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Rules 161-180

161. When you're on babysitting Becca's kids

-Sneaky little buggers-

-*Becca* What did you just call my kids?-

-What? They are!-

162. Keep all Maelstrom from all sharp objects

-He's in the throwing stage-

-And that's all I need to say.-

163. If you lose Stargazer...just look for Soundwave

-She's usually with him-

-Why? I don't know-

164. Get rid of all your pride when babysitting

-Maelstrom and Stargazer love watching Dora and Diego-

-I have pictures!-

165. Babysitting duty usually includes Rumble and Frenzy

-*Both* Hey!-

-If you don't want to be babysat then stop acting like one!-

166. Becca stop worrying when Starscream takes the kids for a ride

-*Becca* I can't help! What if they fall...What if he drops them (continues on and on)-

-(Mumbles) Oh for pete's sake-

167. No touching Stargazer's screamy

-Its a little cuddle toy that's a cross between Starscream and a brown teddy bear-

-She throws a fit when its taken away from her-

-I was the one who made it for her-

168. Becca stop singing in Japanese

-Not only are you scaring Grandpa and Dad-

-But you're scaring your kids-

169. When Becca says "Shhh" You better "Shh"

-Cause you all just wake up the little buggers_

-*Becca* Stop calling my kids that!-

-What? Its a nickname!-

170. Starscream stop being and over-protective daddy

-Seriously Stargazer is a BABY not into mechs yet-


171. Becca stop looking for sharp edges

-They're barely crawling right now-

-Just wait till they hit the standing up stage-

-Then panic-

172. When Ravage is on babysitting duty...approach at your own risk

-He's very protective of them-

-And he'll scratch you -

-Just ask Barricade-

173. Lazerbeak and Ratbat are also protective of them

-Wow Soundwave and his cassettes are popular-

174. Keep Maelstrom from Buzzsaw

-He thinks that Buzzsaw is a plush toy-

175. Great...Watch where you're stepping

-The babies are now in the crawling stages-

-Great...just great-

176. Becca chill! For pete's sake stop looking for sharp edges!

-I think we covered them all!-

-*Becca* No we haven't!-

-Okay name one sharp edge-

-*Becca* Well there's Barricade's feet, Megatron, Soundwave's hands (continues)


178. Note that all mechs are giant jungle gyms

-Stargazer and Maelstrom love climbing all over them-

-And of course Becca becomes panicky-

179. They Buggers are now in the standing stage move everything up to higher ground

-Or else they will get to it-

-And either break it or set it off-

-Neither is a good out come-

180. Follow these rules or else

-Remember Becca can control fire and she will use it on you-

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