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Wolf's Love for Moon by Boogermeister

Chapter 1- Arranged yet Forced- Prelude

The world was far different than generations ago. Though people lived in modern times, tradition was still the stronghold as everyone are expected to follow the silent rules. Social classes were the major factor, as nobles often ruled territories along withthe cities and towns within it. The Rukongai were a well known territories, with 320 districts surrounding the major city called the Seireitei. Many of the districts thrived with middle-class civilians with everyday life, while the major city were for the upper as well as noble classes.

Though on some occasions, many youths often went against certain traditions. Commonly, it was social stigmas and marrying. Many argued that marrying for love was far more important than marrying out of reputation. Regardless, they were often silenced by the majority and had no choice but to go along with the conformity. It was the same thing with the region hundreds of miles away, called Hueco Mundo. Las Noches, the capital of the region, was mostly controlled by a powerful noble.

His name was Sousuke Aizen, a charismatic yet dangerous man who could get his way by words alones. Only his top subordinates were assigned with the physical threats, called the Espadas. Not much was known about the subordinates, and must not be known outside Aizen's domains. As of now, he had thought about having a wife. It wasn't truly that he was getting older but he simply needed an heir for his status and reputation. With a help of a professional matchmaker, he leisurely browsed through a long list of candidates on a computer database.

So far, nothing had interested him. Sure, many woman were very beautiful but not enough to catch his eyes. Halfway through 'K' names, Aizen was nearly considered giving up for the day. Then he blinked at one name.

'Kurosaki, Ichigo.'

"Hmm, who is this . . . .?" he mused quietly, his bronze eyes gazed at the profile. This young woman was absolutely gorgeous, despite the somewhat scowling look on her face. The bright and long orange hair had also caught his eyes, as well as the beautiful chocolate eyes and her tannish and flawless skin. He then briefly glanced at the other information of her. A slightly above average height of 5'9" but it didn't matter, her birthday in the middle of the summer, her blood type A.

"Ah, it shouldn't matter, Aizen-sama," the aged matchmaker, shaking her head. "According to this, she is from the Karakura district of Rukongai. She couldn't be considered-"

"Why not? Karakura's not a bad place," muttered Aizen. "I doubt that she is beneath me, I wonder how she is when I meet her in person . . . ." His lips curled slightly into a small smirk as he gazed over the info once again. He then suddenly realized that he overlooked the age. "Sixteen . . . . not too young to get marry off . . . ."


"Shut the hell up, damn it!" scowled Ichigo, kicking her father down for the seventh time today. "I swear, if I had to hear about not finding a boyfriend, I'm gonna kill you in your sleep."

"B-but, my darling first-born-" whimpered her crippled father but a foot to the face finally silenced him. Ichigo huffed and cracked her neck, she wasn't a typical average girl. Aside from the slightly taller height, she had a lithe yet tomboyish body. She wasn't flat but her chest was well proportionate to her figure. Because of that, she always preferred to wear casual T-shirt and jeans clothing. Even at school, she wore the boy's pants rather than the skirt. Even her voice was slightly deeper, to compliment her tomboyishness. The only feminine thing about her was her long hair, which was either left as a ponytail or straight down.

Right now, it was in a ponytail as it flopped around when Ichigo stomped into the living room and plopped down onto the couch. "Stupid Goat Face . . . . I have plenty of time," she scoffed under her breath. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at the ridiculously large poster behind her. She frowned, not because it was her father's idea to hang it up, it was a portrait of her late mother. Death caused by a rare disease that attacks the lungs. Being the oldest of three daughters, she tried to fill in the motherly role but her younger sister Yuzu was better at it than her. It wasn't that bad, Yuzu was more girlier than the rest.

"Man . . . ." she mumbled, taking her cell phone out. She considered calling her best friend Rukia but reluctantly shrugged it off, the petite yet scrappy girl was above her socially. Knowing Rukia, she must be doing her noble duties. "Argh . . . . I dunno what to do," she frowned, swinginh her legs over the cushions. "It's the summer, why did my friends left me alone in this hell?"

