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It Wants Its Daughter
Chapter 14
"And Without Anymore Doubts"

No One:

As Raven hugged her love, reunited once again, they heard groans and turned to see their friends, all unconscious.

Surprisingly, an unexpected person was with them.

"Terra!" Starfire shouted, shocked her friend turned traitor was no longer made of stone, after having sacrificed herself. And of course, being alive at all. She ran over, helping her up. "Terra, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but," Terra looked around, seeming mildly confused. "Who are you?"

Robin frowned, "This is . . . unexpected."

Raven then was struck by something lying motionless not so far away, unlike their friends, who were complaining loudly and moving jerkily, without any grace whatsoever. She pulled away from Beast Boy and made her way to it, kneeling before the figure.

Her mother still lay motionless. The hope that once things had turned back to normal, like Terra, Arella would be okay too, died down completely and acceptance flooded her. She tightened the grip on the chain in her hands, feeling Beast Boy wrap his arms around her from behind. Raven didn't react at all, just letting tears fall down her face silently.

"Ugh," Red X groaned, "What happened?"

Robin looked towards the couple, before the dead woman on the floor. "It's a long story . . ."

After destroying most of their "safe house" and walking through the front doors of the castle, they weren't at all surprised to see the Elders lined up at the door, waiting for them. The Titans, after being filled in (conveniently leaving out Terra's betrayal, and explaining Trigon had done something to her with his powers, which was probably why she couldn't remember anything) on the whole story, had all decided something. They couldn't let Arella's name be shamed after all she'd done for them. Even the parts they couldn't see.

So, rather then parading her in as a body, they'd built a stone coffin (nothing eccentric, mind you) with the help of Terra, Starfire, and a few others, just so she would be respected in death.

"So what Arella said was true," one woman said, sadly. "She really did sacrifice herself to save you children."

"We need to make a story." Another Elder cut in, "On how she was killed."

"We'll tell the truth," Raven said, sternly, shutting everyone up. "My mother died for what she believed in. Protecting me, my friends, and this planet . . ."

"She gave her life for that," Raven finished, at the conference. Behind her, all the Titans had their heads bowed. The rarely present Elders with them showed the world just how much they really cared for Arella, and how much was really taken. Everyone was somber, most of the Teen Titans depressed. For once, they didn't even try to put on strong faces for the public. At that moment, Raven was forced to stop, wiping a tear from her eye before continuing.

"Arella was a protector. She was a mother to anyone younger then her who ever met her, and a daughter to those older. She was the most focused and thoughtful person you'd meet, and I feel sorry for those who never got the chance to talk with my mother. I'll never forget what she did for me, and I hope you won't either." After taking another deep breath, bowing her head and getting a grip on things, she amended her speech with, "That's all I can say about that."

For once, the press didn't push it. They didn't shout questions, like they usually did, even though the speech-maker had just insisted no more would be said. They'd all seen Arella speak, and felt they knew her. They felt every bit as sorry as the Titans did. All the remorse and pain hovered the audience at that moment as the Teen Titans and normally absent elders exited the area, back into their homes.

At this time, Raven sat in her mother's room, fiddling with the key on the chain and wondering what she was supposed to do now. Raven felt like this room was just . . . empty. Lonely. It was like an abandoned pet, left behind after its owner had moved away. Nothing about it felt the same as before. It didn't comfort her, like it used to. It didn't smell like fresh flowers or doused candles, which her mother's room always seemed to smell like.

Nothing was the same.


Raven jumped, touching her chest and nodding.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"Its okay," she murmured, looking around the room again. "I just . . . can't believe she's dead."

"The funeral is tomorrow. You sure you're up for it?"

Raven nodded, "Yeah . . . I'm positive."

There was a silence as he walked over, sitting next to her and taking her hand, with a sad smile. "Don't worry. If it gets too much for you, I'll be right there to help. Promise."

"Thank you, Beast Boy."

"Of course."

It was harder then I thought, Raven realized, watching the minister speak over Arella's body mournfully. At least, the casket her mother's body resided in, and would be buried. It had been custom made, of course. Symbols with meaning written all over it. Of course, the final resting place for her was white. It represented . . . just about everything she was.

A rustle in the breeze made her snap out of the memory. She shut her eyes, tight, and took a deep breath. Once again, for the second time this week (and it had only been two days into it) Raven found herself drawn to the tombstone, marking her mother's grave.

"Why?" She breathed, to herself. No one else was around. Not even Beast Boy, who had taken to being her other half, recently. But these past two days, today, for example . . .

Raven felt a breeze move her hair. Her eyes glanced upwards and then turned, feeling oddly breathless. In front of her, across the library table, Beast Boy's own green irises were immediately upon her. Shutting the book he hadn't really been paying attention to (kind and caring he may be, but a good reader for pleasure he was not), he leaned over, touching her hands. It brought her attention back to him.

"You okay?" He asked, concern filling everything about it. Raven could practically taste it in the aura around him. It vaguely reminder her of, on cold days, when you'd walk into a heated room. Relaxing and welcome to her. But it was impossible for her to be side-tracked. Not with this feeling still hovering just around her person.

