Chapter one! Story 3 of the "It Wants" Series!

Chapter 1
"He'll Find You"


Starfire looked so worried, hugging her sister. I was tracing Blackfire's emotions and their was no sense of cunning or any hint of lying on her. She was on the brink of panic, terrified, still in slight pain, and grateful Starfire believed her. The conclusion was unfortunately Blackfire was telling the truth. Which meant someone was running around taking people's powers, and Starfire could be next.

Starfire pulled away then, pointing towards the window. "Blackfire, come meet my friends."

Blackfire seemed extremely nervous as soon as she left the comfort of the room, and I saw Red X from the corner of my eyes I saw Red X roll his eyes at her shyness. Kole nudged him, muttering something to him about being polite before he made a bow, with his hands out to his sides, disappearing in thin air. She rolled her eyes at his immaturity before turning back to Blackfire.

"Friends, this is my sister," Starfire began. "Sister, this is . . ."

Each of us were introduced, some waving or bowing to the other princess of Tamaran. Starfire giggled, and Blackfire's brow rose. Another new feature different about them, now that they were awake, was that Blackfire had blue eyes with white in them while Starfire's were different shades of green. Whatever deformity Blackfire claimed she had, it was quite distinct if all of Starfire's people looked like her, which they did. I had seen her parents and Starfire was pretty much the spitting image of both of them. Blackfire's features would clearly make her stand out against the crowd.

Eventually Blackfire bowed, straightening. "Its nice to meet you all."

Starfire looked around, realizing something. "Friends, where is Red X?"

"He ditched," Kole said, with irritation. "Said he needed to do something."

Terra smiled slightly. "I'm sure you'll have time to meet him later."

"Sister, let me show you around, so you do not get lost." Starfire pulled her out of the room, already talking Blackfire's head off. She shook her head, as if remembering some happy memory, before listening to her.

Terra yawned, "Well, anyone else getting tired after that?"

Everyone pretty much agreed, showing off their own forms of how tired they were. Beast Boy placed his arm around my waist, leading me outside and towards my room. I rolled my eyes but let him escort me, feeling to fatigued to argue. Eventually he even went as far as to pick me up, which once again I was too tired to argue.

Soon we were at my room and I used my powers to open the door. He carried me to my bed, setting me down upright on it. After I was seated properly his mouth pressed against mine, delicate and firm at the same time. My own arms wrapped around his neck, tightly. Immediately he got the hint and moved forward, pushing me onto to the bed so my back was against the sheets. We continued to embrace until I felt a smile on his mouth. Then he pulled up, looking down at me.

"I missed this," He told me, pushing a strand of hair out of my face.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm sure you did." I then arched myself forward and the kiss began once again.


I hadn't really taken any special liking to anyone. Aqualad seemed nice, but I wasn't sure if that could get anywhere. Maybe it could but ever since I'd gotten here it felt like there was this cloud or presence hovering around me, like a bad depression. Except I wasn't depressed at all. Things were really looking up for me now, I just didn't know what was wrong. I changed into pajamas, getting into my new bed. I shut the light off and closed my eyes.

I reopened them moments later to find myself somewhere I should not have been.

Fire and rock surrounded me, as did lava. I scrambled to my feet, shaking and alarmed as I looked around me, trying to find anything even sort of familiar. Had the castle burnt down in the middle of the night? But then how had I survived? That couldn't be possible. Where was I?

"You are asleep. Do not worry."

At the deep voice I only panicked more. "Where am I?" I shouted, trying to calm myself. It obviously wasn't working. "Who are you?"

"It does not matter who I am. It only matters who you are friends with now."

"What about my friends?" I whimpered. "What are you going to do to them?"

"Why does it matter? Are they even your friends? You've only just met them. Are you so sure they aren't just using you for your powers?"

I paused. "Jinx and Raven did use my powers to get us out of there . . . but we used everyone's powers! And we got out in the end! Together."

"If you had been of no use to them, would you be on this team?"

"Stop trying to mess with me! Come out!"

Eyes flared before my own, red and glaring. I screamed.

