"Pie Face!" then came the Scream. "Good one Brian!" said all the boys laughing. Let me rewind. Hi I'm Ruby. I'm 11 years old, with two brothers, Nujum and Jake, and a sister Sarah. I was born in November of 1998. Now I'm in the 6th grade, and I know what you're thinking. How? Well you see, I was so smart I skipped Pre-K. Okay so let me just tell you the Brian and I are the worst enemies to walk the earth. Now back to the conflict.

"BRIAN YOU LITERATURE!" I screamed. Oh, yeah. Literature is my word that stands for something only describing boys, so I insult them and they can't tell on me. I can't really say what it stands for, because if you're a boy and you're reading this, you might be the next person I use it on. So back to the scene.

The custodian came running to me! Then he paged for the principal saying, "Mrs. Beckenforth, we have another apple pie issue." Then I heard the principal say, "Let me guess, Brian and Ruby." "Who else?" In less than a second the principal was there yelling her head off at Brian. The custodian told Lizzie, my best friend, to take me to the bathroom to wash the pie out of my hair. Yes, even though Mrs. Beckenforth was telling Brian then he would never do anything like that to me again, I declare war.

Here I was, in the 6th grade cafeteria getting yelled by the principal for throwing a pie at…Ruby! God, I hate that girl. It was so funny how she screamed, God! That was hysterical! I wasn't really listening to the Principal until she said the last line, "Brian you have Detention today after school, in my office." I could hear all the boys around me snickering. I never had detention in my life, no matter how many things I did. That was it. Ruby had declared war. And that's just what I was thinking as my best friend Mike came up to me in the hall.

"Dude, you struck her with a pie? In the face? NO WAY!" he yelled. "Dude, she must've screamed so loud, man. I wish I was there." "Really you don't" I said. Then I told him how I got detention, and Ruby got off scot free. "Well, what do you know?" he said. "Ruby has declared war." And he showed me the note on my locker. "Have fun after school today. Oh, let me make myself more SPECIFIC. Have fun in D-E-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N, which spells detention." I could almost hear that annoying little laugh in my head. Yup, war had already started.

Disclaimer: Ruby, Nujum, and Jake belong to Nujum.