With a nod, she put the book she'd had down, and left, without a word. To her utter surprise, just as he had done last time when she'd run off without saying anything, Beast Boy simply sat down, watching her leave. And she knew he knew she needed time to herself, with her problems, for the moment. He guessed, just like yesterday, that she would eventually return to her room in silence. And like yesterday, she had hoped he understood. Yesterday, she walked into her room to see Beast Boy, waiting patiently. She'd run into his arms, saying nothing, and neither had he, because no words were necessary. Beast Boy didn't ask where she had gone, but Raven had a feeling he he an fairly good idea where.

But right now, she thought, snapping out of that memory and even forgetting Beast Boy, for the moment, she wondered why she had to come here every day. Shouldn't she be avoiding it while she healed? Wasn't that the normal thing to do?

A wind swept up again as Raven gently touched the grave with her palm, kneeling to the floor without making a sound. An urge to rest her forehead against it overwhelmed her as she began to cry, shaking with the chill of the air and her own, personal inner-chill. The wind ceased, but her tears did not. A hand pressed itself tightly against her shoulder, squeezing her, and she didn't have the ability to be embarrassed at being caught here.

Her and her unidentified comforter said nothing as she cried. After a short while, she wiped her tears away and sniffed, attempting to hide her sadness with awkward laughter. "Sorry," she apologized, turning. "I didn't mean to . . . to . . ."

She was definitely not where she had been. White surrounded her into an infinity, making everything soft. For a second she was uneasy until she realized the hand was still there and she turned fully, mouth agape.

"I came to heal you."

Raven nodded dumbly, standing slowly. The figure before her embraced her tightly, and Raven could do nothing but simply stand there and not faint from shock.

"I'm with you, forever," the figure promised, same as always. Except . . . more ethereal, somehow. Like she belonged in the soothing place around them. Raven pulled away from the hug, and the person didn't protest, to look at the gravestone still there. Raven couldn't believe her eyes.

"I love you," the reminder made Raven pay attention again. "I don't want you to suffer because of me."

"It's normal," Raven breathed. "Death brings pain to those left behind."

"Yes well," the figure was amused, obviously, placing their hands on Raven's shoulders. "I think you've had enough pain to last you the rest of your lifetime, don't you? Frustration, I can promise nothing for, but I won't leave you my burden to bare."

Raven hissed as the hands used magic, removing the pain. Just like she'd promised.

"I don't want to forget!" Raven managed, through her teeth.

Immediately, the sensation stopped, and she breathed out a sigh of relief.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't . . ." Raven took a deep breath, calming herself. "I don't want to forget you, mother."

Arella sighed, touching her chin thoughtfully. "Compromise, then?"

"What's a-?"

Raven felt the pain again, but this time, it was warm. Hot, even, and not as uncomfortable it seemed. This feeling was entirely uncomfortable, and it flared before fading, fast.

"Goodbye, my angel," Raven heard Arella breath. "You will be cared for, I'll make sure of it."

Raven nodded in understanding, as did her mother, before she gasped at a flare, closing her eyes. And then she felt new hands replace the old ones. Stronger, more firm and not quite as gentle. More urgent, it would seem. She flinched away from them, scrambling in her mind to find her mother's hands instead.

"Raven? Come on, wake up! Raven?"

With a groan, realizing she could no longer grasp unconsciousness, as the light was fading too quickly, she opened her eyes. The smoldering in her chest vanished and she sat up, gasping and coughing.

Jinx smacked her back, and Raven coughed, painfully taking in more air. But it helped, she realized, and the shuddering in her body slowed into normal, average breaths.

"There ya are," the sorceress commented cheerfully. "Odd place to take a nap, by the way. Just saying . . ."

Raven smiled weakly up at her. "It's not as if it was my intention."

"Making amends, then?"

A nod.

"I figured as much. But, you looked like you were having a nightmare or something, so I woke you up when I saw you. Not to mention its getting pretty late, and it looks like it might rain. By the way, nice out-."

"How did you know to come find me?" Raven interrupted, confusion hitting her.

Jinx shrugged, "Beast Boy asked me to come looking for you. I figured you might be down here, so here we are now!"

Raven snorted, "Thank you."

"Sure, anytime. Now let's get you back into the house, you little trouble-maker, okay?"

"Wow, I feel loved."

"You know its true."

"Fair enough."

Jinx assisted Raven in standing, and continued to help her, leading her into the house. The two barely spoke on the way in, and Beast Boy was found pacing the hallway around Raven's room. As soon as he saw the two, he simply eyed them carefully before shaking his head, deciding not to ask. Insisting he could take it from there, Beast Boy proceeded to take Raven off of Jinx's hands. After placing her in her bedroom, the question he needed to ask bubbled up, exiting his mouth before he could stop himself.

"What's with the outfit?"

Raven looked down, confused, and was surprised to find herself in all white. Her brow rose as she looked down at herself. And just like her beloved had said, she now wore all white, similar to when she was a child. Actually, exactly the same, just obviously bigger to fit her body now instead of the flat, unshapely one.

"Um . . . I don't . . ." She couldn't really finish her sentence.

Beast Boy stopped her attempts with a wave of his hand. "Oh well. It looks nice on you."


He leaned forward, kissing her tenderly. After a delicate moment, he pulled back with a warm smile.

"Of course."

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