- Shattered Glass -

Ah, man. I hate moving schools. Like, seriously. You're always – and I mean almost straight away – labelled as 'new kid' and it's infuriating. And then you normally feel really awkward. Everybody knows everyone else, and then there's you. The loner; the outcast.

But I'm used to all that crap now. I've been changing schools pretty much every six months, from Oto, to Suna, from Kumo to Kiri – and now Konoha.

The little town was hidden in the countryside, almost cut off from the outside world, but there were some towns that we passed in the Range Rover, towns that bustled and sparkled and looked pretty.

Yeah so anyways, this Konoha was small, not like Suna, which was like. Freaking huge. This place smelt nice. That was the first thing I realised. It was spring, and the cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom.

Sometimes, when you live in different places it's quite easy to learn the difference between good air and polluted air. Though, I'm not too sure how I would explain it – it's just less heavy, I guess.

The houses were all colourful and pretty and big. I felt quite peaceful driving through all the greens and blues and pale, pale pinks: it was nice.

And now, here I stood, outside the huge varnished black gates of this new school: Konoha Academy for Gifted Students.

Heh, gifted… more like immorally rich.

Inhale, exhale, check make-up – Good, a little mascara and eyeliner around my ice and ocean blue eyes were all that I could really ever wear in the hotter seasons, foundations and powders somehow make me feel hot and sticky and slimy… bleh.

Check hair? Today it was in a high, swishy pony tail with my side fringe hanging loose. My light brown hair was highlighted with light blonde streaks which brought out my tanned skin. I love my aunt and her hair dressing skills! Okay, so that was sorted.

Uniform? Pfft, one of those retarded half sleeve blouses? Check. Straight black skirt? Check – though I'd rolled it up. I'm not a slut or anything! I just cannot wear knee length skirts, and there was no doubt in my mind that the other girls in the school had rolled them up too. I'd also refused to wear the black shoes. They were completely not my thing – I probably sound like a bit of a brat. I'm not. But I'm only here for six months, so why should I bother buying a new set of shoes. I already bought the freaking uniform, I'm already paying the fees!

Um, okay, rant over, I walked along the path towards what I supposed was the reception building – ya know, coz it had the sign on it saying 'RECEPTION'. I walked as confidently as I could past groups of chattering students, looking around I saw that I was right about the skirts. Some of the girls had them higher than should have been legal and I almost walked over to them and yanked them down myself, but I restrained myself.

I was walking at a fast pace now, getting some glances from people and dirty looks from people I didn't even know. Don't ya just hate that? When you're instantly disliked? It's like, bitch, please, you don't even know me.

Yeah so anyways, I was walking at a faster pace when I collided with a rather solid form.

"Ow…" I mumbled thickly, stepping back and looking up. My blue eyes connected with purple swirling orbs, "Oh, sorry…" I grinned sheepishly, my ponytail swishing behind me.

"Suigetsu! Are you a complete retard or what? Help the girl before she, like, dies!" shrieked a girl about a head taller than me with amazing pinky-red hair.

"Uh… I'm okay, really I—"


"Sorry, short stuff: I didn't see you down there. You okay?" asked the guy with swirly purple eyes.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." I smoothed out my fringe and examined the two in front of me.

The girl was petite, with fiery hot pink locks and eyes of almost the same shade. She wore thick rimmed librarian glasses over them. She was extremely pretty, but I couldn't help but wonder if that was her real hair colour. She wore a pretty small white blouse and had rolled her skirt up about an inch higher than mine – however I was still tempted to yank it down over her amazingly long legs. She wore thigh-high black socks and funny little boots on her feet. I envied her brave fashion sense.

The other – Suigetsu, wasn't it? – had hair of a snowy white and blue, with bangs hanging over those stunning purple eyes and a pretty shabby cut at his shoulders. But it looked good. He wore his shirt sleeves rolled up scruffily to his elbows, his top button left unlinked, and his shirt un-tucked from his black pants. Most of the boys seemed to be dressed like this. I guessed the school wasn't too strict on their uniform regulations. I also noticed that he was wearing white plimps, like me.

I decided to take the chance at getting a few friends while I had it.

"Um, would you guys mind showing me where the reception building is? I'm new, kinda clueless." I laughed.

"Sure." Suigetsu answered with a smile, a rather sharp, white tooth sticking out on the side of his lip.

"Thank you so much."

"Hey, you're Kari Tenatai, aren't you?" The girl asked, looking generally curious.

"Yes?" I replied, looking just as curious.

"Ooh! Ooh! You're in our class! Yeah, hi, I'm Karin, and this is Suigetsu, he's a moron." She spoke quickly. I decided that I was lucky that I had been friends with Temari, because when she got hyper… sheesh! It was hard to keep up with her.