I shot up in bed, sweat around my face and my heart pounding in my chest. I looked around to make sure I was really where I should be, in the castle in my cozy little room, safe and sound. I touched my heart, breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe I should talk to Raven about that nightmare, she was the psychic. Or maybe Arella, she was much smarter and more knowledgeable then Raven about these kind of nightmares.

Carefully, shaking and uneasy, I attempted to use my legs to stand. After falling to the floor and hitting my head I realized my fear wasn't going to go away any time soon. I needed someone's help. From the floor I managed to grab my communicator off the top of the side table, opening it and dialing. After a moment a sleepy face looked back at me, surprised but tired at the same time.


"Hey, Aqualad."

"Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could take me to Arella."

"Can you walk?" He sounded confused. I shook my head and he nodded. "Alright, I'll be there in a minute, just hang on."


We hung up on one another, and I looked down at myself. Thankfully I was wearing a nightgown that covered enough, but I was still a little sweaty. I pulled on my blanket and began wiping the large amounts on my forehead off. When I was just about finished I heard a gentle knock on the door.


"Come in."

Aqualad opened the door to see me sitting there, a blanket draped partially around me as I continuously quivered, hugging myself. He seemed alarmed at once, kneeling beside me with his arm around my shoulders.

"Terra calm down, what happened?"

I smiled weakly at him. "Just a nightmare. I thought I'd need to talk to Arella about it though, it was really creepy." I shivered harder for a second before going back to the smaller and more constant shaking.

Aqualad patted my shoulder in an attempt to get me to calm down. "Do you mind if I carry you?" I shook my head. "Okay, hold on."

For some reason, as soon as he picked me up, the blanket still wrapped around me, I started to cry. Aqualad seemed alarmed, rubbing my arms and murmuring words of comfort. I cried into his chest, hugging his neck as he carried me hurriedly out of the room. All the rooms were on the same floor and as soon as we exited, my crying seemed to wake everyone. People opened their doors, staring at us as we walked past them.

"Aqualad, what's wrong with Terra?" Robin demanded. Clearly I didn't look in any condition to explain what had happened.

Aqualad turned away from his murmurs to Robin, still talking in a soothing voice. "I'm not really sure. She said she had a bad dream and then just started having a panic attack. I'm taking her to Arella, she knows about these kinds of things."

"Alright," Robin said. "Are you okay taking her by herself?"

"Sure, I don't mind." Aqualad said warmly, in a way that made me feel safe with him. I continued to cry as the memory of fire kept flashing before my eyes. It wasn't long until I was in hysterics.

Then I saw the house catch fire.


Terra suddenly screamed, pointing to the wall, where nothing was. I made her look at me.

"Terra, what's wrong?"

"T-The house is one fire!" Her legs began kicking and she began struggling, trying to run.

"Terra, its okay, we're taking you to a safe place. The fire won't get you." I assured her, starting to run and giving Robin a confused look. What was she talking about? There wasn't any fire.

"D-Deep voice . . . It made the ground shake . . ."

Terra gripped my arm tightly, painfully. I ignored it and ran, towards Arella's room. She buried her face farther into my chest as her hallucinations continued, I guessed, because any time she looked out to see the walls or floor, she urged me on, saying the fire was still there.

We finally reached Arella's room and I knocked fervently. At once Arella opened the door and upon seeing Arella, she ushered me inside.

"Come in, hurry up." Arella said, stepping aside for him to enter as she tied her white robe tighter around her body. I entered, seeing Arella's room and how clean and comforting it was to anyone. "Put her on the couch."

I did and Terra curled around the pillow automatically, staring straightforward blankly. Arella touched her forehead.

"Is she alright, Arella?"

"Has she said anything?" Arella said in turn, ignoring my question and standing to go into the closet.

"Um, she said something about having a nightmare."

"About?" She pressed, from rummaging through the drawers in her closet.

"She said the castle was on fire. And, 'deep voice, it made the ground shake'." I repeated, easily. Visibly, I saw Arella freeze, stiffening with what I could only assume was alarm. "Is she going to be alright?"

Arella eventually allowed herself to relax. "She might be."

This scared me more then her panic. "But-!"

