Inspired by Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well, much like Much Ado About Everything was inspired by Much Ado About Nothing and Comedy of Errors was... yeah. So just a little bit.

To Hearth They Go

She was not listening as her aunt and uncle talked. They were looking at paper and the five year old knew that papers without bright colours were really boring.

If she could, she would have let out a little whine as she threw herself on her back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling of their hotel room. This was not fun. She did not want to be here. She wanted to go back home. She wanted to go swimming. Most of all, she wanted to try and catch a fish. Not be here in this stupid room, going to places without water and being surrounded in metal stuff.

The little girl sniffled, tears running down her cheeks as she continued to look up at the ceiling. She sniffed a little louder and her aunt came over to her.

"Angelique! Baby, what's wrong? Are you tired? Hungry?"

As the adult spoke, she signed along. Angel's tired mind ignored the words and just watched the hand motions. Shaking her head, she made her own.


"I know, this is no fun," her aunt cooed as she sat down on the bed. Angel sat up, looking at her through blurry eyes. "I'm sorry. But you'll love meeting your cousins! Won't that be fun? I can't wait! A new place. Better than these cities. It will remind you more of home. Trees. Hills. Not as many rocks though, not like home. But more like home than here."

Promise? Angelique demanded, putting out her pinky finger. With a smile, the woman wrapped her own larger finger around hers and they went up and down with them gently.

"Promise." She retracted her finger so as to continue signing. "Why don't you get your colouring book out? Finish your picture of the dolphin!"

Angel nodded and her aunt returned to her uncle. As her mind worked to try and understand everything her aunt had just told her, she went to get her colouring books out, spreading them all out on the floor before trying to find her crayons.

She had never had crayons before. They were fun! Not as much fun as fish, but fun nevertheless.

Cousins! Mother had never spoken about having cousins before, but as her aunt explained she had to give up the twins right after they were born. There was more to that story, but Angel did not remember it. They were old though, a lot older than Angel was.

They were talking again, but Angel would not have understood it even if she tried. Her mother liked making her learn audio words even though she would never be able to use them, but now that she was gone Angel lost interest in listening to those things.

The only things Angel liked hearing were waves.

Would there be water in this new place? Would there be fish? Angelique certainly hoped so.

Grabbing a blue crayon, she coloured a volcano blue.


No, I will not explain this. There is a lot more mystery in this story, mystery that is a lot more apparent anyway, than the previous stories. You can ask, in case it is just some side thing that I do not mind clarifying, or going in depth in, but there is going to be a lot more left unsaid until later. Much later.

These first chapters do NOT happen all on the same day. I will tell you when they do.

If I could add a whole lot more to the summary, I would. I would add so much more. As it is, you all simply get to wait for it.

As for my updating, the first several chapters will be on Sunday... probably for this entire month. So I can write more, so I can plan more, and because of school. But you still get chapters. Lucky you!

On an unrelated but related note, DF sent me the link to a song and told me it would be the perfect opening song if Hearth was a television show. David Byrne's Like Humans Do. That is today's music recommendation.

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