"Really?" I asked, out of habit, "Orochimaru-sensei, right?"

"Yeah." Karin replied with a flick of her hair.

"Well that's great!" I smiled again, feeling a little silly.

"I know right? You want the 411 on everyone while we head to reception?"

"That'd be nice. Yeah," I smiled, I liked Karin, she spoke quickly and insulted the guy who followed her around.

"Suigetsu, come on."

"I'm coming, I'm coming…" He muttered, strolling lazily behind us, his hands behind his head, elbows in the air. Then he stopped. "Hey… aren't we forgetting someone?" Karin turned and stared at him incredulously, before a look of realization and dreaminess dawned on her.

"Oh yeah," She said softly, twirling a strand of hair around her forefinger, "Where's Sasuke?"

"Sasuke?" I felt the need to speak, since I felt as if I was being forgotten.

"Yeah. Hey, Kari, do you mind waiting a little while 'till he gets here? Jerk's always late." Suigetsu sighed.

"Nah, it's cool."

Karin and I sat down on the stairs while she informed me of the rest of my new class.

"Okay, so there's me and Sui, and then there's Sasuke, and Juugo. Sasuke's like, hot, okay? He's got an older brother called Itachi, who is also hot. You ever heard of Fugaku Uchiha?" I nodded, of course I knew.

"Oh! Yeah, that guy… the guy who owns the Uchiha clothing brand, right?"

"Right, well that's their dad." Karin smirked.

"No way!" I was flabbergasted, to say the least. The Uchiha clothing brand was one of those high street brands which everyone wears. They're kinda like… high street designer, in competition with Abercrombie and Fitch, or Superdry. "You're kidding?"


"Wow, so I guess they're pretty rich, huh?"

"You bet. But not only that, they're… they're talented and gorgeous and smart and—"

"Ignore her." Suigetsu nudged me.

"—and they have these amazing eyes, ya know? Like dark as coal!" Karin finished, nodding vigourously.

"I see." I replied simply, "And what about this Juugo guy?"

"Juugo's… well he's really smart and strong and all that…" Karin began before Suigetsu intercepted.

"Basically, you don't ever wanna piss him off. He can get… pretty scary."

"Oh, I see," I nodded to myself, "Do not piss off Juugo."

"Right!" Karin smiled, "Oh yeah, then we have Orochimaru-sensei—"

"—who is a paedophile." Suigetsu finished. I snorted, and then saw their blank faces.

"Oh, you were serious."

"He pretty much molested Sasuke after our Taijutsu class last week."

"Do tell." I grinned.

"I'd rather not." Suigetsu said with a distant look of horror.

"It was kinda like, he kept him after class and then next thing we know Sasuke's walking out like, 'Guys, get me the fuck away from him.' And Juugo was like 'Why what's up?' and Sasuke was just like… completely freaked. It was really weird." Karin told me with a frown.

"Oh gosh, that's fucked up." I too frowned. Suigetsu yawned.

"We've also got Kabuto in our class. Keep on your toes around him, he's Orochimaru's favourite, after Sasuke, of course." He muttered with a glare directed at a tree.

"Keep on my toes?"

"He's just. Gay. To the max."

"Heh, kay." I giggled.

Suddenly, Karin squealed, and Suigetsu groaned. I looked to where their attention was focussed. Stepping out of a rather stunning black Bentley were two dark haired boys, and it didn't take me that long to guess who they were. A group of girls congregated at the gates, Karin tapped my arm and pulled me towards the crowd. Suigetsu walked in line with us.

We got closer and I heard cries of 'Sasuke!', 'Itachi!'
There was also a lot of giggling and cooing and fawning and jealous murmurs from the other boys in the area. Karin dragged me through all of this, to the front of the congregation.

"Hey, Sasuke, over here!" She shouted. He looked up at her through…

Oh my god.

He looked up at her through the darkestdarkestdarkest eyes I had ever seen in my life and gave her the barest hint of a nod. He spoke to whoever it was that was in the car and slipped his bag over his head. I looked at Karin. Surprisingly, she had managed to stop drooling and was standing up straight with her arms folded. I watched as the two boys exchanged words before parting in separate directions. Karin quickly whispered to me that the one with longer hair was Itachi.

"See, he wears the red and black striped tie?"


"Sporting colours. You only get to wear one if you represent the school or something. I don't get it. Sasuke's got one too."

"I get it." I whispered back.

Sure enough, the two Uchiha boys were wearing black and red striped ties, though Itachi's uniform was definitely a lot smarter than Sasuke's… Kinda. Itachi had at least the front of his shirt tucked in, and his white sleeves cuffed at his wrists. He'd left his top button undone and his tie was hanging quite loosely around his neck. On his feet he wore black plimps.