"You can't tell anybody about what's going to happen right now, Aqualad. And you have to remain calm for her, can you do that?" I stared, unsure of how to answer. "If not, I'm going to need you to go in the other room."

I shook off my panic. I could be strong for Terra. "No, I'm fine."

"Good." She said, rolling Terra onto her back. To my horror, she didn't even seem to barely realize she was being touched. Her eyes were somewhere else, far away into a please that was not here. "This is going to look bad but trust me, she won't feel a thing."

I nodded, having complete faith in Arella. I had every confidence that she could fix whatever was wrong with Terra. Whatever nightmare haunted her would go away with her help. She knew what she was doing.

Arella placed a bottle besides Terra, along with a book on her lap, once again adjusting her bathroom. Under any other conditions I might have been uncomfortable about the fact that all she wore was that silk white bathroom, but right now I hardly noticed really. If clothing conditions bothered me I might have been nervous about picking up Terra, who wore nothing but a skimpy satin-lace dress.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," I heard Arella murmur. Unlike when Raven used those words, nothing happened immediately or even visibly. But from the crystal bottle, a few moments later with complete stillness and utter concentration from Arella, a tornado seemed to appear inside the container. She lifted it carefully, mouthing the words still, placing the opening on Terra's forehead. Again, it seemed to do nothing, but after another small amount of time that stretched on beyond belief, a red wisp came out of her. I gaped at the blood red color, thinking for a moment she was bleeding. As soon as the bottle encased it, Arella capped it. The wisps swirled violently inside, as if searching for a way out, but after finding none, it settled into a foggy liquid, the color fading quickly.

Terra's body visibly relaxed and her eyes closed into a more peaceful slumber, hopefully. I stepped forward to take her back to her room when Arella stood, bottle in hand, stopping me from going any further.

"She'll stay in here for the night, just in case," She informed me, leaving a moment to put the bottle away. "Just tell everyone Terra got sick, and the nightmare overwhelmed her body, so she started hallucinating. Or something to that effect." When she came back with a blanket she gave me another once over before saying, "You may go now."

Confused, I stumbled out of the interlacing rooms, closing the door behind me. Suddenly things had become . . . complicated. So many unanswered questions ran through my head as I leaned my back against the wall in my room. I wasn't quite sure how I'd gotten there. My body must have gone into auto pilot as I thought.

What was that Arella had pulled out of Terra? Why couldn't I tell anyone about it? Most importantly though, why did Arella herself seem so afraid of it?


I didn't get a very restful sleep. Everyone had seen Terra taken to Arella's room, and Aqualad come back in a weird daze after leaving her room. He wouldn't respond to any of our questions and the emotions I got off him were confused, worried, and almost traumatized. The only think Robin could get out of him were a few simple sentences.

"Terra got sick. Fever made her nightmare seem real and she started hallucinating."

After that he continued to walk, emotions swirling blindly, back into his room where he shut the door. After all of us shared confused looks we all shrugged, shutting our doors and going back to sleep.

However uncomfortable that sleep was.

When I woke up, got dressed, and went into the dining hall, it seemed Arella, Red X, Aqualad, and Terra were the only ones not present. Blackfire was with Starfire, sitting next to one another and discussing rooming plans. I once again checked their emotions, and neither had any hostility whatsoever against the other, both glad they could put the past behind them and leave it at that.

"Anyone seen Red X?" Jinx asked, walking into the room. Kid Flash was eating with Robin, hassling him. Robin, unlike unusual, was teasing Kid Flash back. At the sight of Jinx though, he shut up and stared at her, much to Robin's amusement. She ignored it. "I haven't seen him since he 'went to do stuff' yesterday."

Everyone shook their heads. She sighed.

"I'm sure he'll turn up eventually," Speedy said reassuringly. "The longest he's hidden is five days, which was the beginning of you guys officially arriving here." He looked at Blackfire, questioningly. "I assume Starfire told you that story?"

"Yeah," Blackfire said, nodding.

"I've been meaning to ask you, Blackfire," Kole cut in. "How is it you speak English more fluently then Starfire?"

