What Happens In The Classroom Stays In The Classroom

Chapter 1

Shane's P.O.V

As me, Tess and Mitchie sat in our English class just like any other day, we saw something was different cause for starters, our teacher wasn't in the class and there was no work for us to do so Mitchie turned to me.

"Shane, I met this guy at the weekend Gavin and he has a cousin, you interested?"

"No" I said thinking about the last time, I had dated someone's cousin, I'd ended up getting the birds and the bees from his mom.

"Okay then" Mitchie said just as Tess turned round to us.

"Oh Mitchie Torres did I just hear that you met another guy at the weekend name Gavin so all the goss."

Even though I didn't really like one night stand guys, I still listened in.

"Well he's from around here, he's 18 so only a year age gap and he wants to go out with me again" Mitchie said squeeling and I hugged her glad for her.

"Woah Mitchie that's great" I said just as Prinicpal Cessairo walked in smiling.

"Hello class" He said and some people said hi back.

"Sorry I couldn't hear you, what was that?"

"Hi Prinicpal Cessairo" We all smiled and Prinicpal Cessairo smiled again.

"Okay class, we have someone here to take your teacher, Mr Diamond's place until he's back cause he was being stupid again and he hit his head off a wall. Poor fella" Prinicpal Cessairo said and wel all laughred then he cleared his thoart.

"Anyway, please give a warm welcome to Mr Hale."

A guy walked in and I gasped. He was perfect from head to toe. Perfect curly hair and a shirt and tie that I wanted to take off that minute then losse fitting trousers held up with a brown belt that I just wished would break.

"Okay guys, don't be too harsh on him and Gray that includes you too."

Mr Hale looked over at me when Prinicpal Cessairo well as some people including us were allowed to call him, Brown said my name then he looked away smiling and I knew I'd made a first impression.

Brown walked out the class and Mr Hale cleared his thoart.

"Okay now, your prinicpal tells me that you have been doing some creative writing so get on with it and I'll be around to check it out."

I sighed to myself, Mr Hales voice was so good and I wouldn't be surprised if he was singer, he just sounded that way.

As we started our work, I watched Mr Hale who was leaning over the desk checking out the register and I blushed looking away from Mr Hale's not only back but ass as well.

Soon enough, Mr Hale started to come around the class and have everyone introduce themselves and whilst I waited for him to come to me, I saw Mitchie give me a look which meant that she was going to talk to me at lunch.

I began to write some more of my story about a new girl who just wanted to fit in and I remembered being in the same position when I started high school until I met Mitchie and Tess who were like the best friends ever.

Five minutes later, Mr Hale got to our table then went around the table and asked for our names.

When it got to me, I said.

"Shane Gray."

"Ah Gray, your prinicpal told me to be carefull around you" Mr Hale said with a laugh and I turned towards my work blushing.

Soon after he looked at our stories and as he stood over me, I had to stop myself from staring at him.

"Good, Shane, very good, loved the emotion inside."

Mr Hale smiled before moving to Mitchie just as the door was opened and everyone including me looked up.

A guy who looked like Mr Hale ran in but I had decided I already liked Mr Hale better then the guy ran up to Mr Hale and I hoped this wasn't a son or something.

"Jason" He said and I smiled. I loved that name. Not just because of Mr Hale but Mr Hale himself was hot.

"Hey Nate, what's going on, I thought you were still in LA."

"I was until mum called me and told me about your new job so I had to come running, oh Congrationaltions man" The guy who I now knew as Nate said before hugging Mr Hale and I glared.

"Thanks bro but I've kind of got a class to teach just now" Mr Hale said and Nate nodded turning away then he turned back.

"Love man" He said holding his left hand up to Jason who knocked it against Nate's and I saw the ring on Jason's finger.

Oh no he isn't married is he, I thought to myself before Mr Hale looked away then Nate poked him in the side.

"By the way man, Caitlyn said your welcome to come up anyday and have dinner with us and you know that."

"Yeah so how's Ella?" Mr Hale and Nate were getting on really well as I saw and Nate was laughing.

"Still the same pucking all over the place, what about you Jason how are you yourself."

"Good, Good, no I'm fine man" Mr Hale said and I gripped the table trying not to say his first name.

"Good, by the way mum says that unless you want your guitar, you have to get it. Dad's always after it as you plain well know."

"Yeah that's true, I'll come by tonight and see what I can do" Mr Hale said then finally Nate left shutting the door behind him.

"Sorry about that class, it was my little brother."

I whooped to myself, glad that Nate wasn't anything else before going back to my work.

Soon enough lunch came and I sat beside Mitchie and Tess with my burger and chilli chesse fries.

"Okay Shane, goss, what part of Mr Hale aka Jason did you not get the chance to stare at?" Mitchie said with a look on her face that read and don't lie.

"Erm well I guess I didn't really his hair and face all too well to see his eyes and all that, why?"

"No reason but you so have a crush on him don't you?"

"Yes, no, maybe, okay yes."

Tess gasped her salad halfway to her mouth and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Shane you do know, he's probably twice your age, don't you and think about having sex with a guy who's older than you and probably with a lot more knowledge than you" She whispered just as Mr Hale entered the cantean and I blushed taking a bite of my burger just as one of the other teachers, Mr Hannson who hated everyone stood up.

"Mr Hale we would all like a word" Mr Hannson said and once Mr Hale reached him, Mr Hannson punched him square in the mouth and I stood.

"Don't hurt him" I said and Mr Hannson looked at me.

"Oh look it's Mr Gray, go away son, you don't need to see this."

"No" I said running infront of Mr Hale who was now sitting up and examining his lip and I wanted to turn round and just kiss it better but I knew I couldn't.

"Fine then Gray but I'm not done with Hale yet."

Mr Hannson walked away and I turned to Mr Hale who was now on his feet and I seen I only came up to his neck.

"Are you alright?" I said stepping back and Mr Hale nodded thanking me then he moved away.

I went back to my seat with a smile on my face and Mitchie and Tess both smiled back at me.