Bars and Wars

Chapter 1

"Okay, okay, listen up people. We have two bachelor parties booked tonight. Give the boys a good show, but do not, I repeat, do not, TANYA, cross the line. I mean it. I don't care how many of the bachelors you take home with you tonight, but not in my club, understood?" I narrowed my eyes, smirking at Tanya.

"Fine, Bella. I mean, just because you won't look twice at him, or any man for that matter," Tanya said, rolling her eyes at me, "doesn't mean the rest of us have to be so prudish."

"Good. Now, Alice, love, I am not sure why you are at my staff meeting, but since you are, will you once again remind your brother that my club is not his own personal hunting grounds, and to please back off my girls and my customers?" I turned back to my staff. "Tanya, Char, please stop encouraging him. I don't care how many times you two hook up with Edward outside the club, but please, do not give it to him in the bathroom again." Char's cheeks blushed red as I glared menacingly in her direction, placing my hand on my best friend Alice's shoulder as I tease my staff.

Emmett, one of my bouncers, slowly moved Rose's hair from her neck, exposing it to him, then leaned over and rested his chin on her shoulder, listening as I went over the announcements.

"Emmett and Mike, don't forget we need the kegs changed out before opening."

Mike nodded and placed his cell phone back into his pocket.

"Oh, and guys, please keep a close eye on all of us tonight. Girls, no body shots unless Emmett or Mike are supervising. This is for your protection as much as it is for the club's, so, please, no exceptions. Besides," I added with a smirk. "The boys love it when you make them wait."

"Yeah, just make sure to flaunt your shit while they wait for it, and they will eat it up." Emmett offered his unsolicited advice.

"I'll flaunt it alright, big guy," Rose retorted, moving away from him, making Emmett realize the mistake he had just made.

"Baby, you don't have to flaunt anything, you already have me." Emmett's futile attempts at recovering from his faux pas only made matters worse, and Rose moved further away from his roving hands.

"There is already a line most of the way down the block, I think we can expect it to be standing room only and then some again tonight, so hustle it up people. And remember, there isn't another club in town where you can make this kind of green, and I wouldn't want anyone else working here besides you freaks, so don't give me any shit, capisce?" I said, laughing through the last part so they all knew I was only half serious.

I couldn't be luckier with the crew I had working for me in this little goldmine. Rose and I had been friends for years, and we would go to hell and back for each other. Same with Corin.

With Rose and Corin, I swear the entire male population of Seattle would gladly jump off a bridge for just one night with either of them; for the two of them together, heaven only knew what they would do. They truly, both, were absolutely stunning, and no one was better at flirting and putting on a show. When they performed together, the room was usually filled with stunned silence as the boys all stared in awe with their mouths hanging open. Shit, half the women in the bar second guessed their own sexual preferences when watching these two.

Rose and Emmett had been together for a couple years, though, so I never worried about her crossing the line with the customers, and Corin had been with Santiago for an eternity as well, so she just laughed off the dozens of proposals she got each night.

Tanya and Char, on the other hand, kept me hopping. They were both beautiful, and very, very single. I knew they both pushed the limits with the customers, but were pretty good about keeping it out of the club... Usually. I didn't begrudge them the opportunity to hook up with customers, as long as they didn't risk my liquor license by doing it here. Tanya and Char both hooked up with Edward from time to time; mostly because he was safe - they could trust Edward not to want more and not to hurt them.

I shook my head at the thought of Edward, my best friend's pain in the ass, player of a brother. I wished I had a nickel for every skirt he twirled his way through. Hell, I wished I had a nickel for every time he tried to get me to sleep with him. That boy was insatiable. You'd think that after six years of knowing me, and striking out, he'd give it up, but not Edward. Luckily, I only had to deal with him as a customer, and not as an employee. He threw a lot of business my way, and I appreciated that. Around here, wherever Edward Cullen hung out, a few dozen hot women followed. And where there were hot women, yeah, the horny males of Seattle flocked, trying to pick one of them up.

It was a win-win for me. All the wannabe players followed Edward's lead, and his endorsement of the club as the hottest one in town pretty much sealed its popularity, so the place was packed every single night. On the weekends, it was absolutely insane. Really, I probably should have paid him for the advertising budget I didn't spend.

Edward's behavior certainly made for interesting dinner conversations at the Cullen house. Esme and Carlisle insisted that Alice and Edward come for Sunday dinners every week, and ever since I first began rooming with Alice Freshman year, I have been expected as well. Later, Alice's fiancé, Peter, joined us as well. Carlisle shook his head at Edward's antics, and poor Esme was constantly trying to get her son to settle down with a nice girl like me. The fact that she actually said that, weekly, was beyond embarrassing.

