Sequal to "I love you always forever"

In this world we encounter people that make us ask questions. Questions such as, "What's happened in their life to make them that way?", "What can I do to be more like them or less like them?", or "If there really is a heavenly father or something of the sort then why do they insist on keeping this one particular person alive even though all this person does is annoy everyone they come into contact with?", which is in turn followed with "And if there truly is a heavenly father or something then do you think that father would forgive for disposing of this person because they are supposed to forgive for anything if you are truly sorry, and I would be truly sorry...". Yet all Diego could think of as he looked at his precious sloth was "How did I get so lucky?" and "Honestly, how can something so weak that they can't run for longer than a minute have the energy to talk for hours on end without pause?"

Though if Diego was really tempted to ask either of these questions he would not be able to for the one person that made the saber feel lucky and that could talk for hours on end would not allow a pause long enough for the saber to ask because he was currently preoccupied with talking. About...talking.

"I hate it when you meet a person and you try talking to them about something like, I don't know, the weather and all they wanna do is turn the conversation onto them. Like I hate it when you got somebody in your face. You've trying to give them a hint, and they won't leave. There's that awkward silence."(Shrek) Sid finally took pause and, of course, a silence set in though it wasn't particularly awkward. It felt contented. And said silence only lasted a few seconds because instead of the original three man heard, there was now a five man and one woman heard.

"I hate being bored." Crash said in a very bored tone.

"Me too! We should do something not boring." Eddy replied.

"Good idea, Eddy! But what's there to do that isn't boring?"

"I don't know, Crash. Let's go find out!"

"Be careful!" Ellie yelled out after them.

"And don't wake up any hibernating carnivors again!" Manny shouted.

"One time!" Crash or Eddie shouted back and then disapeared into the trees.

"Those two get into more trouble than I do." Sid joked.

"They are shooting for a 75% trouble starting and you are at a 60%." Manny replied.

"Exactly!" Sid shouted triumphantly.

"Yeah, but remember, there are two of them and one of you so that totals out to 32% for one of them." Diego said with a laugh and nuzzled Sid quickly before pulling away again.

"Awww." Sid huffed and looked at the ground.

"It's okay, Sid. You make the fire and help us stick together so you get extra points. That takes your 60% and takes it down to a 43%." Ellie said

"I know I'm not the smartest one in the heard, but that math is deffinately not making sense." Sid said while scratching the spot on his stomach.