"What are you doing here?" Sid asked crossing his arms and doing his best to look angry, which was pretty easy considering the situation.

"There's no time! We have to go before…"Diego rushed out but was cut off by the rest of the heard running in.

"Darn is you two!" Manny shouted at Crash and Eddie who were squeezing onto Ellie's tusks while Sharice and Sarah clung to Manny's head.

"It wasn't our fault! " Eddie called out.

"How were we supposed to know that those oxes were dangerous?" Crash defended.

"It's actually oxen and how could you possibly not know that?" Ellie screamed.

All the while, angry muskoxen were on gaining on them and Diego was trying to get Sid to run away, which he did when he saw how angry those muskoxen looked. Sid ran as fast as he could, which was not so fast, especially since he waved his hands, making a bigger target of himself. Many scooped up Sid, but didn't have time to put him on his back because he had to focus on running. Sid bounced up and down screaming and hanging onto Manny's trunk for dear life.

Meanwhile, Jarrod and Diego were running behind the group to protect the back. Diego glared at Jarrod, whom he blamed for his romantic crisis. Jarrod glared at Diego, whom he blamed for Sid's ultimate sadness and his lack of tail, so to speak.

"What are you looking at?" Diego called out.

"A pitiful excuse for a mate,and you?" Jarrod yelled back.

"Excuse me? It was all just fine until you showed up! I was fine and happy!" Diego shouted over the rumbling and angry sounds coming from the very determined oxen behind them.

"Yeah, you were happy! But was your mate? I've been here for how long? And I could notice that Sid was putting on a happy front sometimes!" Diego sent a curious look at the wolf. Was he telling the truth?

"What do you mean?" Diego asked.

"Well…gosh running and yelling is tiring…he feels like you're more important to him than he is to you! He's always complimenting you and telling you he loved you, but you don't say those things back!"

"But…gosh, you're right! This is really hard! But I always smile when he says it and give him a hug or something." Diego replied.

"Yes, but he needs to be told those things! Any idiot can smile and nod!" Jarrod yelled out angrily, rolling his eyes at the tigers' romantic stupidity.

"I'm just not the most verbal guy! He knows that! And he knows how I feel about him…doesn't he?" Diego hated the thought that his mate felt neglected and that perhaps his mate had confided these thoughts in this dog but not in him.

"Listen, we haven't talked that much! But I do think he feels like perhaps he's putting more emotion into this than you are." Jarrod hated that he was fast becoming a relationships counselor.

Diego was going to reply, but Manny and Ellie veered off to the right up a mountainside to where a cave was. Jarrod and Diego were quick to follow. They hoped that by going up the incline, the oxen would just give up. As they were running, Manny was closest to the mountain. Sid was bouncing up and down as they ran, and getting a little sick while they were at it, but that wasn't important. As many brushed against the mountain because Ellie moved closer to him, Sid hit against the rocks. The hit caused Manny to release Sid.

Sid went flying back, holding onto his mouth so as not to release the evidence of his motion sickness. Diego saw Sid come flying towards and he lifted himself on his hind legs to try and catch him. He did, but they landed hard.

"Oh, I'm gonna be sick!" Sid warned Diego.

"Not now, we gotta go!" Diego urged, getting up and nudging Sid.

"Okay, okay, I'm getting up…ouch!" Sid cried out, grabbing his ankle and falling down again.

"SID!" Diego shouted.

"We have to go!" Jarrod urged.

"I know, but I'm not leaving without him! Sid, are you okay?" Diego was by Sid's side, looking down at him. Jarrod was in front of them, towards the cave entrance. He couldn't leave them to die, but he wasn't one for suicide either.

"No, I can't…I can't walk. My ankle! You have to go! Just leave me here!" Sid urged.

"You are crazy if you think I'm going to leave you here alone!" Diego yelled out, his whole world narrowing on Sid.

"You have to! You'll die if you don't!" Sid begged, his lower lip trembling.

"And you'll die if I do!" Diego replied, leaning his head against Sid's.

"Sid, this may be the last chance I ever get to say this to you so…I love you. I love you…so, so much! You're my everything and I was stupid about what I said earlier! You're beautiful to me every way, even when you snore when you're sleeping! I made a promise to myself that we'd be together…until the end of our lives. I'm sorry it had to come this soon, but I'm not sorry that you're the one that's by my side when I die." Diego said lovingly, and he could swear at that moment that their hearts, though beating insanely fast, were beating in tandem.

"Oh, Diego!" Sid smiled happily, wrapping his arms around his tigers neck.

It was at this point that they realized that it was very quiet for it being there death day. They cautiously peaked up from one another and looked down the mountain to see a heard of teary eyed oxen, leaning against one another and sobbing loudly.

"That was beautiful!" One of them yelled loudly.

"I wish I had somebody say that to me!" Another yelled.

"You two are so great! You deserve each other!" Some others called out.

The others came out of the cave and they all talked. Jarrod explained what he had planned, which caused some angry, but the first to forgive him was Diego. Sid, surprisingly, had already figured it out, much to his own pride. Sharice and Sarah planned to stay with the heard, much to Crash and Eddie's delight. Jarrod left with the oxen, who turned out to be a very fun group, though a little too energetic and friendly. One of them kept on calling Manny 'buddy'.

That night, Diego and Sid cuddled together. They were whispering sweet nothings to each other, much to Sid's delight. Diego was telling Sid about how perfect Sid was to him. Sid was telling Diego about how perfect Diego was to him. They made promises to each other to be more open and tell each other things when they were important, and, in Sid's case he promised to tell Diego everything from now on. That could only spell out a headache for Diego, but he was happy anyways and so was Sid. And what more matters when you're in love?