Well here it is people What not to do with the Decepticons! Yes I will be accepting ideas and suggestions for rules like last time. And Hedgehog B. Rebeccaallowed me to use her OC so thank you so much! And also some of these Ideas are hers.

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What not to do with the Decepticon

by: Luna Landman

Approved by: Luna Landman and Rebecca Automan

I wrote this guide because I am sick and tired of hearing everyone complain like little three year olds. So this is required to be read by EVERY Decepticon.

(And if you don't Rebecca and I will hunt you down and tie you up and deliver you to the Autobots)

Rules 1-20

1. Knock before entering anyone's room

-These mechs like their Privacy-

-And they will use deadly force to get rid of you-

2. Looking for anyone's secret high grade is a no-no

-Frenzy and Rumble looked for Blackout's-

-Scorponok nearly impaled them-

-Stupid stupid-

3. Frenzy and caffeine do not mix

-Barricade gave Frenzy a Monster before he returned him to Soundwave-

-Soundwave ended up kicking Frenzy out-

-At least until Frenzy ran out of energy-

4. No messing up Baricade's interior

-He gets very angry-

-And he'll chase you-

5. Do NOT interrupt Praise Be To Decepticon

-Everyone gets mad-

-And Skywarp warps you to a mud field-

-Not fun not fun at all-

6. No calling Starscream a giant Dorito

-...He starts screeching more than normal-

-Then Megatron gets annoyed-

-And when he gets annoyed don't be within firing range-

7. No questioning Starscream's gender

-Yes we know he acts like girl-

-*Rebecca* but he is a male-

-A girly male-

8. No interrupting Megatron's battle rants

-Rebecca and I did that once-

-*Rebecca* He almost shot us!-

-After though he asked for forgiveness-

-*Rebecca* And took us to the mall-

-And he carried all our shopping bags-

-*Rebecca* Yes he does have a Holo form-

9. If you are seen within one of Skywarps prank scenes you are guilty of helping him

-I don't know why though-

-Though Frenzy and Rumble do often help him-

10. Blackout stop leaving Scorponok's...ah...leftovers in front of Starscream's room

-Seriously that's gross!-

-If you don't know what I mean-

-I'll say this leftovers is a number 2-

11. Miyazaki flims are forbidden

-I love these flims why Becca?-

-*Rebecca* Cause I'm tired of all the water works-

-I don't cry-

-*Rebecca* You don't but the Decepticons do-

-...Remind me to watch one of Miyazaki's flim this I gotta see-

-*Rebecca* You mean you want blackmail-

-Hell yeah-

12. Don't bother trying to look for any blackmail material on Soundwave

-It hopeless believe me its hopeless-

-He is the 'Perfect Decepticon'-

13. When the Decepticons are having high grade stay away from the Rec Room

-Not only is the possibility of being stepped on greater-

-But they tend to drink til they drop-


14. Frenzy is not a pet

- Even though he often acts like one-

-So whoever keeps putting the newspapers in Frenzy's room-

-Just stop-

15. No giving Rebecca High Grade

-Big huge no-no-

-Last time Megatron let her have high grade-

-She almost made the base spring a leak-

-After all the base is under water-

16. Rebecca needs to be returned to her Father at the designated time

-*Rebecca* Overprotective glitch-

-Well remember your dad is Optimus Prime-

-And he and your Uncle don't get along-

17. When Rebecca is writing don't interrupt her

-She starts hissing and spiting-

-Not fun when said spit hits your eye-

-*Rebecca* For the last damn time Luna I'm sorry!-

18. Don't piss off Rebecca

-She has pyrokinesis-

-Which means she can control fire-

-And some idiots just don't get that-

19. You may not find blackmail on Soundwave but he will help you find blackmail on someone else

-Apparently you hear alot of strange things-

-And see alot too-

-Like Skywarp and Thundercracker being high on High Grade-

-That wasn't a pretty sight-

-But its makes great blackmail-

20. Don't wake The Fallen from his nap

-He tends to warp Mechs to unknown areas-

-Rumble woke him once-

-We found him in stasis lock in Alaska-

-Funny to see the look on his face when he was frozen-

Yes I know the first 20 rules weren't all that great but hey I'm trying. Give me any suggestions or rule ideas please! Review!