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I started pacing around our apartment. I felt hands snake around my waist. "Relax love." Edward's voice whispered against my ear. I smiled, but then a grimace replaced my grin.

"But what if he hates me?" I asked, disbelief in my voice. He turned me around so he could see my face.

"How could anyone hate you?"

I smiled. "You're right."

"Don't forget your contacts!" He shouted as he walked towards the door. I laughed.

"What would I do without you?"

He came into the bathroom with me, a prop. "Obviously forget your contacts." We both broke into laughter.

I popped the brown contacts into my eyes, and looked into my mirror. "How bad is it?" I asked.

"You look beautiful." He kissed my forehead. I looked back into the glass.

I looked so different now that I have been changed. It was about six months ago, we got a frantic phone call from Alice, sobbing about the Volturi coming. And then next thing I know I'm laying on the Cullens table, writhing in pain. Then when the Volturi came to visit, all was well. But Aro said that he planned on throwing Edward and I a wedding party when the time comes. We were just silently screaming for them to leave in our heads. I knew Edward wanted to propose, but he hasn't yet. We aren't in a rush, we have forever to get married.

We walked over to Edwards fancy car that I haven't even bothered to learn the name of it. He sighed. "Are you really that fond of my volvo?" He asked.

I smiled. "Yeah." He walked over to the silver car.

"You get your way. Today at least." We both smiled.

We drove from Port Angeles (We decided to move closer towards Cullens, who we still visit at least every other day, but we had to keep up the story of us going away to college), to the little town of Forks. Eventually we pulled into the familiar driveway. I saw the front door swing open. Edward kissed my hand. "You'll be fine, just take deep breaths when he isn't around." I was fairly good around humans, but I still wanted to take precautions. Then I saw my father run out to greet us, I opened my car door, and climbed out.

"Bella!" My dad cried out. "Look at you! College did you good, you look beautiful!" He pulled me in for a hug. "Is it really cold? You guys are all bundled up!" Both me and Edward smiled.

We sat in his living room talking for hours. Everytime, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I would have to breathe, I would hold on to Edward's hand for dear life. Then Charlie brought something up I didn't expect. "So when are you guys gonna get married? You know give me grandkids?" He chuckled. The smile I was wearing quickly vanished. I could never give him grandchildren.

Instead Edward slyly answered, "We are going to wait a few more years to get married since we are so young." He smiled.

I pulled back my shield. You're old enough to be my grandfather though. I saw the corner's of his mouth twitch. I pulled my shield back over, and I was out of breath, because doing this took a lot out of me.

Then Charlie shed more tears as we left. "You kids visit me soon, okay?" We both nodded.

We were driving towards La Push minutes later. Edward put his hand on my leg to calm me. We finally pulled in front of the little red house that Jacob now owned (Billy moved to a smaller place). We parked the car, and I stumbled out, I gripped Edward's hand for support. We reached the door. He knocked three times, and then I heard Jacob's husky voice. "Coming!" Bellow through the small house.

The door started to open and it felt like forever before I was finally face to face with him.

"Bella." He whispered.

No! No no no no no! He hates me, I can tell, he hates me.

I held on to Edward's hand even harder. "I can't believe you actually came!" He exclaimed as he enveloped me into his big arms. "Bella you stink." He murmured above my head. We parted, and all three of us laughed.

"Yeah well you don't smell so good yourself."

Jacob face saddened quickly. "Are you leaving soon?"

"We decided to stop by." Edward said.

Jacob nodded. He closed the door behind him, and he motioned for us to sit down on the porch.

"So you lovebirds, how's your life?" He asked.

"Good." We both chimed together.

"What about you Jacob?" I asked.

Jacob smiled. "Yeah everythings great, she's actually having dinner with her parents tonight." Then he bit his lip. "So how's your leg?"

I shrugged my shoulders, and bent down to roll up my jeans. "Not that noticible anymore." Which was true, but Edward and I could still see them very clearly. I'm sure Jacob could see them too.


"Jacob!" I whined. "Don't say you sorry, please." I pleaded.

He smiled fine. "You look beautiful Bells." He said.

I smile. "I've heard." I nudge Edward with my elbow, I look at him lovingly.

"You'll visit me soon right?" He asked.

"As long as you want me too."

"I'll never stop wanting you to come. Oh, and I was wondering if you wanted to come to my wedding." He said shyly.

"What? No really? Oh my gosh of course Jacob!" I said happily.

He went inside quickly and came back out with an invitation.

I gave him a big hug.

"Bella, Jacob has to breathe!" Edward laughed.

My eyes widened. "Now I'm the one who cuts off your air supply." I joked.

Jake stared into my eyes. "Bye Bells."

I could feel my eyes start to sting, as if I was about to cry, even though I knew I couldn't. "Bye Jake." I sobbed without tears. He held me close again.

"Don't lose touch."

I parted and I held hands with Edward again. "Never."

I waved, goodbye and then crawled into the car. He waved back and I saw that he was holding back tears.

I blew him a kiss and I saw him laugh.

Edward started driving as he waved goodbye also. After five minutes I realized that we were going the wrong way. "Uh Edward last time I checked, we lived that way." I point behind us.

He smiled. "I know."

Then he parked on the side of the road. He opened my car door, and pulled me out. Then all of a sudden he was dragging me along, and we were running through the forest.

I didn't say anything and just followed.

Then we made it through these trees into a meadow, then I realized through my foggy human memories, that this was the meadow. My meadow. Our meadow.

We stopped.

"Really?" I asked.

He nodded. I pressed my lips to his. We kissed for a few minutes and then he inturupted. "Bella..." Then he got down on one knee.

"I love you so much. Never will I ever leave you again. I promise to be with you till..." He was lost for words. "The end of forever. I can never stop loving you. Will you marry me?"

I looked down at the beautiful ring. "Yes."

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