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Category: This is a crossover with the X-Files, BUT Roswell fans don't fret. I'll make sure you are still in the loop!

Summery: Roswell- Nothing of the third season, and I amended the end of the second season a bit. Alex is still alive. He broke out of the mind warp and Tess and Nasedo's plan was revealed. They used the Granolith to go home- Max, Iz, Michael, and Ava. Larek found a way to get the granolith safely with out Kivar getting it. The royal four cleared up everything and there is peace. Ava stayed on Antar, but the other three went home, being gone one year.

The X-Files- Picks up after Will was born and there have been no more aliens since. Mulder and Doggit are assigned to the X-Files now. Scully married Mulder, and retained her professional name as Dana Scully, and is working as an instructor for the FBI in DC. She didn't want to travel with Will being there.


List of Characters:

Max and Liz- they are married. Max works as a civil layer in Roswell, sometimes he does criminal law. He also helps Liz run the Crashdown. Liz inherited it when her folks retired. Liz is also an assistant to the biology professor at the college at Las Cruses. She drives there whenever he does an experiment.

Michael and Maria- they are married and live in Roswell. They have one daughter, Haley Fiona. Maria gives music lessons and sings whenever she gets a gig. Michael works for a company in Dallas which does editing work for television and movies.

Alex and Isabel- they are married. Isabel is an LPN and works at a clinic in Albuquerque. Alex is the director of software for the southwest of an international company (he is in the bucks!!!!).

Kyle- unmarried, occasionally has a girlfriend. After working as a Deputy for Jim, he was offered the Sheriff position in Lea county that is right next to the county Roswell is in. He lives in Lovington, which is the county seat(It really is!).

Jim and Amy- married with two new kids, Mackenzie and Sophie. Jim is Roswell's Sheriff. Amy still has her store and does all kinds of alien themed stuff.

Tess- after she was found out, she fled Roswell. She has yet to be heard from.

Fox and Dana Mulder- married and have a son, William. They live in DC. Will is not biologically Mulder's. Dana went to a fertility clinic, this was after she was told she couldn't have children.

John Doggit- kind of dating Monica Reyes, a fellow agent- but not too serious, still. Lives in DC Working on X-Files.

Millions of years ago, the first inhabitants of Earth set foot on its limited soil. This was a time long before mammals took over, before dinosaurs dominated, in fact, only simplistic plants and animals covered its ground. This civilization that first walked Earth's continents was composed of gray colored beings whose large black eyes could see very long distances.

They were searching for a new home. Earth didn't totally fulfill their needs, but it was sufficient. For a many years, their entire civilization moved throughout space in search of a planet they could call their own. During this time, they simply lived on their army of space ships. They were tired now, tired of searching, tired of living in cramped spaces, many were tired of each other. So, they nestled themselves into Earth's resources.

They were a developed race, comprised of two classes. The upper class made up a small percentage of the population and traditionally were very intelligent. The lower class, however smart, did not rival the intellect of the upper class. Even though the lower class did most of the labor, the upper class always endeavored to ensure equality and peace. Therefore, a delightful harmony abounded throughout the civilization. But even well thought out plans have kinks.

Not long after they settled, a resistance surfaced in the lower class. One certain being wanted to rule and dominate the entire race. The head leaders eventually caught this rebellious figure and who they believed to be his followers. They banished and buried them deep within the ground and agreed to once again continue the search for a better world.

As a gift to their God, they left a mixture of their DNA and the DNA that already existed on the planet. Someday this would develop into a race of people that would be similar, but still different from them.

On this next journey, they didn't travel far, considering the size of the universe. They found a system of five planets. Four filled with oxygen and one filled with a mysterious gas that the beings had never been in contact with before. This gas proved to be quite deadly to the greys, however, a primitive race of sentient beings inhabited it. Two of the other planets also supported life. They seemed to somehow be related; and, strangely, these beings greatly resembled the mixture of DNA the greys had left on Earth. The last two planets were uninhabited and quite suitable. The greys decided to settle one of them.

But once again, a rebellion stirred in the lower ranks. This time, though, the rebels were better prepared. They released a virus that attacked the upper class. Eventually, it killed most of the upper class. But before too many succumbed to the deadly virus, they banished all of the rebellion to the other unoccupied planet and stripped them of all technology.

But the rebellion had already caused a great deal of damage. Many of their historical records were destroyed, and without much of the upper class, were never replaced. And Earth, it became a myth. One that wouldn't be proven true for years to come...
Chapter One
Roswell Meets the X-Files
The Evans' Residence,
Roswell, NM
10:14 pm, 2009

"Don't move!"

Max Evans heard a click as the safety was taken off of a gun behind his back. He froze. The house was empty, except for himself and the mysterious man behind him. Liz wouldn't be home until after midnight. It was just now five past ten.

The room was silent except for the controlled breathing of both men. Max stood straight-backed and waited for his new acquaintance to say something. The seconds ticked by and finally the intruder spoke, "You're a hard man to track down. Man being the operative word."

*He knows!* The thought screamed through Max's head. Max coached himself to stay calm and think over his options. He could use his powers easily. But how many other people were in his house? It was too dark to see clearly, but everything seemed to be in order. There was no reason to believe that anyone else was here. But who had this man told information to? Using his powers might be exactly what they wanted, if there was a 'they'.

His logical choice was to just play dumb. There was no reason to believe that this guy had any proof of what he was. "Who are you, what are you talking about, and why are you in my house?"

"I'm someone who has been looking for you for a very long time."