"Quit acting so dramatic, I don't care if you're a teenager or not," frowned her other sister, Karin, who walked into the room. "Anyway, Yuzu asked me to get you. She needs help with the laundry."

"Fine," sighed Ichigo as she got up, stepping over her still knocked out father to go to the end of the hallway. "Yuzu? Are you loading the clothes in or taking them out?" she asked as she stepped into the laundry room. She then blinked at the little girl hunching over, as if she was trying to muffle a sound. "Yuzu?" she called out.

"Hm? Yeah, Ichi-nee?" Yuzu suddenly perked up as she turned around, quickly stuffing away a balled up and bloodied tissue in her apron pocket. Ichigo didn't notice that, as she frowned a little.

"You ask me to help with the laundry, didn't you?"

"Oh yeah, all of them are clean now!" smiled Yuzu, bending down to pick up the basket. "Can you help me to put them away, please?"

"Okay . . . ." she shrugged, picking up the other one and walked out. But for some reason, she had a strange feeling in the back of her head. It had been that way for a couple of days. It was as if something important was coming. Luckily, she wasn't distracted enough to immediately dodge the sudden hug attack from her Dad. "Quit it, Dad! I'm doing something right now!" she scowled.

"But I wanna to show my love to my daughter!" chortled her father, attempting to hug her again. But Ichigo merely gave him a roundhouse kick without looking. Such actions like these were unlady-like, and yet it was normal in the Kurosaki residence. For a girl her age, she shouldn't be acting like this. Even as a high school student, girls must learn to act like ladies in orders to have future husbands. It was for the reputation of the family, but something like that wasn't in Ichigo's mind. She was too busy looking after her family.

Even as a girl, she had male friends to hang around with but that will soon change once she'll reach the marrying age. Walking upstairs, she sighed at the thought. She didn't want to be rushed into something like this, and she knew her father, a typical clinic doctor, didn't want that either. But she still had time, only until the age of 25. Just as she reached the top step, she suddenly heard concerned voices back downstairs. "Ugh, don't tell me that Dad did something stupid again," she muttered as she placed the basket down and went back downstairs.

". . . . Yuzu, this is very serious." Ichigo stiffened slightly at the serious tone, very rarely does that happen. "I've been noticing it for a while, you can't hide it from someone like me . . . ." The teen's breathing hitched slightly, what does he mean by that? She rushed down the last few steps and back into the hallway.

"Dad? What's wrong?" she questioned hastily, her eyes shifting between her sister and father.

"Hey, what's going on?" Karin questioned as well when she heard the commotion and came by. Yuzu said nothing, she just stared down at the floor and bit her bottom lip.

"What is it? How comes nobody saying anything?" Ichigo scoffed impatiently, as she then gazed hard at her father's solemn face. "Dad . . . .?"

". . . . We can discussed when we go to the hospital," he muttered quietly.


Ichigo had never, never thought something like this would happen. She knew that the disease that killed her mother was rare, but she didn't know that it could resurface to take over her young sister. Because of the condition, they knew that the treatment would be too expensive. They weren't poor, but they knew they can't afford it for long. For the next week, Ichigo's father had been distressed of the situation, not knowing how he could save his daughter.

"Dad . . . . maybe you should rest for a while," Ichigo muttered quietly one night as they sat next to the hospital bed, Yuzu was asleep but monitors and wires were attached to her body.

"I know, right?" her father sighed gravely, but his tired eyes couldn't stray away from the sight before them. "But . . . . for some reason, I can't, Ichigo. It feels like . . . . seven years ago . . . ." Ichigo frowned sadly at that, and glanced away. There was nothing they can do, it was too much for them.

"Listen, I'll . . . . I'll take Karin home, okay?" she muttered quietly as she stood up.

