A/N: this is my third story, and personaly one of my favorites that I've written! i hope you like it too! and it's in bella's point of view

Thats it.

I've been waiting for Jacob, and he hasn't showed.

I started walking, towards the edge of the cliff.

"Bella." His voice, only made me want to jump, even more.


"Don't do this," He begged.

You wanted me to be human, Well watch me.

"Please. For me."

But you won't stay with me any other way.


My toes were hanging off the rock now.

"No, Bella!"

A grin spread to my face, I raised my arms out, I leaned forward, and before I could stop myself from plunging off the cliff. "Bella!" This was a different voice.

Shit. SHIT. I'm going to die.

Pain surrounded my arm sockets. Someone was pulling me upward. I was only inches down. I thumped against the hard ground. "Jacob!" I shrieked!

"I'm here Bells. What the hell were you thinking?" He questioned.

I stared into his eyes. He was sitting down. I was lying on his chest. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, I was still in shock. My mouth was wide open.

My brain started working again.

"You were late. I decided to get a heads start.." I lead off.

"So. You decided by jumping off the cliff without me, you got a heads start?" He laughed.

He looked up at him.

"Jacob…" Tears started streaming down my face.

"He hurt you really bad. Didn't he?" I nodded. "It's okay. You can tell me. It's okay to cry."

"He just left me." Sobs escaped my chest. "I'm hurt, Jake. It's like he punched a whole into my chest. Edward," I clutched my chest. The pain came. "It still hurts to say his name… What's wrong with me Jake? Why didn't he want me?"

He stared at the ground for a moment. Then he looked into my eyes again. "Isabella Marie Swan." He said sternly. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You're perfect." He whispered while he was stroking my hair.

"Jake, you are amazing. You are literally," I smiled "the best mechanic ever."

"And what makes that true?" He smiled too.

"You're fixing me." I breathed. "Patching up my hole. You're making me, Bella again. I'm not completely healed. But almost."

He leaned in closer to me. I couldn't help but want it too. I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to find mine. Warmth and softness evaded the outside of my mouth. I let myself just kiss him. I didn't restrain. I didn't fight back. I enjoyed it.

Our lips parted at the same time and found each other at the same time. He pulled me over so I was literally on top of him. He elevated my body so we weren't kissing anymore.

"Did that finish the job?" He laughed.

Amazingly it did. "Yes." My chest didn't hurt anymore. The hole was still there, but it didn't burn. It was merely a scar now.

"Well I'm glad." And he pulled me closer for another kiss.

"Umm. Jacob," I tried to get out before our lips met. "Do you realize that we are still on the edge of a cliff, on the dirty ground."

He pushed me forward and we were both sitting up now.

"The only thing I noticed was you." He said with an eyebrow raised. "And it's all I want." He kissed my lips, my nose, my forehead. "Every part of you."

"The good and bad?" I asked still unsure.

"The good and bad." He confirmed. He smiled my Jacob smile.

He gazed into my eyes. "Bella, I lo-"

"Jacob!" It was Sam, his voice was frantic.

He was up in an instant. I was still sitting. "What's wrong?" Sam's face was in pain.

"Harry. He's dead." He stared at me. "Bella, Charlie is at the Clearwater's. So he won't be there when you get home."

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