

Ducky's letter was mainly filled with stories, but was great to read and there were little snippets about Tony in there that made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Abby's was eccentric and he could almost picture her yelling the words on the page in excitement. Recalling all the times they'd shared together even before Kate had joined the team. Her memory was pretty damn impressive, Tony noted happily. There were pictures to go along with the notes that showed scenes of him with the addressee. He trailed his hand over the pages.

Finally he snapped the book closed and stood up. It was light out.

Damn! Checking his watch, Tony saw the time and pelted for the stairs. So much for Rota, he thought. Gibbs was gonna be pissed, but Tony strode back into the bullpen with a smile on his face. Gibbs said nothing, pretending not to notice Tony's presence while Ziva and Tim looked at him hopefully. Without a word, Tony nodded, still grinning from ear to ear, clutching the book to his chest like an excited child, eyes puffy. They smiled gratefully back.


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