Sasuke was dressed pretty much the same, except that he hadn't bothered to tuck his shirt in at all and had rolled his sleeves up to his elbows. Again, his tie hung loosely around his neck without his top button done up, and instead of black plimps he wore black converses. His black hair was spiked up messily at the back, but hung loosely in his (darkdarkdark) eyes. I thought that it contrasted pretty well with his ivory skin.

Well, it wasn't that ivory-ish. It was one of those skin tones that you get confused about. It's like, tanned but not tanned, if you get me? Whatever.

"Sasuke," Karin grinned up at him. Like, UP at him, "You okay?"

"Yeah." He replied, not looking at her, but rather scanning the school grounds.

"That's good. Oh, by the way. This is Kari; Orochimaru-sensei told us we were getting a new student?" She hinted, he looked down at me. I felt small…

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." He replied.

I almost died.

He gave the barest hint of a smirk at the sight of my eyes widening.

Damn my inability to control my emotions!

I freaking composed myself and looked at Karin, who had an amused look on her face.

"So, where have we gotta go?" She asked me.

"The reception building, gotta pick up my timetables and stuff."

"Got it."

Karin and I walked ahead whilst Suigetsu and Sasuke started a quiet conversation behind us. I looked at Karin, saw her grinning, and looked away.

"I told you." She giggled, I simply smirked and nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash from the front building, glass shattered across the paving stones in front of it. Karin, Sasuke, and Suigetsu's eyes all narrowed. An actual desk followed the glass and landed right in front of Sasuke. He stared at it for a second before looking up. I heard shouting, and a heck of a lot of swearing. Through the massive gap in the window came a tall, orange haired typhoon, screaming obscenities at the empty window pane. Suigetsu and Karin rushed forward and held his arms, with what looked like everything they had. Karin received an elbow to the face and swore before falling to the ground, clutching her cheek. Suigetsu looked from Karin to Sasuke before yelling at the frowning teen next to me.


"Juugo," He said, loudly and firmly and confidently, "Stop it."

Immediately, the swearing and shouting and movement stopped, and the orange-haired beast stared at Sasuke before falling to it's knees and breathing deeply. Suigetsu patted it on the back. Sasuke jumped over the desk and turned to me,

"Kari, go see if Karin's okay." I nodded and stepped cautiously around the table to where Karin was looking forlornly into a hand mirror. I bent down next to her.

"Karin, are you alright?"

"I DUNNO, AM I?" She almost shrieked.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at it, Kari, LOOK AT IT!" She squealed, prodding her cheek. "It's almost ALIVE!"

"It's only a little bit swollen, don't worry." I mumbled, trying to calm her down.

"Are you sure?" She looked at me with her hands clasped together, hope shining in her crimson/pink eyes. "It's really not that bad?"

"No, don't worry."

"That's a relief." Her shoulders sunk. She glanced at Sasuke and Suigetsu, who were speaking to the tanned thing. "Is… is Juugo okay?"

"That's Juugo?" I asked ponderously, Karin nodded, "I don't know, Sasuke told me to come check you out."

"Okay. Gah, my ass frickin' hurts. Help me up?" I grasped her hand and pulled her up, she walked towards this Juugo guy, as Suigetsu helped him up too. "Hey Juugo." She said cheerfully, the big guy looked at her through sad, amber eyes.

"Karin, I'm sorry, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me. How are you?"

"I'm okay now, thanks to –" he glanced at Sasuke, "Yeah."

"Well that's good. Juugo, this is Kari, remember, Orochimaru-sensei told us we'd be having a new student—"

"He's not retarded, Karin." Suigetsu rolled his eyes.

"OH YEAH? WE'LL SEE HOW RETARDED YOU ARE WHEN I'M FINISHED WITH YOU!" She raised her fist and stepped menacingly towards him.

"Karin!" Sasuke barked. She stopped and went back to being all angelic. I glanced up at him.

"Way to keep the troops in line." I grinned.

"Heh." Was his reply.

"Yeah, so Juugo, this is Kari." Karin continued, as if she had not just threatened to hit a guy who was at least two heads taller than her.

"Hey," said the Juugo (sorry, but ya know what they say – first impressions do kinda count), despite his size and scariness he spoke softly and calmly. "Nice to meet you."

"You too." I smiled back, even though I could still feel myself shaking slightly. I looked at the front building which now had a few people cleaning up glass inside and outside. Karin looked at it too, biting her lip.

"So, Kari, we'll just come get your timetables and shit at break, we have a free period first thing on Mondays anyways."

"Oh well that's great." I smiled. Free periods! Oh how I'd missed them! …We never had any in Suna. It was lame. Eventually Karin and Suigetsu, Juugo and Sasuke and I all made our way to our homeroom. Or – as Sasuke called it – "The den of the poisonous Snake."

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