"Yeah . . . ." The teen sighed somberly but left the room, what can she do about it? Her father thought about the same thing, what can he do as well? He doesn't have enough to keep Yuzu healthy for a few months, let alone years. "Shit . . . ." he gritted under his breath, clenching his fists. From the silence, his cell phone suddenly rang. Deciding not to ignore since it might be an emergency, he took it out of his pocket and answered it. " . . . . Yes?"

"Is this Isshin Kurosaki?" Isshin blinked and frowned slightly at the unfamiliar voice.

"I'm sorry, who am I speaking to?" he muttered.

"It's my apologies, I am the one who should have addressed myself. My name is . . . . Sousuke Aizen."

"Sousuke Aizen?" questioned Isshin in surprise and confusion. ". . . . Is this serious, the noble Sousuke Aizen from Las Noches?"

"I am not surprised that you wouldn't believe me at first, but it's true. I am the noble from Las Noches . . . . and I am calling you to give an proposition, Isshin Kurosaki . . . ."

"Huh? Wh-what . . . .?" he gasped, his eyebrows furrowed in deeper confusion.

"From what I had found out, one of your youngest daughters is becoming sicker from a rare lung disease. Am I right?"

"Uh, y-yes . . . ."

"And because of it, the expenses for medical treatments are becoming too great for you, correct?" Isshin gulped dryly at this, this can't be real! "Right now, I am a very generous man, Isshin Kurosaki . . . . I am willing to help you if you could do me one small favor . . . ."

". . . . And what is that?" he asked unsurely.

"Your eldest daughter, Ichigo." Isshin inhaled sharply at that in shock, and yet it was expected as Aizen chuckled softly. "She is of the right age, I don't believe that should be a problem there. It's quite simple, your daughter's hand in marriage for your other daughter's life. Hurry up and decide, Isshin Kurosaki . . . ." Isshin breathed heavily as his heart pounded at the circumstances. Sixteen was the right age to get married but many held off marriage until the person finishes high school. Neither he or Ichigo had discussed truly much about it, he thought they could wait until she finds her own suitor. Just like her mother did with him.

"Well . . . .? What is your decision, Isshin Kurosaki?" Isshin closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. He knew that his next answer will make him regret later on.


Once again, Ichigo couldn't believe it. Not because of the good news that Yuzu's treatments for her disease has been suddenly covered. It was because of the reason behind it. The day her father told her, she locked herself in her room and curled up in her bed. She didn't cry, but tears silently fell down his cheeks and stained into her pillow.

She couldn't believe it. She was being marrying off to some noble all for the sake of the family. She was so deep into her grief that she didn't realize her window was pushed opened and someone stepped inside. "Ichigo . . . . .?" Ichigo sniffed, she felt the person sitting next to her and petting on her head. "Ichigo, what's wrong . . . .?"

"Rukia . . . ." Ichigo mumbled with a cracked voice as she glanced up at her friend. "You didn't hear . . . .?"

"What? What happened, Ichigo?" frowned Rukia with concern.

"I'm being forced into marriage . . . ." she whimpered. "By some noble I barely heard of . . . . named Sousuke Aizen." By the look on her friend's shocked face, it appeared that she knew about the person. "Who is he, Rukia?" she questioned as she sat up. "I only know about the nobles that lived in the Seireitei, but this man is from a far away region called Hueco Mundo. I don't even know how he looks like . . . ."

"Sousuke Aizen . . . ." muttered Rukia, glancing down at her lap. "I heard of him from Nii-sama, that he is one of the the most powerful nobles known to most. Unlike the four great noble families who helped control the Seireitei and the districts, he controls almost the entire city of Las Noches and have great influence over it. In a way, he controls his status almost like a king."

"What . . . .?" gasped Ichigo, the sense of hyperventilation was getting to her. She was getting married to a man more powerful than the nobles here. "I . . . . I can't do this, Rukia. I'm not the type that the higher-ups would want, I'm just a regular person. I'm not that interesting to anyone . . . ."

"Ichigo . . . . I'm sorry, but once it happened there's nothing to stop it," Rukia frowned sadly. "That's the way it is in our world."