Alice and Peter tried their hardest to shield Esme from knowing just how bad Edward was, and covered for him frequently when he disappeared for days on end. Alice had told her mother that Edward crashed at our place so often, that after awhile I just nodded and agreed that, "Yeah, I think Edward is crashed in the guest room again," as a matter of course.

There had been a few too many times when he actually did crash at our place, though. On more than one occasion, I had to knock on Alice and Peter's door just to get a drunken Edward out of my bed where he had been trying to convince me that he'd make it worth it.

Shaking my head clear of the distractions, I answered a couple questions, and then wrapped up the meeting. "Okay people, Char is pouring; let's have fun tonight." I waited for Char to finish pouring each of the staff, and Alice, who insisted on hanging out for my staff meetings for some strange reason, a shot.

"Ready?" I lifted the shot to my lips and toasted my staff. "Skirts up, bitches."

Everyone toasted and threw back their shot, and then we headed into another night working at the hottest club in town. My club: Coyote Ugly.

The night was everything it had promised and threatened to be, just as I had hoped. The line reached out the door all night long since nobody wanted to leave. The two bachelor parties were smashing successes. Well, maybe not for the brides-to-be, but the boys had the times of their lives. At one point, I overheard one of the best men commenting on how he may just cancel the stripper for later at the hotel suite because the women here were so much hotter than strippers. Hearing that, I grinned from ear to ear and stepped behind the bar to help my girls out.

Later in the evening, after Alice had spent an hour in my office explaining why it was a good idea to upgrade the women's bathrooms and the decor in the men's room, I was willing to do anything to get out of that conversation. I was rescued by Emmett poking his head in to say that the girls were ready to dance. Relieved, I excused myself from the conversation, but dragged Alice with me, so that she could watch the latest choreography Corin had worked up.

I stepped up onto the bar with the rest of the girls beside me and Emmett and Mike behind us, and the music started blaring: Def Leopard, Pour Some Sugar On Me. Performing as one, with each of us adding our own flavor to Corin's number, it was as close to a strip tease as I'd ever allow to be performed in the club. No clothing actually came off my staff, but there were still a dozen new bras hanging from the ceiling by the time the number was done, each more raunchy than the last. I rolled my eyes when I saw them hanging there, wondering what kind of woman did that sort of thing.

Swaying my hips and gyrating down towards the bar, I lazily watched the customers, glad that they so enjoyed the staff dances atop the bar, though Emmett and Mike were both working hard to keep the customers from grabbing at us as we performed. I couldn't help but laugh as Edward walked through the front door of the club, looking up to the bar with a smirk. He drew nearly as much attention as the five of us dancing did, just by meandering across the floor towards the bar.

I waited, watching to see which lucky girl vying for his attention would win the prize for the night. Would it be Char or Tanya, or maybe a customer? It's a little game I played with myself. I could usually predict within the first five minutes who he will be leaving with at the end of the night. I laughed to myself as I saw a gorgeous strawberry blond blatantly ignore him, catching his interest. My private bet was waged: it would be the strawberry blond, without a doubt.

Our dance ended, and the customers screamed and begged for more. The girls began to tease, and the boys begin lining up, calling for body shots. Shaking my head and laughing, I nodded to Emmett. Hell, it was never too early to let the girls make some real tips.

I climbed down and began the task of filling drink orders for the waitresses. Jessica and Lauren are yelling them out faster than I could fill them. I worked quickly to catch up, then watched as Tanya lay across the bar and flirted with her first body shot customer of the night. The girls could easily make $20 tips per shot, sometimes more if they worked it right. But some customers just paid more than others. For example, Edward, the jackass, once paid me $500 for give and get body shots. That was a rare occasion. I almost never participated, unless the girls really needed the help or a customer specifically demanded the owner or asked for me by name.

Eavesdropping on the boys from one of the bachelor parties as I walked to my office, I heard him say, "I'll bet you $100 you can't get the owner to let the groom do a body shot off of her, Edward says she is hands off. I guess she doesn't do body shots for anyone but him, and never hooks up either. I know he has tapped the red head and the blond with the tits, but I bet you he has never hit that fine ass. It would be fucking cool to get the one even Cullen can't land."

Stewing over the comments all the way to my office, I texted Alice and asked her to meet me there.