All eyes were on the two of them now, and truth be told, I was also curious. Blackfire spoke like a normal Earth teenager, understanding the slang and words easily. Blackfire seemed to thrive under the attention. I guess when you were considered to have a mutation on your planet, and people probably often stared at you, it was better to learn to run with it then to hide.

"Starfire is the average of an appearance on my planet," Blackfire began. "Red hair, tan skin, green eyes, that kind of stuff. But as you can see, I look near to nothing like her. On my planet I'm a mutated freak-."

"Blackfire!" Starfire gasped, sounding almost hurt. "You are my sister, not a mutant."

Blackfire shrugged, "It's just a fact, Sister dear. Nothing to get upset about." She addressed us once again. "Nonetheless, we both collect information differently, like languages. Starfire gets them through lip-contact. I, on the other hand, get them through just hearing one part of the language. If you said any word in English, just any simple word, like apple, I'd understand everything. Its very easy for me."

Kole sat back, in thought. "Hm, that's cool. So that means you understand Jericho's sign language?" Blackfire nodded. "Nice."

"It comes in handy."

After a few more minutes of mingling amongst ourselves, Blackfire stood. Nobody really payed attention, but I heard her tell Starfire that she was going to explore her castle on her own for a little while. Starfire bayed her a good luck before going to sit next to Robin, asking him to join her in the 'partaking of walking the garden'. He stood and they left.


I was glad to be safe.

For too long I'd been running from strangers, my own people, and even myself. Not literally myself but I'd been denying my life of the privileges that came with having a real family and not spending my life trying to murder my siblings. Back home, after my powers had been stolen, my little brother took over. A large argument had been made that someone should come back to fetch Starfire, because she was older, but in the end, it was easier just to use my younger brother then go find her, for few even knew where she was. Feeling frightened for her, I had stolen top-secret files and hidden until I found where she was. I threw the packet on the floor in my room before zipping out he window, the only thought on my mind her safety. From now on, I was going to act like a big sister, not some jealous bitch. Everyone already didn't like me because of my appearance. There was no need to make it worse by acting as cruel as I had most of my life.

I was finally where I belonged.

I managed to find myself in the library Starfire had showed me earlier, yesterday. I hadn't had time to really look at it and made a note to myself to look again, when I had the chance. So here I was now, touching the smooth, glazed shelves with my fingertips. After touching, my hand fell to my side, touching the metal on my outfit. Starfire said she'd have more outfits (custom made) ready for me by the beginning of tomorrow, but I didn't mind. Warriors of Tamaran often wore clothes for weeks, until the battle ended. Unlike humans we had no desire for cleanliness and only bathed ourselves when we had the chance. From the odd, fruity smell of Starfire's hair when I was near her, she must have taken up all the habits of humans.

I pulled a book at random, reading the back of it. To sum it up, it was about a stranger who met a girl and the girl was attracted to him and they had to go on an adventure together.

I felt the urge to read it out loud to myself, quietly, looking at the comments from newsletters and other people who had read it. "'A story about betrayal, adventure, and most importantly, love. This classic tale will win the heart of millions.'" I snorted in disgust. "You can count mine out of that million. Ugh, can people be any more emotional?" I muttered under my breath, since I was alone. Everyone besides the few missing Aqualad, Terra, Arella, and the ever evading Red X I still hadn't met were in the dining hall still, so I was almost positive I was alone. I hadn't met Red X though, so I had no idea what he was like. Normally when I met people, I got a good read of their personalities but, well, I guessed it didn't matter. After giving the book one last disapproving look I moved to place it back on the shelf.

"And what might you have against love?"

I dropped the book.

AW. So, recently I discovered a new coupling that I was sad not as many people wrote about and I was happy, because I could be. You'll see more of it in the future of this story, so I hope you enjoy it.

What's Arella hiding, you might wonder? I should hope it has become obvious. If not, yay to that too, because it'll just keep you readers wanting more. There will be more Beast Boy/Raven coupling as well as a new friendship between Raven and Blackfire, but the story has to pick up more before the romance can really start. Something's also wrong with Terra, so Terra-haters will enjoy this as well as the people who enjoy her.

Anyways, until then!


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