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"Breathe Sookie….you have to focus your pain…. Remember the class? Send your pain somewhere lover…" Eric coached from her side.

It had been several months since their last visit to the hospital. Felicia was in jail, Sandy and Bill were dead. Eric had turned over the day to day running of the company to Victor, so that he'd have more time for Sookie and now the baby.

"HOLY CRAP ERIC" Sookie hollered from the bed "Don't tell me to send the pain somewhere….you don't have to go through this… your body isn't being stretched 10 ways to Sunday"

"BREATHE Sookie" Eric coached a knowing smile on his face.

"We are never having sex again…do you hear me? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Sookie cried

"We're crowning" the doctor said from between her legs.

"Come on lover" Eric whispered in her ear "We're almost done, it's almost over, you can do this" he told her.

They'd been at the hospital now over 20 hours. Sookie had felt the contractions start the day before, and with all the stress from early in the pregnancy, Dr Ludwig decided to admit her. They'd walked the halls together hoping to force her to dilate and still it had taken quite a long time.

Sookie was breathing heavily, leaning forward as she clutched Eric's hand, a scream ripping itself from her throat. She fell back a moment later, out of breath, and exhausted.

"I can't do it" she said, tears in her eyes, "I can't do it, it's too much" she said shaking her head back and forth.

"Sookie, we are almost done lover, please, I know it's hard, but you can do this" Eric said as he wiped her brow.

Dr Ludwig looked up from between her legs "Sookie Northman, this is no time to flake out, in order to get this baby out you need to push, and push hard!" she ordered.

"Eric no...I can't" Sookie pleaded, her eyes glazed over from the pain.

"You can do this Sookie, I know you can" he told her, "We get to hold the baby in just a few moments love" he coaxed her.

Gently pulling Sookie up, he rested her against his shoulder as he leaned her forward, another wave took over Sookie and she gasped bearing down as hard as she could. Eric was counting then, hoping to give her something to focus on.

"Come on Sookie, you are doing so good lover 1….2….keep pushing 3…. 4….that's it lover, almost there 5….. 6…."

Sookie felt a tug and then a pop between her legs "Alright little girl, we have shoulders, broad shoulders" Dr. Ludwig said then "And almost a full head of blonde hair"

Eric's eyes locked on Sookie's then, both of them filled with joy, "Just a little more" Eric told her.

"It will be easier" Dr Ludwig said as she nodded to Eric to push Sookie again.

Eric started leaning her forward as a very exhausted Sookie took a deep breath "Good girl" he whispered in her ear "I'm so very proud of you" he told her.

A few minutes and a couple of pushes later, and Sookie pushed the baby clear of her body. A very proud Eric snipped the cord and the baby was rushed off for cleaning and weighing while Dr. Ludwig finished with Sookie. Eric never left her side, although his eyes never left his child.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Sookie asked as she finally got to lay back.

Dr. Ludwig smiled, holding back her answer, Eric didn't know either, the baby had been covered when he'd cut the cord.

"Bring the little one" Dr. Ludwig told her nurse.

Sookie had declined to know at the doctor's appointments, she'd wanted to wait to the very end before they found out. She'd been determined to decide on the name when she looked into her baby's eyes.

Dr. Ludwig set the baby down in Sookie's arms then, her face alit with excitement as she said "Sookie Northman, please meet your healthy, stubborn son. It's a boy"

Sookie fell in love with her son when her eyes locked with his. They were the exact same shade as Eric's, and were moving around the room in curiosity. Once his eyes focused on her, Sookie felt a bolt go through her and all the pain of the last day seemed to not matter. She touched one of his tiny hands.

"He's beautiful Eric" she whispered, pressing her lips to Eric's cheek then.

"He is indeed Sookie, my son is perfect" he said, his voice full of wonder as he gazed down at his son. He turned his eyes to Sookie then, locking her with his gaze "Thank you for a beautiful perfect son lover" he said quietly.

Sookie felt a tear in her eye then "Thank you for a perfect life Eric, a perfect son and for being a perfect husband, I love you with all that I am"

Eric kissed both of her eyes then, and pressed his forehead to hers.

Sookie reveled in the feeling of her son and husband close to her for a few moments, before opening her eyes "What are we going to name him?" she asked smiling.

"You have no preference?" Eric asked a bit surprised.

"Well…I do have an idea" she said quietly "Nicholas Godric Northman" she told him.

"That's an unusual name" he said testing it on his lips "Nicholas Godric Northman" he repeated it a few times "I like it" he said, bringing his hand up to touch his son's free hand "What do you think my son? Do you like Nicholas Godric Northman?"

The baby yawned in her arms, earning a chuckle from his parents "I think it works" Sookie said, "Would you like to hold your son?" she offered, adjust slightly to hand Eric the baby.

Eric smiled down at her and reached down to pull his son into his arms "My son" he whispered as he pressed his lips to his forehead, "Nicholas" he said, his eyes locking on his son's blue ones.

"I'm sorry I was so mean earlier" Sookie said "I said horrible things"

"I think you earned a get out of jail free card Sookie" Eric said smiling at her as he held his son. "Something about being in extreme pain earns you the right to cuss" he told her, winking at her as he did.

"Good" she said smiling at him.

"I am sure we will be having more of these" he said indicating the quiet baby in his arms.

"You are?" Sookie asked her eyebrow arching as she grinned at him.

"I am" Eric said confidently "You seem to be most fertile" he chuckled as she blushed "Since I hit the target so soon out of the gate to have this one" he said looking down at his son "I think it is safe to say we will have a house full quickly" his voice was warm and full of lust as he spoke to her.

"Do I need to hose you two down now? Truly Northman, she just gave birth, give the woman a break before you fill her belly again" Dr. Ludwig said in mock anger, reminding them that they were not alone in the room.

Eric laughed as he handed the baby back to Sookie. He stepped back then, watching her look down at Nicholas, his heart almost stopping as he watched them. His beautiful wife, holding his perfect son. It amazed him when he stopped to think of how far they'd come in so short a time. How much they meant to him, the love that Sookie filled him with. He knew that no matter where he went, he would never find anything to compare to this moment. His eyes focused on his son, the living reflection of their love for each other, the merger of their lives.

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