Practically attacking her as she walked in the door and closed it behind her, I groaned. "Alice, I now have customers making bets on whether they can get me to do body shots, and discussing mine and your brothers' imaginary sex life. This has gone far enough. Fuck My Life."

"Bella, relax. They are stupid boys, and stupid boys always talk out of their asses. Everybody knows there is nothing between my idiot brother and you. In fact everyone you know knows you don't have anything going on with anyone. Ever. I know this is hard Bella, maybe you should just..."

"NO," I said firmly, cutting her off before she could finish her statement. "Alice you know I am not going to do that, so just drop it, please."

"Okay, I'm sorry. Bella, you need a life."

"I have a life, thank you very much, Alice."

Sighing, I wondered if maybe she was right. One thing was for sure, I was going to shut up one Mr. Edward Cullen tonight, once and for all.

"Bella, you have that look in your eye... You are going to do something reckless aren't you?"

Grinning at Alice, I replied, "Yep, and it will be fun. Want to watch?"

"Oh Lord, you know I always have your back, Bella."

Pushing my rolling chair back away from my desk and standing, I pushed the chair back in and walked to the door, locking my office after Alice and I entered the hallway. Smirking at Alice, I began formulating my plan to aggravate Edward and have a little fun for myself.

Scanning the crowded bar and stopping to say hello to some regular customers, I used the time to gather confidence to move forward with my plan. I watched my staff work the bar; the girls hustling drinks and flirting shamelessly, giving the customers exactly what they had come to expect from a night in my club.

I watched as Tanya and Rose danced together, grinding as they poured a couple Long Island Iced Teas, and making it a real show. They raised the bottles high above their heads, lowering them as they shimmied their hips toward the floor. They shook their asses, rubbing against one another as they made their way back to a standing position, then grabbed the next bottle and repeated the action. Five shots and a seductive squeeze of the trigger to add a squirt of mix later, they rolled from their positions, back to back, and faced the bar, offering the drinks to the now, open-jawed boys.

Plucking the twenty dollar bills from each of their hands, Tanya winked and said, "Keep the change, right boys?"

The two gawking boys, unable to respond, nodded in agreement. I couldn't help but laugh as Rose and Tanya high fived and winked before moving on to the next customers.

A moment later, Lauren walked by with a full tray in her arm, held high above her head, and asked if I want a shot. I nodded in agreement and continue mingling until Lauren returned with a shot for Alice and I and we quickly threw them back. Then, my liquid courage led me toward the bar and my plan.

I spotted the two bachelor party attendees that were waging bets earlier and approached them, giving them the chance to request my assistance.

"Hello guys, are you all having a good time now?" I asked, smiling.

"Oh yeah, this club is great. The groom is having the time of his life," they eagerly replied, each trying to be the first to speak.

"I'm glad he is having fun, is there anything I can do to make his bachelor party more...memorable?" I asked, running my fingers up and down his arm.

Eyes wide, they both stammered over their words, "Uh, yeah, umm, maybe, could, do you think that um..."

"Spit it out now, boys." I giggled as they tried to ask for what they never thought they would get to see. Alice covered her mouth, trying to stifle her own laugh, and nodded her head in the direction of the bar. I looked back and noticed that Edward was watching us over the strawberry blonde's head.

"Will you give him a body shot?" the taller one finally spit out.

"Well, now, I don't usually give or get body shots. I don't know..." I eyed Alice, and she pushed the groom towards me.

"Oh, come on now, Bella, make the boys night. He's about to end his chances of ever having his mouth on another woman again, let him do a body shot off of you." Alice said, fueling the scene.

Looking at the nervous and excited groom, I smiled. "Well handsome, is that what you want for you bachelor party? You want to suck a shot out of my navel?" Winking at him, I watched him shift uncomfortably.

"Absofuckinglutely, gorgeous." He answered his confidence retuning.

"Well, alrighty then, let's get this show on the road, handsome." I laugh as the boys all gawked and pushed him toward the bar behind Alice and me.

"Edward is watching you like a hawk," Alice whispered, giggling, in my ear as I climbed up on the bar stool.

"Pfft, good. It serves him right. I'll teach him to act like he has a claim over me," I muttered under my breath.

"Emmett, mind helping out over here?" I called, winking.

Emmett raised his brow, questioning me. He knew better than anyone that I didn't do body shots.

I nodded and turned my back to the bar, hoisting myself up. Emmett came toward the bar, and Mike looked up from the other end, watching. Rose grabbed a bottle of tequila and looked to me skeptically. Damn, I really was that predictable... I made eye contact with Edward just before I swung my legs up onto the bar, and then leaned back on my elbows.

