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Introduction—Chapter 1

"Fiyero?" Elphaba whispered to him one morning. The Vinkus Prince didn't open his eyes—didn't want to open his eyes. He couldn't believe it had been 3 months since they had escaped the Emerald City with the Monkeys. That night in the woods had certainly been memorable, and they had made other nights just as memorable since arriving at their little hide-away in Kiamo Ko.

The hideout itself had been a bit of a fixer-upper, though in reality that made it all the better. The pair hadn't done that much to change it for that reason. The more abandoned and the creepier the castle looked the better. Elphaba had placed a few subtle, but powerful, confusion spells so that someone they didn't want to see would have a difficult time even making it through the woods and she had disguised those enchantments with other surface spells that would be typical to old castles.

As it was, they had only received guests who were also from the Animal rebellion. They currently had a Tiger staying with them and, of course, the winged monkeys who were completely devoted to their rescuer. Other then that, it was just the two of them—except when Elphaba went on a mission. Missions that were more often dangerous then not.

"Fiyero," The green woman repeated, shaking her lover a little more to get him to wake up. He opened one eye just a crack to see that she was already dressed. This didn't bode well with him. She'd been up most of the night—normally she did that when she was preparing to go out on a job for the resistance. He moaned and snuggled into the blankets a little more—the very picture of a child who didn't want to get up for school. He really didn't want to go through the routine of saying goodbye and good luck while fearing it might be the last time he ever saw his Elphie-Faye. He knew that she felt the same when he went on a mission of his own, (the few times that he had, usually it was her) but he doubted that was currently the case.


"I'm sleeping." He murmured with a frown.

"Yero, I have something to tell you." Elphaba said as she ran a hand over his back and shoulder lovingly but also nervously "It's important."

"Elphaba, please…don't." he said, not pretending to be asleep anymore. He turned over towards her and sat up, taking her emerald skinned hand into his own. He kissed her fingers as he closed his eyes and sighed "Don't tell me that you're going to leave me on one of your missions that you might not come back from. Not while I'm half-awake and might mistake it for just a bad dream."

"You might anyway." Elphaba said dryly, squeezing his hand back. She bit her lip and looked down at her lap. She pulled her hand out from his grip and turned around so that her back was towards him, smoothing out her skirts awkwardly "But in a few months you will have a crying, smelly, loud bundle of evidence."

"What?" the Prince asked crawling out of bed and kneeling in front of her. He searched her face curiously for some form of clarification. She wouldn't meet his eye and tears started to trickle down her face.

"You're going to be a father." She whispered, finally meeting his gaze as the tears started to slide down her cheeks freely "I…oh sweet Oz! It's an-an accident. I didn't even know if I was fertile or not…I mean with all my physical anomalies…my skin, my powers…I've never had regular cycles but I've missed three periods so I had to check…" she heaved another great sigh "I'm pregnant Yero. Sweet Lurline I'm pregnant! "

There was a tense silence for several seconds which was punctuated only by Elphaba's soft sobs as the news sank in. Then suddenly Fieyero grinned. He leapt to his feet with a whoop, picking up his lover and twirling around with her in his arms laughing joyously.

"Are you serious? We're going to be parents?" he asked excitedly, putting her down gently. She looked shocked at his reaction. He on the other hand was exuberant. His face was practically glowing as he gently wiped her tears away before passionately kissing her.

"Wait," Elphaba interrupted, pulling back slightly to search his face—hardly believing her luck, "You aren't upset?"

"No!" he exclaimed as he held her to him tightly and rested his cheek on her "And it's not an accident, it's a miracle. Elphie-Fae, this is wonderful! Alright, it might not be the best timing, but we'll muddle through this." The green girl's lip quivered again and she pulled out of his embrace, hugging herself tightly.

"But what if it's…what if the baby's…" she trailed off, unable to say it

"Green?" He finished for her, coming up behind her and turning her around to face him gently. He cupped her face in both hands with the tenderness that only he had ever shown the greed woman "What's wrong with that? I love you, Faye. And we will love this baby." He said. The green girl let out a snorting laugh

"But we aren't getting at all corny, are we?" she sniggered, kissing him again.

"No, of course not." He smiled into her lips as his fingers tangled themselves in her hair "You're sure I'm not dreaming?" he asked in a breathy whisper

"Should we make sure you're awake then?" Elphaba replied huskily as Fiyero started to undo the buttons on her dress…

A little while later the two were lying in each others' arms with the blankets pulled up to their chests. One of his arms was cradling her shoulders and hugging her to him as she traced invisible patterns on his skin. Around her neck the thin gold chain was now visible. It held a pendent around her neck; an emerald set in a blue diamond. Fiyero had given it to her a few days after their escape as a token of his love. She cherished it and had sworn from that day forward that it would never leave her neck.

"Still think you're asleep?" she murmured

"If I am, this is the most amazing dream in my entire life! This is really happening?" he asked, one hand moving down to her abdomen.

"Wait a minute, you're not just trying to make me feel better at this point?" she asked him as she propped herself up on one elbow. He shook his head. "You're really excited, aren't you?"

Fiyero cocked his head slightly

"And you're really frightened." He said "Its okay, like I said, we'll muddle through this. Everything will be fine. I'll take care of you and together we'll protect this little miracle of ours." Elphaba sat up and pulled her knees to her chest

"That's not all I'm worried about." She muttered

"What then?" her lover asked her as he sat up and rubbed her smooth green back comfortingly. She looked round at him

"Oz…how did this even happen?"

"I think we just demonstrated that…" The Prince said suggestively with a waggle of his eyebrows. She shot him a glare that sobered him up immediately

"You know what I mean!" She snapped "How can I be a mother? I don't the first thing about children! I don't know if I even have a maternal instinct!"

"Of course you do…"

"Have you ever seen me with a child? Any child aside from the caged Lion Cub?" she asked him. Fiyero opened and then closed his mouth. He hadn't actually seen her interact with any children…

"That's right." She said "Kids follow their parents example; they stay away from me. Both when I was one and when I grew up. When I was a child no one wanted to take me under their wing even after my mother died when I was 2. I haven't had any sort of maternal figure to learn this stuff from since then! I'm not good with kids! They're loud and smelly and they can't tell you what they want and all they do is eat and cry, eat and cry, eat and cry." Her eyes widened a little at the apparent horror. Fiyero smiled and pulled her to him in a tight embrace.

"I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. Everything will work out, we'll make it work." He said. Elphaba sighed and snuggled closer

"Well, maybe the child will take after its father." She murmured. The Vinkus prince smiled as he stroked her hair

"Not entirely I hope. For everyone's sake he or she better have your brains!"

"Well, that is true." His lover agreed teasingly. It felt good to hear the smile in her voice again.

"Besides, there are plenty of cool things about you. Your powers…"

"Yeah." Elphaba snorted "Those are a blessing."

"Your photographic memory, your hair…" The green woman didn't argue that one "And how many people can say that they're both left AND right handed?"

"It's called ambidexterity. I guess it can be useful. But none of this negates the fact that I'm the most wanted criminal in all of Oz!"

"We'll figure something out, we'll keep this child safe. It's not just about us anymore after all. Everything will work out. You'll see."

Elphaba closed her eyes and nuzzled him as he tightened his arms around her and she prayed that he was right.