"But it wasn't an arranged marriage," she countered, a few tears threatened to fall. "He just asked for me in order for Yuzu to get better, Rukia. And I have no say in this, I must do it or else . . . ." Suddenly, a frustrated scowl etched across her face and clenched her fist. "I don't want to, but our family will fall apart without the treatment. I can't go through that again."

"Then . . . . calm down about this, Ichigo," Rukia muttered quietly, glancing at her. "Marrying to someone as important as him means that you must make yourself important as well. Not to be cruel about this but appearing like this is very disrespectful to a noble."

"And sneaking out to meet me is not?" questioned Ichigo, cheering up very slightly as she put up a small smile.

"Renji's on the lookout, he's wandering in your backyard for a while."

"I hate that bodyguard of yours, just because he works for your family doesn't mean he's better than me."

"But he's a good friend to me, Ichigo," frowned Rukia.

"And I'm not? Even though I bailed you out for wanting to go to some infamous nightclub that time," mumbled Ichigo.

"You're just as good," she sighed.

". . . . Thanks, Rukia," Ichigo smiled a little. They talked for a while as the dusk settled in the district, Rukia had advised her friend on how to act right between the talks. Ichigo occasionally nodded, though she knew that she will be taught more once she gets married. ". . . . Still, I don't know what to do once I'm married," muttered Ichigo. "What is there to do over there . . . .?" She shuddered at the first thing that entered her mind, she was young but she wasn't stupid of what comes right after marriage.

"Don't worry about it, Ichigo . . . ." Rukia sighed deeply. "You'll have power to do whatever you want if you want to. But you must remember not to do anything that'll offend your future husband."

"Like what?"

"Well, you can't just lash out at anyone who pisses you off," she shrugged.

"But that's about a half of me to take out," frowned Ichigo, just as some guy struggled to climb over the window.

"Geez, what's taking so long?" groaned the red-haired man.

"Renji, you can't just climb in here!" exclaimed Ichigo in surprise then annoyance. "This is a girl's room, get out!"

"Why? I got in here before," he frowned before turning to Rukia. "Rukia-sama, we must go. Kuchiki-sama's getting suspicious by the hour."

"All right, in a few minutes," replied Rukia.

"But we must go now," he persisted.

"And I said in a few minutes," scoffed Rukia, pushing him off the window. Luckily for him, he broke his fall with a tuck-and-roll across the grass. That was expected, as Rukia turned back to Ichigo. "There's nothing to do about this but bearing the burden of your coming role, Ichigo. Sorry, but I can only wish you luck . . . ."

"I know, thanks . . . ." muttered Ichigo, glancing down. Rukia nodded and gave her a quick hug before climbing out. Silence quickly engulfed the room, as Ichigo hugged her raised knees. She had to go along with this. She gave a quick glance at her slightly opened closet, in there was a special garment bag given to him earlier from her Dad. Inside of the bag was once belonged to her late mother, a wedding dress.

Another stray of tear fell down, she knew her life will change tomorrow.


She shivered, as she stared up at the rumored man in tuxedo before her. Just hours ago, she was taken from her home and was driven out of the Rukongai territories in an unmarked limosine. The luscious and thick forest gradually dwindled into a barren land, very little vegetation sprouted through the dry soil. Even the sky grew dark with thick clouds as the car was near the destination, all Ichigo could do was to stare down at the flat bag at her lap. It was the only thing she brought with her, she didn't need her belongings once it happened.

From her peripheral view she noticed the tall skyscrapers but didn't glance up. She hadn't said a word during the long trip, what was there to say anyway? ". . . . Kurosaki-sama?" muttered the driver, breaking her out of her silent thoughts. It was weird for her to be called with superiority, but she must get used to it. "We're near, you must address yourself to Aizen-sama with much respect on the day of the ceremony."