Edward left the strawberry blond in shock, walking closer to the crowd gathering at the bar to watch. He glared at me, but I ignored him and lay back, crooking my finger at the groom. "Come here hot stuff."

I raised my top up to just below my bra, and pushed my jeans down lower on my hips, just above the pelvic bone. My heart was racing, and I could feel my breath catching in my throat. My breasts heaved slightly in anticipation, and I wondered what the hell was I thinking, since I really didn't want this jackass' mouth on me.

Damn it, I had let this situation get the best of me. I let myself be annoyed when I should have just ignored it. I couldn't care less about what anyone thought about a nonexistent relationship between myself and Edward Cullen, really. It actually benefited me, kept guys from hitting on me. But it was too late to back out now.

"Oh man, she wants it bad, look at her." I could hear the groom's friends egging him on and commenting on my anatomy.

"Cop a feel, man; make her beg for it...she's all yours dude."

"Look at those tits, man! Oh damn, I want some of that action."

I heard Emmett begin to growl lightly from the other side of the bar and shook my head at him. Mike was inching closer, looking like he was going to kill someone. But I got myself into this, and I was just going to have to get myself through it.

I felt his hot breath blow across my exposed skin as he knelt up on the bar stool at my side. I could see his hands begin to reach towards me, and then heard a very familiar voice.

"You better keep your hands to yourself, dude," Edward growled through gritted teeth. He was right beside my head, watching me now, his eyes filled with anger.

The groom planted his hands on the bar and looked up at Edward, then to the growling Emmett, and finally back to me.

Grinning, he said, too low for the others to hear, "You'll be begging for more of me, sweetheart," as he lowered his face directly over my chest and looked from my face to my tits. Licking his lips and moaning, he lingered a moment before moving slightly, his tongue darting out and making contact with my hot skin just under the fabric of my tight top.

I gasped as I felt his tongue flicking against me, running too slowly down and across my chest. He took his time, licking and kissing his way to my navel as Rose began pouring the cold shot onto my skin. I shuddered at the contrasting sensations of the cold liquid and his hot wet, sloppy, tongue. He pushed his face into my stomach, forcing my back against the stiff bar top.

I could feel the eyes, all penetrating me, watching, cheering, begging for more of a show. The voices surrounding us pleaded for my increased participation. I knew I couldn't just lie there. No matter how much I wanted to run away, I had to put on the show. There would be plenty of time to beat myself up later for this stupid, stupid decision.

I raised my arms up and threaded my fingers through his hair. "If that's all you've got hot stuff, that bride of yours is going to be sorely disappointed." I winked at whoever was paying attention, and heard the renewed chortles throughout the now not-so-small crowd that was enjoying the show.

I saw Edward's eyes close tightly, and then lock on mine when they opened up again, his mouth tight, lips pursed.

Something about his reaction made me actually feel worse about what I was doing.

The groom's lips were kissing at my hip bones, his tongue darting out, collecting the liquid dripping down from my navel. Teeth grazed at my bone before his mouth began traveling across my abdomen, low, just against the pushed-down waistband of my jeans.

Rose was looking at me, her lip quivering and eyes watering as she blinked and quickly turned her head toward Emmett.

Emmett called out, "Okay, hurry it up now, this ain't no double feature, man."

The drunken groom moved toward my navel and his tongue swirled around the outside in circles, growing ever closer to the edge before finally dipping into the center and splashing the liquid, lapping at it. His entire face was buried into my stomach as he quickly bit and nipped at my skin before pulling slowly up and running his tongue one last time over the length of my exposed skin.

I heard clapping and screaming and cheering, telling me it was finally over. The customers were all yelling for more and calling out high ratings for the groom. My staff all stood quietly, watching me, looks of concern across their faces as I lay still against the bar.

Not a one of them had ever so much as seen me with a date, much less putting on a show of public displays.

The cocky groom slowly climbed off of me, fist pumping the air.

I closed my eyes a second, squeezing them tight, trying to erase the look of hurt and anger on Edward's face.

Suddenly, a pair of strong hands pressed against my hips, holding me down to the bar. A voice, gruff and filled with lust growled out to me, "Stay where you are beautiful."

My mind suddenly a fog, I heard the voice tell Rose to pour another shot.

My head shot to Emmett, my eyes opening as he growled lowly at the hands pinning my hips to the bar and he stepped closer.

