All Is Well At The End

Once again, Hearth was as normal as Hearth could ever get.

Elizaveta was mourning her evenings without a drink of her own while dealing with the entire town's congratulations and fussing over her condition. Alfred's house was finally ready for the furniture which had arrived two days late because of Yao's bickering with Yong Soo on the way back from the City. Angelique ran through the town with no shoes on and the people who saw her made sure to call Arthur to tell him where she had gotten off to.

Francis started up his own business here, moving out of Gilbert's house.

Because of all that (or perhaps despite it), Hearth was normal. Even when Kiku lost his temper after finding out that yes, Tony knew what that object could possibly do, and had hoped it would turn Kiku invisible for a bit just to give him a hard time.

And while he would wonder what Yao knew about Alfred's temporary ability of healing, he could not find himself wanting to push the matter. Especially as (for once) Yao pretended as if it never happened.

Though Alfred was disappointed that ability was gone, he was also relieved. Dealing with that secret had done a toll on his stress levels, which certainly could not be healthy for himself. If that was all, Kiku was still right about negative effects. So perhaps he had had it while he really needed it.

Alfred just hoped he would not think he needed such a power again.

Even when Vash found himself short one policeman, things were normal. Brian could get moody over things normally, even if this lingering depression lasted and lasted. Vash found himself wondering what to do about that.

"You could deputize me," Maddox suggested.

Vash decided that everything was fine. Because it could be worse. Like Maddox with any law enforcement power. A lot worse. With that in mind, it was not difficult to say yes when Heidi asked if she could invite over Natalia for a sleepover.

Even with Arthur and Francis, who would argue about where to put what in the house and Arthur threatening Francis with the fact it was his house and Francis protesting because he was not trying to do anything wrong. It was enough to make Maddox wish he had moved out. But as he still had the basement, a place (of which now that Angelique had been cleared to stay) that both of the others would stay out of. And Matthew learnt his lesson after a couple of times of trying to come down.

What Matthew did not know was that Arthur knew he was going to do it and had laughed nonstop when Matthew was out of earshot.

"You are terrible," Francis said fondly, secretly having all sympathies for anyone who had to deal with Maddox at all.

"Oh please," Arthur rolled his eyes, trying to wipe the tears from the corners of them at the same time.

Hearth was normal.

"Eliza, dear, two rooms."

Elizaveta looked up at Marcus, her eyebrows raised immediately. "For you and Ludovicus?" she asked, already knowing the answer and why that was long before Marcus could reply.

Marcus nodded. "Yep. I don't want us getting in the way, the honeymooners are back!"

They were, in fact, but Lovino had gone straight to the restaurant as he had wanted to tell Feliciano in great length again what sort of bad idea it was to have let Ludwig move in with him. Feliciano thought of reminding his brother that he had already told him this plenty of times over the phone, but sure enough there was something about it in person that Feliciano decided Lovino did not want to miss out on.

Meanwhile, Ludwig welcomed Antonio back, got him a drink, and asked if he had a good time.

"Oh yes~" Antonio said cheerfully. "Even when we were carjacked!"

"Vhat?" Ludwig asked, uncertain he had heard the man correctly.

"Nothing to worry about," Antonio shrugged, still looking pleased. "It just kept us from getting our impromptu complete tour of Spain, but I filled Lovino in on what he missed."

"Shut up!" Lovino turned on Antonio, ignoring Feliciano in an instant. "You know how much we didn't recover from that stupid car?" Then he looked a bit sulky. "...and we still never got that ruby back."

"But it wasn't ours in the first place~"

"Neither was the police badge you took! Do you still have it?"

"Of course not, Lovi! Why would I bring that all the way back here?"

Ludwig exchanged a glance with Feliciano and for once could see that they were sharing a similar thought.

Yeah, right. Like all that really happened.


Yeah, it always seems stranger when it has not happened to you.

Thanks everyone who read or reviewed this rather random story. I am glad the mostly character driven prose entertained who it did, especially as it is not the usual type of story I prefer to write (though it seems I write a lot of it). Hopefully my character interaction has improved thanks to Hearth. If it has, then this entire series has done me a great service.

As it is, I have no more plans for any more big stories for Hearth. Maybe in the future that will change, but as of now I have other stories to work on. I will still write for Hearth, but they will only be the one-shots which I will place in the 'Hearth' story, which will take place in the past, present, and future of Hearth. If anyone is still interested in this AU, then you can keep up with it there. And if there is any requests of events I might have mentioned, or things you are curious about possibly happening, if I believe it will fit I will put it on my list to write.

Thank you all again and I hope you have all enjoyed this little town called Hearth.