Edward POV

I held Bella tightly and propelled myself to the surface, I swam all the way to the shore with Bella. My family was waiting as I pushed her limp body onto the sand. Carlisle bent down to check for a pulse. He looked up, his face was grave.

"There's no pulse" he said, quietly.

"Oh, no" Esme gasped.

Carlisle put his hands over Bella's heart and began to do CPR, her body jerked but didn't breathe. I feel to my knees by her side, I grabbed her hand and kissed it, I couldn't let her die, I was nothing without her.

"Come on, Bella, breathe" Carlisle urged.

"I love you" I said quietly.

Bella's eyes shot open and she gasped, she turned onto her side and coughed up water. She panted and breathed as she came to her senses. She turned to me and smiled warmly.

"You came back" she smiled, warmly.

"For you" I said as I stroked her cheek.

"Awww, you mean she doesn't have a tail anymore?" Emmett whined.

"Yes, Emmett. She's human again" I said.

Emmett brightened up and I saw all of the very bad fish puns he was going to use on Bella, it was going to be very annoying. Alice was now fiddling with the shell that Esme had used to lure Bella to us. Bella looked at it, she reached out for it and Alice gave it to her.

"My shell" Bella giggled.

We all laughed, maybe Bella's still had a bit of mermaid in her.

That's end, hope you enjoyed it