My head snapped back in the direction of the man, who, now, somehow faster than humanly possible, was hovering over my body on top of the bar. I looked up and into the man's eyes, then gasped loudly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mike moving closer in response to Emmett's looking for back up. The eyes steeled against mine shot a menacing look at Emmett, threatening him with one intense look and a growl from low in his chest.

The familiar thump of music that normally permeates the club had all but faded, and the crowd gathered around, that had been boisterously watching a drunk groom bid farewell to his days as a bachelor, had grown quiet.

All eyes were on me and the body hovering over me; the man who was growling at my bouncers. I nodded to Rose, and she stepped forward to pour the shot, then back again, allowing Emmett to step closer, pushing her safely behind him.

The piercing eyes darkened and looked directly into Emmett's. I could see from the look on his face that Emmett was terrified.

I'm sure that Emmett expected me to be scared as well, but while my stomach was flipping over, it wasn't due to fear. My own eyes, like the ones of the man above me, were surely darkening with arousal at the feel of his body rubbing slightly against my core as he straddled me. My knees unwillingly rubbed together at the sensation that spread through my body.

Emmett finally found his voice and yelled out, "Hey, you can't do that!", and moved closer, reaching to grab the arm pinning me down.

The man's head snapped at Emmett again, and his growls became louder and deeper. Emmett backed off slightly before taking a hesitant step forward, eyeing me.

I shook my head no, so Emmett stopped and stood still, pleading with his eyes.

The breath making its way over my stomach now, so much sweeter and cooler than the drunk groom that just violated my midsection, was extracting the strongest reaction from every fiber of my body. His tongue was sparking electricity with its every flick and touch.

My breathing labored and sharp, I could feel myself panting under his ministrations. My eyes caught Edward's, who stared in disbelief and fury as he backed away slightly, still glaring.

The tongue flicked against the underside of my breasts, his breath blowing across the trail he left behind with his moist tongue. He then placed sweet, soft, tender little kisses against my hips and stomach before biting down hard.

I gasped out in pleasure, unable to control my responses, my legs rubbing together, moisture spreading between them, whether I wanted it to or not.

All the noises of the bar, which I have come to be able to identify in my deepest sleep, faded to black, and I heard only silence over the faintest lingering of the music playing far off in the background.

Everyone in the club, knowing that what was happening was no mere body shot, stared with gaping mouths, but I barely even acknowledged this in the back of my swirling, overloaded mind.

Taking his time, he very slowly slid his tongue across my chest, pushing my bra up with his nose, his tongue skillfully flattening out against the underside of my breast.

Exhaling sharply, I moaned in pleasure, trying to buck my hips into the hands holding me down. I could feel the chuckle leave his mouth against my skin at my obvious enjoyment as he worked his way across my body with his mouth.

His thumbs began to rub circles into my hip bones as my hands moved up to his head, my fingers threading into his hair; pulling, tugging.

My hands guided his head lower rather than push him away. I heard Rose and Corin gasp, and vaguely heard Alice telling Edward to calm down.

Squeezing my knees together tight, I began rocking my hips up against his body as he straddled mine. He murmured against my stomach and started flicking his tongue in and out of my navel, picking up the pace as he goes.

I heard the groans and moans escaping my lips as his tongue and fingers worked magic over my body. I was like putty in his hands, unable or unwilling to stop him now.

His mouth made its way back up toward my breasts, and, slowly, he lifted his head slightly and looked into my eyes. I knew the black orbs I saw, filled with lust, matched my own.

We stared into each other's eyes for a long, quiet moment, my chest heaving as I tried to calm myself down

Finally, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine; kissing me with all the passion I had ever felt.

Emmett grabbed his arm and tried to pull him off of me, but he pushed back hard, making Emmett stumble backwards. Mike and Emmett moved forward to grab him together, both screaming now for him to get off of me. I felt Emmett's hand circle the arm holding me, and heard the deep, terrifying growl from the chest so close to mine.

"STOP!" I yell out across the silent bar. "He is my husband."

Author's note: Wow, I guess I have spent more time in clubs and bars, doing shots than I ever realized. LOL. Yes, this is the second story from me that sets up in a bar. Trust me, this is a very different tale.

A huge thanks to SweetT129 for her awesome beta skills. She kicks my ass on my complete failure to stay in the past. I guess it's a place I don't like to spend a lot of time LOL. *Ass smacks T* ((she secretly loves that shit))

I hope you enjoy and love it as much as you did Only at Night, which, ironically, first posted one year ago TODAY.