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The first time Jensen made Cougar blush had been an accident. It had been his third mission as a Loser. He really couldn't remember much about the mission, other than it had actually gone to plan—target acquired and taken out without all hell breaking loose; unlike his first mission with them when hell had rained down on them. As reward for not blowing up half of whatever second world country they had been the brass had given them twenty-four hours to rest before hauling their asses home in a C-130 to wait for their next assignment.

Happy to be out of the field and in civilization, Jensen had bought a Hersey bar in the lobby of their hotel before bee lining it to the room he and Cougar were sharing. Clay had been the only one to get his own room, perks of being in command he'd said when Pooh and Jensen began to complain about room sharing. He checked the room over quickly, noting that it was empty. With a smile he dropped his gear on to the bed closest to the bathroom before heading in to clean up.

Refreshed and clad in his boxers, Jensen moved his pack to the floor before sprawling out on the bed. Unwrapping the Hershey bar, Jensen carefully broke a square of the chocolate from the rest of the bar and popped it in his mouth. He was careful not to chew the small bar of chocolate sitting on his tongue, allowing it to mostly melt before swallowing it down. He repeated his action until the entire bar was gone, licking the chocolate from his fingers when they needed it and moaning at the sheer pleasure of a real bed, clean underwear, and a good chocolate bar.

After he'd melted the last bite of the Hershey bar in his mouth and licked the last traces of chocolate from his finger tips, Jensen realized he wasn't as alone in the room as he'd thought he was. Leaning against the wall, with his hat tipped down in an attempt to obscure his face was Cougar. Jensen smiled at the silent man, chocolate oozing slightly from his mouth to coat his lips.

"I'd offer you some," he said, attempting not to spit the chocolate mess from his mouth, "but that was the last bite."

He watched the sniper for his usual bob of his head in agreement, but saw nothing of the like. Instead he caught a slight hue of pink to the man's cheeks as the older man quickly ducked into the bathroom.

Jensen sank farther into the bed, reveling in the fact that he'd made the second scariest member of their team blush. It was something he wanted to see again.