E/O Challenge, challenge word: Independent

Word count: 100 each (plus the name—that's not cheating, is it?)

Set: At the end of season 5, "Swan Song"

Rating: K

Summary: It's time to make some hard decisions – for both Winchesters.


Slowly he walked across the junkyard, not even caring about Sam sitting on the hood of his beloved Impala.

It had been the hardest decision he'd ever made.

For as long as he could remember there had only been one imperative in his life: Sam!

Keep him safe, keep him happy, keep him alive.

Truth was: it wasn't in his power to keep him safe. There was only one thing he could do for Sam. Release him.

Let him be the man he knew he was.

So he went to declare independence. His brother's, not his own. Never his own.


One last time he looked from Lucifer's smug eyes to the wide-open windows of Dean's soul, from utter vanity to infinitely love.

And he knew: however this would end, he'd won the real battle.

His whole life he had yearned to be independent. From Dad, from Dean, from Yellow-eyed, from fate.

He'd fought so hard, had inflicted so many wounds, most of them to the ones he loved.

Now he'd made his last and most important decision.

Not for his pride nor for God, not even for his brother. Just for his peace of mind.

Because it was his responsibility.

Ok - it's a bit grave. Hope you like it anyway :-)