". . . . Yes," mumbled Ichigo. She mentally shook her head in disbelief, she was to meet the man the same day as the wedding. For now, she must go along with ceremony but she hadn't expected this. Now, standing in her mother's elegant wedding dress, she stared face-to-face at the man before her through her veil. It was just her, him, and the priest in the unneeded yet extravagantly decorated chapel.

She shuddered again in apprehension from the calm look on the older man's face, the bouquet in her hand shook subtly. Everything was so sudden to the teen girl, but she must do it. ". . . . Are you ready, Ichigo?" asked the man, the tone of his voice matched his expression as he grasped at her hands. Ichigo stiffened slightly from the contact but breathed steadily. "Do you want to become my wife and consort forever?"

"I . . . . Y-yes, I do," muttered Ichigo, the soft words slipped through her painted lips. "To you forever, Sousuke Aizen-sama . . . ." The man put up a smirk and reached to pull back the veil. Ichigo nearly flinched when the hands touched his face and Aizen leaned down.

"Perfect . . . ." he smirked, before capturing her quivering lips.


As much as she wanted to cry, it must happen. She was still in her wedding gown as she barely wandered around the lavish hotel suite, it was obvious that she was scared of what was coming. ". . . . Ichigo," Aizen called out softly, startling her a little and she quickly turned around. "Come here, this is the next step of our new marriage," said Aizen from the bederoom, the yukata he was wearing appeared much better than her dress.

"Y-yes, Aizen-sama," stuttered Ichigo, but the man smiled.

"I am your husband, call me by my first name," he suggested.

"Yes, Sousuke-sama . . . ." she quickly corrected herself as she hesitantly made her way toward him. Within several inches, she was suddenly grabbed by the wrists and was pulled to his solid chest. She inhaled sharply when her lips were greedily devoured, her new husband gripped at her pinned back hair to deepened the rough kiss as he pulled her into the dimmed room.

"Just beautiful . . . ." murmured Aizen, tugging at the lace sleeves.

"W-wait, please . . . ." Ichigo panted. "This is my late mother's, please . . . ."

"Ah, of course," Aizen nodded lightly and stepped away. With much hesitation, Ichigo reached behind his back and slowly pulled the zipper down. Once the dress was loosened, she reluctantly slipped the delicate clothing off. The ivory-colored underwears was just as delicate with lace and satin, Aizen's smirk widened a little at the sight and stepped forward. "Very beautiful . . . ."

Ichigo blushed deeply in self-shame, but the man barely noticed as his hands roamed at her waist and hips. "Put the dress aside, and go to the bed."

"Yes, Sousuke-sama," muttered Ichigo, her eyes watered a little as she moved to place the dress onto a nearby chair. While she was at it, she slowly took off her shoes and made her way to the king-sized bed. The man was right behind her, the hands caressed softly at her shoulders. "Please, Sousuke-sama . . . . th-this is my first time . . . ." she muttered, but her voice cracked from apprehension.

"Of course, my dear," whispered Aizen, kissing at her cheeks as one hand moved to unhook the strapless bra. The teen gasped sharply at the sudden action but Aizen quickly pushed her onto the silky bed. "I'll take as slow as I can," he smirked as he positioned her onto her back, the bronze eyes leered at the supple breasts. Now tears were actually threatened to leak from her eyes, it wasn't like her.

She had kicked down boys dozen of time for making flirty comments, but she couldn't fight back against someone like him. She tensed when the man removed her garter belt and finally her underwear. Her breathing hitched, she was completely bared underneath him. Smirking, Aizen stood up and removed his yukata. Ichigo glanced away instantly, she had never seen another man naked and Aizen was well-endowed. "No, do not look away," he muttered, gripping her chin to make her stare at him.

"Sorry . . . ." she whimpered, but was silenced when she was kissed once again. She whined when her crotch was palm, feeling ashamed of being wet immediately and squirmed at the touch.

"You cannot resist . . . . you're mine now," smirked Aizen, pushing her shivering legs apart and positioned himself between them. Ichigo gulped softly and barely nodded, her innocence having its final moments before she was taken.

Now her old life was over.


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