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Auron POV

To the everyday observer, she was just like everyone else. No different than the millions of people that inhabited the city of Luca and it's suburbs, going to and fro. Early twenties, petite, blond hair, baggy clothes, earphones attached to her ears 24/7, that same look of boredom that you can't help but see on every other person's face.

To the everyday observer, she could be called pretty. Her blond hair fell nearly to her waist when she wore it down. Paired with piercing green eyes, she could be a looker. But she wore a her hair in a messy ponytail, covered with a hat that she pulled down over her eyes, like she was hiding. Like she wanted to be invisible.

And to the everyday observer, she was. But not me. I wasn't like everyone else.

On a typical Monday evening in the city of Luca, while riding the bus from downtown, I saw this invisible girl. And after that, everything else became invisible. There was only her.

I hope that, one day, she sees me, too.