im returned to the bridge feeling totally refreshed. The last few days had been just what he needed. He now felt secure in his relationship with Nyota. He knew that she loved him and he felt that he was a lucky man.

"You look well rested captain" Spock remarked as he watched Kirk settle himself in the captain's seat.

Jim grinned to himself knowing that he was anything but rested. He had lost count of the number of times they had made love and in between sessions they had slept and talk and ate. He found himself sharing things with her that he had never shared with any woman before. He was even considering asking her to marry him after their five year mission was done. He hadn't said anything, but it was something that he was thinking about.

He glanced back at Nyota whose back was to him. Spock didn't miss the gesture and came and stood by him.

"I understand that the Jarians are quite pleased with the harvest of our energy" he said looking straight ahead.

"That's great" Kirk replied. "I'll have to talk to Talnik. He may not even need a contribution from me."

Spock raised an eyebrow and didn't reply.

Kirk heard a beep and realized that he had a message. He quickly scanned it and saw that Dr. McCoy requested that he and Lieutenant Uhura report to the Sick Bay immediately.

He looked at Spock. "Bones wants to see me. I wonder what's up?"

He stood up and walked over to Uhura. She turned around in the chair.

"Did you get a message from Bones?"

"Yes, captain. I just received it. He's requesting that I report to Sick Bay immediately. Permission to leave the bridge sir."

"Granted." Kirk said "Let's go. Spock you have the con."

They quickly took the lift and arrived at the Sick Bay minutes later.

They walked in together and spotted Bones at the same time. He looked up and beckoned them into his office.

"What's this all about Bones?" Jim said looking at him.

"I need to do a quick scan of the two of you and remove the chip that Talnik placed in your temple." Bones grinned from one to the other. "You both don't look any worse for wear."

Jim looked surprised wondering if Bones had started tasting from the bottle already. "What are you talking about?"

He looked at Nyota and then back at Bones who walked toward his office. They followed him in.

"You'll know as soon as I remove the chip from each of you." Bones said "Sit down."

Jim watched surprised as Bones took a small object and pressed it to his temple and Bones showed him a small dot. Jim could hardly see it and rubbed his temple. Bones then turned and did the same to Nyota.

Suddenly Jim remembered Talnik coming to him in the hallway when he was on the way to see Nyota several days ago. He looked at Nyota and then at Bones.

"So it seems that we did participate after all. Talnik harvested from both of us and we didn't remember it until now." The thought of Talnik being with them during their most intimate moments upset him.

"That's right" Bones said grinning. "And it seems that it was a very lucrative harvest. He was very pleased with the energy you two expelled."

Nyota looked shocked and embarrassed. The last few days had been wonderful, she didn't know how to feel now knowing that Talnik had been a part of it.

"And what were you doing while all this was going on" Jim snapped. He was irritated by Bone's grinning face and the thought of Talnik being with them

"Monitoring your vitals, of course." Bones said laughing. "Come on Jim. Surely you don't think I'd be up there spying on the two of you!"

Jim was quiet. He didn't know what to think at the moment. He knew that he had no reason to be upset with Bones. He had agreed to do it.

"Don't go puritanical on me now, Jim. You two seem happy. You both agreed to it, so what's the problem?" Bones waved the tricorder over Jim.

"No problem. I know I agreed to's just the thought of Talnik being there that bothers me." Jim looked at Nyota. He hoped that she wasn't upset.

Nyota looked at them. "Do you think they were watching us?"

"From what I understand, they're not about watching you two in action. They just want the energy you produce, so calm down." Bones said turning to her with the tricorder.

He looked at both of them. "You two seem fine. You can report back to duty."

Just then Talnik appeared before them and bowed low.

"Captain. Lieutenant. I am eternally grateful for all you have done for my people."

Jim looked at him. "I'm not sure how I feel right now, Talnik. I know I gave my permission-"

"Captain, there's nothing to worry about. My focus was on the harvest, not you and the lieutenant. I am just grateful for your participation"

He looked at Nyota's doubtful expression.

"Look, you both are aware that if anyone becomes totally fixated on an object, that they are not aware of something else that may be going on right around them. So it is with harvesting. My people's welfare was my main concern. I was fixated on that, not on what the two of you were doing."

Jim's features relaxed somewhat. "I am aware of your concern for your people, Talnik. You have shown integrity and I take you at your word."

"Thank you, captain." he said bowing low.

He looked at Nyota. "I wish you both much happiness. I must leave now and return to my people. There is still much to do. Right now our reserves are at forty percent and most of our people are at capacity."

He turned to Jim.

"I understand that you will be leaving us on tomorrow."

The captain nodded. "Yes, we have received our orders from Starfleet. The Shore Leave will end this afternoon."

"Very well." Talnik said. "I know that another vessel is on it's way and that you have other duties to perform. It is my hope, however, that you will return in the future as my people would like to show their gratitude for all you have done, captain."

"I look forward to it" Kirk replied.

Talnik walked out of the room and left them there.

Nyota looked up at Jim. The last time he discovered that Talnik had been with them, he went on a weeklong sex fast. She wasn't looking forward to that happening again.

"This information is not another libido killer is it?" she asked.

Jim chuckled at her worried expression. "Horny already?"

She rolled her eyes. "I was just asking."

"No, Talnik told us what to expect. I'm glad they got what they wanted because I sure did."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He felt himself twitch when his body pressed against hers.

"I hope you don't have any regrets, Jim. It's not going to be easy for us, you know."
She smiled up at him and he pulled her close again.

He returned her smile. "I never do anything the easy way, my dear. You ought to know that about me by now."

Nyota laughed. What he said was true. Things would not always be pleasant, but she loved him and he loved her and with that she felt that they could get through anything.